Monday, May 2, 2011

OMG he's cheating! (part 5)

The next morning was even worse. I woke up very early thanks to a text message I got from my workplace...temporal workplace to be exact. There was an incident the night before that led to the phone lines and computers jammed. Work was canceled for the day. "Good news." I whispered to myself then I remembered. Sesi would probably try to call for more help. Oh this wasn't good. Why couldn't we just hang around at work till the problem was solved? What the heck!

My mum knocked on my door and yelled. "I'll be out in 10 minutes oh!" That means 20 minutes. She does to make sure I 'hurry up'. I walked downstairs in my over-sized t-shirt. My mum almost choked on here cup of tea when she saw me. "Aren't you going to work today?" She asked concerned. I shook my head. I took a bite of her bread and explained why. When my mum was leaving I could hear my phone ring. I rushed to my room and answered it.

Naa: Hey. How are you? Are you on your way to work?
Me: No, I don't have work today. What's up?
Naa: I'm good oh. I wanted to talk to Aunt Stella. Is she there?
Me: Yawa oh. She just left like a second ago. Call her.
Naa: I've tried. Her phone is off. I guess I will just wait and call her office line. We need some information for her to validate some transfer she wants to make.
Me: Ok, ok don't bombard me with your bank terms. How is Sesi?
Naa: Hahaha he's good oh. Has he called you? He asked me for your number last night. I don't know what he wants to tell you though. Adoley I have to rush, boss. bye.

When Naa hanged up I had the most confused look on my face. What did Sesi want to tell me? I decided not to think about it too much. It was probably nothing. I fell on my bed and closed my eyes. I tried to imagine the art project I wanted to undertake and decided to go online and check out the prices of some camera equipment. Positive thinking. I'm sure you are wondering why I've taken my cousins relationship so personal. Simple; my cousin and I are closer than sisters. She has always been there for me. We grew up together; when her father died we got even closer. She had my back straight from primary school. I couldn’t let any guy just break her heart like that. She had introduced Sesi to her mother and we all knew about him. He had to make things right. 

After less than an hour the guilt of knowing was killing me. I had to do something. I took a shower and went downstairs. I sat down on the dining table and made myself some breakfast. Then without any warning my phone rang. The number was strange. I knew it was Sesi. I took a deep breath and answered it.

Me: Hello?
Sesi: Hi, Adoley this is Sesi, Naa’s boyfriend.
Me: Oh yea hi.
Sesi: I took your number from Naa because I wanted to see what you are doing with the pictures you took.
Me: Pictures? Oh yes I’ve started working on them already.
Sesi: Oh that’s nice. Are you working on them now?
Me: Yes oh. Busy on them.
Sesi: Wow, can I came to your office to see how they are turning out?
Me: Well no, that would be a problem. I didn’t go to the office today. Don’t worry I will email them to you when I’m done.
Sesi: Ok that’s fine. Enjoy your day.
Me: You too.

It wasn’t until I hanged up that I realized what was happening. This call was not about the pictures, he wanted to hear my voice. Oh this wasn’t good at all! I sat there staring at my phone and wondering the worst that could happen. If he figured things out and stopped calling I would be compelled to tell Naa what is going on. I mean after all he IS cheating. The doorbell rang and I called the helper to go get the door. She was nowhere to be found so I walked to the door myself. I opened the door and saw Sesi standing there and looking straight at me. “Ermm hi, you came to see the pix?” I asked with a slight stammer. “We need to talk.” Were his words and he wasn’t smiling.

To be continued…


  1. Phew!!!! He was wasn`t smiling?? yet another twist to the already mind twisting story..gotta give it up for U Julz. U rock ;-)

  2. I absolutely abhor this kind of suspense. It's just horrendous

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmm, ok am waiting

  4. i see where this is going - Adams Apples Chapter 10

  5. OK! i guess when he finds out she knows, he'll kill her n bury her under his studio then..........sorry gotta wait till next!! NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT

  6. @Martin- hahaha h33 u dey oh. lol

  7. herh!!
    I bore!! I bore!!
    First, u make me late. Now ure twisting me attache??!
    No more abductions for u.
    lol Mwuah bby!!