Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Relationship comedy

This morning I felt like bringing the funny side of relationships to light. Just to make you smile and forget about the drama in your relationship :) enjoy!!!

Girl: Hey, why haven’t you called me since Friday?
Boyfriend: I’m going green.
Girl: Huh? What has that got to do with anything?
Boyfriend: I’m saving the trees so I refuse to buy a scratch card.


Fat girl: Baby am I fat?
Boyfriend: Oh did anyone call you fat? That person is a liar and just jealous of you.
Fat girl: Aww thanks baby, I knew your mum always wanted to look like me.


Councilor: When you hear the word match, what comes to mind?
Husband: Football
Wife: Colours
Councilor: Ok, how about when you hear the word satisfaction?
Husband: Food
Wife: The man next door.


Girl: Ahh I HATE fake people. Why can’t they just be themselves?
Boyfriend: Wow, looking at your hair, nails, eye lashes, padded bra and all you must really hate yourself!



  1. hahahaha!.. i like the bit about going green!

  2. @ Edem- oh chale browning ooh lol

  3. i luv them all..............lol esp the fake 1

  4. When she hears satisfaction,she thinks about the man next door ?? CSI AccRA!!..lol

  5. one more person likes this ;)

  6. @DIDI- hahaha @Ivan- yaaaay!