Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OMG he's cheating! (part 8)

“Errr I mean if there ever was, you shouldn’t be worried.” I replied sweating in her air-conditioned car. She slowly parked by the side of the road. She seemed strangely calm.“Adoley I know you know something about Sesi seeing somebody else so please tell me.” She said, ever so politely. There was no way out for me. “Naa I would have told you about it but I wasn’t sure myself, you know. I was just checking to make sure, you can never be too sure…” I stuttered. “What’s her name?!” Naa screamed. “It’s Zeba.” I answered to save my life. She turned away and sat up straight in her seat. “It’s good you told me. Here I was mad at him because he was invited to go golfing with my dad this afternoon and he forgot. You know my dad doesn’t like him, right? I had to force my dad to give this guy a chance and he foolishly blew it. In fact, I’m fine and I don’t want to talk about that jerk again.” She said sadly. I decided not to probe any further because she had started to drive into the road again.  

I was to spend my Saturday writing a list of the things I needed for my exhibition and go shopping on Monday but all I could think about now was my cousin and her jollof and big boob loving boyfriend! Soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend. I felt so bad about it. Me and my big mouth! I spent a whole hour in my studio without doing anything. The guilt was just eating me up. When I saw Sesi calling I knew I was finished. 

Sesi: Your cousin dumped me. I hope you are happy now! You just had to tell her.
Me: Sesi I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tell her. When I saw her angry I thought she already knew. Why would I do anything to hurt her?
Sesi: You know what? I’m going to send a complaint to your workplace. You broke the confidentiality rule. If I’m going down, you are going down with me!
Me: What? Has it come to this? Hello?...

He hung up on me! Eii this boy, was he serious? This wasn’t good kwraa. I tried calling him back but he wouldn’t answer. I rushed up to the kitchen and met my mother cooking. I walked over to her and asked. “Mum, I’m in a bit of trouble. Well not yet but it’s on its way.” I said. “That kind of reminds me of how I felt after saying I do.” She replied and giggled. My mum is so dry! Well maybe it was funny but not at that very moment. She noticed she was the only one laughing and stopped. “Ok, what is it?” She asked. I took a deep breath and replied. “I found out a caller from work was cheating on someone I knew and I sort of told the person by mistake.” My mum stopped stirring her soup and looked at me. “She dumped him and now he is threatening to report me to my work people.” I added. “Oh Adoley, maa aba? (why) You told me you wouldn’t discuss these things with anyone.” She said. “When did you tell her?” She asked after thinking for a while. “Last night.” I answered feeling worse than before. “Well that’s not too bad. The secrecy can only be used against you if you are an employee but your contract ended before. The charges won’t be major. They just not hire you again. You just lost a great opportunity for your art work.” My mum explained. Now she cared about my art work. I felt like disappearing. 

My mum convinced me to sort things out with Sesi or else I would lose everything so I went to Naa. Yes, that was my plan. “Naa, please just talk to him. If he chooks me I’m finished. I need this job.” I begged. She was at a salon near her house having her hair done. I wasn’t a bit shy of the people eavesdropping. I was wild like a tiger! Naa was just not minding me. How selfish could she be? Unfortunately this didn’t just remain a thought. I actually asked, “How selfish can you be?” Naa turned and looked at me, disturbing the hair dresser. “What do you mean? I’m sorry but I’m the one who has been cheated on here.” She shot back at me. Ok fine I deserved it. “Naa I’m sorry.” I said and decided to shut up for a while. She noticed I was silent and pulled up a phone from her bag. “Hello, no we are not going to talk about anything. I heard you want to sue my cousin for telling me the truth. Is this true? Ok, good. Listen I’m really hurt now. I have to go.” She said and hung up. “He just used you to get to me. He wasn’t serious about what he said. You can go get your dream job now.” She said in a very dull tone. Wow, that was good news with just a 3 minute call but I didn’t feel as happy as I should. Naa was hurting and here I was thinking about myself. “Thank you.” I said and she nodded. “Won’t you go? All is fine now.” She said to me. “Naa I’ll just stay here and hang out with you. Where are you going from here?” I responded. She turned and looked at me with a smile…the first I had seen in two days.

I spent the whole weekend with my cousin. At least it was the least I could do. We went out shopping, watched movies and ignored Sesi’s calls. I didn’t though. Eii who was I to do that? He kept calling me and telling me to talk to Naa for him. He literally sent her 22 apology texts (approximately 88 Pesewas, oh but that isn’t much, ahiaa) and called every hour. I could tell he wanted her back real bad but did she want him?

To be continued...


  1. big mouth adoley. next time. but what more can come after this? hope u have a rabbit u gonna pull out of a hat.

  2. I love it when u wonder what will happen next ;) hehehe