Monday, December 21, 2015

Zaky 7

When I opened my eyes I was just in bed. The room was pretty dark. It took a while but I finally remembered I was at Zaky's place. "Hey, do you have a headache?" Zaky asked walking into the room. He was in a pair shorts and a black tshirt. He looked so good in casual clothes too? Why? He sat next to me and kissed my forehead. I shook my head and asked him what happened. "You had too much wine." He explained. "But it was low in alcohol." I replied confused. Zaky laughed and said he lied but didn't think half a glass would knock me out. I wanted to ask him if the kiss was real or a dream but I felt the kiss on the forehead was a sign that it did. "If you are not feeling too good I could drive you home." He offered. I smiled.

 After drinking some water and washing my face I felt fine. I noticed my father had called me several times. I said goodnight to Zaky and drove off. I ended our kiss prematurely thanks to the drink he gave me. When I told Dede what happened she said I shouldn't worry about because we had crossed the friend zone.

The next day Zaky came to my office before lunch. I usually met him in the lobby but for the first time he came to see me. I smiled when he walked. Everyone in the office turned around to look at him when he walked to me desk. They were probably more surprised when he stopped and we spoke. "What are you doing here?" I asked. He leaned over my desk, looking around. "I wanted to see your side. You see me everyday in my office so it's only fair I come see yours  too." He replied. We hadn't spoken about the kiss at all but somehow I felt closer to him. "You should explain how this whole CCTV camera thing works over lunch." He said staring at the large monitors showing the different offices. He held my hand and helped me to get up. Zaky was such a gentleman.

After work we went to watch a movie. I wasn't sure if that was our first or second date. After the movie the questions about my work continued. I found it a bit strange how all of a sudden he was interested in what I did. I didn't think working in the surveillance office was the slightest bit interesting. So I asked him why. "I guess when I like someone I like to get to know them more." Zaky shrugged. My heart raced. He just said he liked me and very effortlessly too. I wanted to shout "I like you too" but I just froze. 

When our date was over Zaky made me drop him off at a restaurant close to the head office. He said he had to speak with a friend there. When we got there he stopped before he opened the door. He turned to me and took off my glasses then he learned over and kissed me. It was short but very passionate. The kind of kiss that made you wonder why you were allowing him to stop. "I'll see you tomorrow morning." He said putting my glasses back on my face. He opened the door and walked out while I stared at him. I just stared. Immediately I tried to join the main road to head home I saw a familiar face. It was Kafui. She noticed me too and walked to me car. "Your friend said you wanted to know the truth about Zaky." She said when she got to the car. I wasn't sure what to say.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Zaky 6

Zaky and I got pretty close the next couple of days. I picked him up for work and dropped him off everyday. I never mentioned anything about what kafui said to me. I guess having him around me slowly made me forget about that night. First it was just going to and from work together, then it moved to having lunch as well. After a week I was almost certain he liked me. 

One day on our usual trip home from work he had a call that changed his mood. He stammered when he replied and I could tell he was carefully selecting his words so I wouldn't get when he was saying. The call was very short and after he kept texting like crazy. "Hey so Friday you move back to the head office right?" I asked trying to get his mind off the call. "Uh huh." He said still typing. When we got to his apartment I parked and looked at his absent-minded face. "Ei, we are here eh?" He asked. I giggled and nodded. "Come upstairs I want to show you something." He said opening the door.
Zaky seemed to come back to his normal self when we were in his apartment. This was my second time there. He brought two glasses of wine and gave me one. I tried to say no but he would have none of that so I just took a sip and put it on the table. "Oh seriously? At least drink half. The alcohol content is very low." Zaky said smiling. I nodded and downed a little more than half. He turned some music on and started dancing. I laughed. I asked what we were celebrating but he just grabbed my hand and started dancing with me. Just as I imagined he was a good dancer. 

"I don't know how to dance!" I shouted over the loud music. "I'll teach you." He replied. He put both my hands around his neck and put his hands on my waist. His palms fit gently on my waist and it felt like as we swayed from left to right our bodies got closer inch by inch. When a very slow song started playing we were so close I could feel his breath on my forehead. 

Zaky moved me a bit further away, held me chin and kissed me. He stared at me to see my reaction. I guess I was very inviting because without saying anything he kissed me again. It felt nicer than I imagined it to be. I didn't think we would be at this stage at least until a couple of weeks but I guess that wasn't his style and I didn't mind at all. Then gradually I got completely light headed and blacked out. 

To be continued... 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Zaky 5

Zaky had the most charming eyes. He smiled and walked in my direction. I slowed my pace. "Spidy." He called and smiled. I laughed and all my nerves calmed down instantly. We spoke for a while. After a few minutes we saw the company bus take off. "Shit! I missed it again. I made you miss the bus too. I guess we will have to share a cab again. Did you know my new apartment is close to your place?" He said. My heart started racing again. "Wow, so we are neighbours." I said smiling like a sheep. Naturally I gave Zaky the good news, I had a car! His face lit up and he hopped into the front seat. I could not believe my second string of luck. Zaky and I were neighbours? Wow!

Immediately we got to Zaky's apartment Dede called. I answered the call. "Hey sorry about the lunch thing oh. Aha you remember the girl you told me who snubbed Zaky right? What's her name? I sent you a text but didn't get an answer." She asked. I turned to look at Zaky who was still in the car. "Oh you mean the host of Who Wants To Be Rich? I think it's Kafui.. Kafui Dei." I said, trying to sound convincing. Dede clearly didn't get it. "Huh? What are you talking about?" She said. I hung up on her and quickly sent her a text. I explained to her that I was with Zaky and if I mentioned her name he would find it weird. Just when I thought my lucky was too good Zaky invited me in!

"Make yourself at home. There's only water in my fridge though." Zaky said when we got into his apartment. The place was nice and spacious. The decor was very modern and expensive. "Nice place." I said taking a seat. The walls were painted grey except one that was black and white striped. There were paintings on the walls too. "Don't be deceived, I didn't do this myself. This place belongs to my cousin. He's out of town for a year so I'm sort of a caretaker. I don't have this kind of stylish flare at all." Zaky said grabbing the TV remote and sitting next to me. I smiled. What was he talking about? He had style! Then I realised how sadly dressed I was and I kept quiet.

We spent about an hour watching TV and then I left. It was nice hanging out with him but I didn't want to outstay my visit. On my way home I stopped by a clothing shop and got myself something nice for work the next day. When I got home I checked my phone and saw a message from Dede. It said, "I spoke to the Kafui girl. She said some pretty strange things about Zaky but I'm guessing she's just jealous." I replied and asked what strange things. "She said she wanted to talk to you so I gave her your number. If she threatens you we will know for sure that she is jealous." Dede replied. I waited for Kafui to call but she didn't.

To be continued... 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Zaky 4

We left the party in about an hour. Everybody was still there when we left. "I hope you had fun." He said. I nodded and smiled. "I'm glad you did." He replied as we walked down the street to catch a cab. He hadn't asked for my number this whole time. I wanted to take his but I felt it was a bit pushy. When he said "I think this taxi is empty, we can take it." I calmed my nerves. He said WE! He opened the door for me and joined me at the back seat. He looked at his watch and asked me to tell the taxi driver where I was going. He probably had more plans for his night. There was no traffic at all sadly, so we got to my house in no time.

When the taxi stopped I put my hand in my bag to bring out my purse but Zaky stopped me. He insisted on paying. "We could split it." I offered but he would have none of that. "Ah is there a bank down this road?" He asked pointing. I nodded and he asked if there was a restaurant right opposite it. I nodded again and he smiled. "I think I know this area." He added. I giggled and told him our office wasn't far from my house. "Thanks for coming with me Spider Woman." He teased. I laughed and nodded. "Alright see you around." He said and the taxi left.

"His number." I said to myself when I realised I had forgotten to ask him but it was too late. I turned around and walked to my house. I noticed my car was back. I smiled as I went past it. If I had driven it to work I wouldn't have met him. I still had what Kafui said on my mind. It was a bit confusing but I thought about how interesting Zaky was and smiled. Maybe a visit to our Head Office would do the trick.

Dede couldn't wait to see me the next day. She came over to my desk immediately I settled down. "I did some snooping around and guess what?" she asked. I smiled and asked her to continue but I noticed she was staring at me in a funny way. "Really? This is the best you could wear today?" She asked with her hands on her hips. I shrugged and explained to her that I really wanted to wear something interesting but I didn't own any such clothes. "How about that white top with the ruffles?" Dede asked. "It was dirty." I said hiding my face in my palms. She gave me a sympathetic look and continued what she was saying before she was rudely interrupted by my fashion flaws!

Dede told me the person Zaky was covering for had extended their leave so he was going to be around at least for 2 more weeks. That was amazing news! That was why Dede wanted me to look good. Now I had to just plan how to bump into him. The bus would have been a good plan but I brought my car to work this time. "Tomorrow I'll leave my car at home and use the bus. He'll take it too." I said. Dede giggled. She thought it was a good plan but didn't understand why I needed to go that far. "You guys are friends now. You can just walk up to him and talk." She said. I stared at her. She had a point but I wasn't sure what I would say. The only thing I really wanted to ask him was what the girl at the party meant by what she said. But I honestly didn't know how to ask without it sounding weird. Just then Dede's boss walked into his office. "We will talk about this at lunch time." She said quickly and rushed off.

Unfortunately for me Dede wasn't able to meet up with me during lunch time. She had to attend a meeting at the head office that took longer than she imagined. After work I walked to my car and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Zaky coming out of the building too. He was with a bunch of his colleagues. Before I could turn away our eyes met.

To be continued... 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Zaky 3

"I hope you have fun. I'm not really a party person but I had to be here. If I'm boring pinch me ok?" He said and smiled. I smiled and nodded. If had asked me to do anything at all at that very moment my answer would have been yes. No matter what it was. As we entered he held my hand again. I probably needed pinching too because I felt like I was dreaming. Maybe I dozed off on the bus?

There were people all over. Everyone was in work clothes but some of the ladies had thrown on some extra jewellery and unbuttoned their shirts a bit lower. Dede was right, the women who worked here looked much more daring. Their heels were higher, clothes were tighter and their make up was something else. I felt so odd in my flats. "Zak how's the new branch?" A tall guy said, smiling and shaking his hand. They had a brief conversation and we walked to the table that was serving drinks.

Zaky kept very close to me. He would chat a bit, introduce me to people and walk around. Then we met the operations manager. She was tall and commended a lot of presence. What in modern terms people call a boss chick. Even in a colourful party hat I could sense it. "Zaky! Have you missed Head Office already?" She said and we all giggled. She shook my hand and I wished her a happy birthday. Zaky was right about being bad company. He would chat for a while and when he noticed it quickly rush back to me. It was perfectly fine for me, I mean I was just excited to be his date. I spent a good deal of the time texting Dede and telling her all about him.

When I felt someone close to me I took my eyes off my phone and turned to them. It was a lady. She had a perm cut and the most modest clothes in the room, well besides mine. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She looked at Zaky was was busy laughing with some guys and turned back to me. "You are from his new branch right?" She asked. I nodded. Then her smile faded. "Are you two going out?" She asked bluntly. I wasn't expecting such a question at all. "No, me and him? No we are not." I said, fumbling all over the place. "Well then, lucky you." She added. At this point Zaky had seen us and was walking briskly towards us. Before I could ask her what she meant he had reached us. "Kafui, how are you doing?" He asked her. She gave a very dull reply and just walked off. "Have you tried the spring rolls? They are amazing." Zaky said immediately she left. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the food table like that awkward conversation never happened.

To be continued.... 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Zaky 2

"Are you OK? " I heard someone ask. I looked up, parting my braids to see who it was. It was him, Zaky! He was looking down at me. "Me? I'm fine. Just moving to some music " I lied with a smile wider than I would have liked. He smiled too. "ok." He said and sat down. "Were you going to tap my shoulder earlier?" He asked and I noticed I had forgotten what I was going to say to him. Yikes! "No" I lied again. "Yea? Because I could have sworn I saw ur palm on my shoulder." He said looking straight at me. His brown eyes looked even more attractive up close. "Ermm yea it was this, spider thing there." I said.

This was not going as I planned it at all. Surprisingly Zaky laughed. Then the bus stopped. This was his stop. I had blown my second chance! "Did you see where the spider went?" He teased. I nodded. "It dropped." I replied. "Ei where,  at the stop before this one?" He asked. I giggled too. I realised he was preparing to leave the bus. "Yes didn't you see it?" I played along. I smiled when the bus started moving again. Someway God had saved my incredible mess up. And almost instantly I felt comfortable around him.

"Anyways I'm Zaky." He said. "I'm Spider woman." I said pretending to be shooting webs. He laughed out really hard. He got up and sat next to me. "Zaky sounds like a nice name for a psychic doesn't it?" He said and we both laughed. We goofed around some more and he asked me why we had never met. "You are really funny. That's rare around here." He confessed. We talked and joked some more. "I'm going to this party at the Head office. Do you want to come?" He asked. I couldn't believe it. Wow that was fast. All because of my silly, sloppy humour. I nodded without a second thought. I could hardly believe what was happening.

When the bus stopped at our company's head office Zaky and I got off and walked into the building. It seemed too good to be true. I mean in all technicalities we spoke for barely an hour and we were already on a date? Well it wasn't exactly a romantic date but he asked me to go somewhere with him so he obviously enjoyed my company. I wanted to ask him why he brought me along. Why he picked me instead of all the ladies at work. I was honestly the least fancy one, with glasses and all but I didn't want to jinx it. Maybe he did ask them and they were all busy.

The party wasn't anything big. It was held in one office. The Operations Manager was celebrating her 50th birthday.
Just before we walked into the party place Zaky grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side of the door away from everybody's sight. He looked me straight in the eye. His face was so close to mine my heart skipped a beat.

To be continued... 

Saturday, October 31, 2015


I spotted Zaky when he entered the bus. He was the last to enter and I started at him as he made his way to the empty seat in front of me. He was dressed in his usual fitted trousers and long sleeve shirt with the sleeves folded just to the elbows. He was by far the best dresser at work. Maybe it had more to do with his body rather than the clothes. I noticed I was staring and looked away. I had never spoken to him before. I just didn't know how. I heard a notification on my phone and checked it. It was Dede. She was sitting two rows behind me. "Talk to him already. I know you want to."Her message said. I turned around to look at her and she winked at me. I giggled and replied with "My sister, it's easier said than done." Then the bus took off.

My crush on Zaky started the very first day I saw him. He came to drop off something for my boss with Dede. There was something about him. He was obviously extremely good looking but he had that humble demeanour that just got me hooked. He was the type of guy who would offer his seat to an older person if the work bus got full. He did that once for one of our janitors. She said she didn't mind standing but he insisted saying he had been sitting all day. It didn't make any sense why I was too shy to talk to him. He was a nice guy. His stop was two stops before mine. "Look sharp before those head office girls get their hands on this guy oh." Dede teased in another message. Goodness she was right! She found out Zaky was going  back to work at our head office on Monday. He was here for 2 months to replace a staff member who was on leave. The ladies at headquarters were known for their 'manizing' nature.

I took a deep breath and stretched my hand to tap his shoulder. Just before my palm landed someone called him and I pulled back. It was a lady. She got up from her seat and sat next to him. My heart started pounding. Why, I wasn't sure. I turned to look at Dede with an 'I tried' expression. She wasn't amused either. I sat there as Zaky chat with this lady. In no time at all the bus stopped and the lady stood up with Zaky. I watched him walk out with her. I felt all my shyness disappear but it was too late. I put my head down and started banging my head lightly on the back of the empty seat in front of mine. "You blew it, you totally blew it." I whispered over and over again.

"Are you OK? " I heard someone ask. I looked up, parting my braids to see who it was. It was him, Zaky!

To be continued... 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The bed next to mine

The sound of talking woke me up. It came from the bed next to mine. The girl there was called Aku. She got more visitors than anyone else in our ward. Maybe it was because her case was the worst. I heard some nurses discuss her condition while she was asleep before. They said it couldn't be helped. Her cancer was detected pretty late. Someway somehow I preferred her situation, not the dying part obviously but the fact that they knew exactly what was wrong with her. Me on the other hand it seemed the doctors were not sure what I had. Several tests had proved negative. I didn't want to die but my hope of surviving seemed slimmer every single day.

"Let's pray. Fafa would you join us? "Aku's mother said looking at me." No thank you." I said. I noticed the disappointment in her face but I didn't care. She just nodded and turned to her daughter. Aku's older brother held her hand and they begun to pray. They did this everytime they visited her. I wondered why they even bothered. after that they showed her messages and presents from family and friends. Aku seemed to enjoy all of this. Even though she was in a lot of pain and other times a bit too high on morphine she managed to smile and giggle at most of them. That day for some reason she laughed more and even spoke more than she usually did. It was almost like she was getting better. Maybe the nurses gave her the perfect dose of morphine.
When visiting hours were over her family gave her their usual hugs and kisses and left. Then the room became normal again. I must say I preferred it like that. No one to blurb about unrealistic hope from God. Just the silence to allow a bunch of dying people count the remaining seconds they had left. That's what Aku had that night, a number of seconds left but she didn't spend it doing a countdown.

"Fafa, are you asleep?" Aku asked. I turned to look at her and told her I was awake. She smiled at me. She was one of the few people in our ward that actually smiled. For some reason I couldn't help but smile back. "What is it?" I asked her. She had a question for me. She wanted to know why I refused to pray with her family anytime they asked me to join them. I shrugged. It had happened 2 times. The first time I pretended to be asleep but today I didn't think there was a point pretending. "God doesn't listen to us." I said. I wasn't really in the mood to talk but then again I was curious as to where she was going with her questions. "Oh but he does." Abu said sharply. She went on further to talk about how God loved everyone. I stopped her by asking her why God would leave us here to die. She was silent for a moment and then said something I will never forget. "You know micro organisms right?" She asked. I nodded with the most confused look on my face. "Do you think bacteria understands algebra? That's how we are with God. There is no way we can understand him but if we trust him we will see his love for us." she said with the warmest smile. She was right. I never thought about it that way before but she was right.

Aku passed away that night in her sleep. Tears rolled down my cheeks when the nurses came for her body. She was such a lovely person and just when my hard heart was softening she left me. Her mother came to collect her things and walked over to my bed when she had packed everything. I had no idea why she would come to me. She stretched her hand and gave me an envelope. "Aku asked me to give this to you." She said. Her eyes were red from either lack of sleep or constant crying. It was probably both. She formed a weak smile and turned to leave. I called her back and said "Don't worry, we will see her again." She nodded and smiled again but this time with less pain in her eyes. I saw where Aku got her warm smile from.

When I opened the envelope with my wobbly hands I saw a little note in it that said, "God does everything for a good reason." It's like she read my mind. After her parting words the night before I had been asking God why he put us in such a situation. My eyes watered again. I closed my eyes and for the first time in a long while I prayed to God. If I was going to die I wanted to go peaceful like Aku did. Her mother said goodbye to me and immediately she left a bunch of doctors walked into the ward. They walked to Aku's bed and called a nurse when they say it was empty. There was one foreign doctor among them. A skinny white man. The Ghanaian doctor expressed some amount of anger towards one of the nurses. I heard him whisper "you should have told us that she had passed away. We've brought him all the way from the conference room for nothing" in Twi. Just before they turned to leave the Ghanaian doctor turned to me and to his fellows. "Doctor Bainbridge I'm sorry, the patient with Leukemia passed away last night, unfortunately. Perhaps you can take a look at this case we have been battling with?  I know this type of cancer is not your speilciality but how about we look at it?" He said. The white doctor nodded and they all turned to look at me.

After a brief inspection, a few tests just like magic Doctor Bainbridge knew how to save me. It wasn't cheap but he gave my family contacts to a few NGOs in his country that he thought could help us. He was right and after 2 surgeries and some physiotherapy I was back to normal. The whole thing seemed completely surreal. Aku was right. God did listen to my prayer. I decided to set up and NGO in Ghana that would help the sick build their faith in God. Just like how God turned my life around, I wanted to share this with others too.There was just one name I had in my head and that's why I named it, The Aku Foundation.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Just like Adel 12 (finale)

I could tell he had been keeping what he was about to say for a long time. His hesitation was intense. "If you aren't comfortable talking about it you can always tell me another time." I said to break the silence. He turned his back to me. "I think we should stop seeing each other." He finally said. I couldn't say I was expecting this. "What, why?!" I screamed. I talking over to face him. He avoided eye contact. " When Obeng showed me the test results it seemed my condition isn't as good as it was when I just got back from Denmark. I have been a selfish person. I should not have asked you out. I'm not going to waste your time anymore." He said. I wasn't sure how to wrap my head around what he was saying. I asked him to explain himself and he finally looked into my eyes and said, "Doris I'm going to die. You deserve to be with someone who actually has a future." I don't know why but I slapped him. "I don't know if the medication they gave you at the hospital is making you talk like this. The Henry I know doesn't give up!" I said and walked out of his apartment.

I didn't hear from Henry the next day. He wouldn't answer my calls either. I was a bit angry with him in the morning but when I calmed down I decided to call him and got nothing. Dean told me he was avoiding everyone. I decided to allow him to have some space. After two days he sent me a text that read, "you are right. Giving up is a dull move. I just don't want to see you get hurt. You are too nice for someone like me. I'm going to Denmark again. " My heart went warm and my eyes watered. This was a bit too much for me. I grabbed my bag and took a taxi to Henry's apartment. When I got there I saw Adel's car parked outside. I walked to the door and noticed it was open. My heart missed a beat when I saw Adel in the living room looking around. "Have you seen Henry?" She asked me. I shook my head and she went into his bedroom. "Goodness his travel bag is gone." She said. I breathed a sigh of relief. I showed Adel his text. She relaxed a bit herself.

That night I tried calling Henry several times but couldn't get through to him. It seemed he wasn't using the Danish number he used the other time. A text at 3am from him finally put me to sleep. When Henry's father called me the next morning I was really prepared for his plan. I told him I got the note and would love to do it. He informed me about the arrangements he had made and asked when I would be ready to leave. Honestly I couldn't wait to go. I wasn't looking forward to the weather in Denmark but Henry was worth it. When I told Dean everything he said he was jealous. I rolled my eyes. If only he knew how it felt like to fall for Henry Brock. "Really? You wish you were dating an Orgosis patient in Denmark?" I asked sarcastically. His goofy smile faded. My highest concern was how Henry would take it. I hadn't told him I was coming and I didn't intend to. Since he left the texts and calls had reduced. He was really trying to distance himself but I wouldn't let him. Not in a time like this!

In our chats I found out the hotel Henry was in so finding him when I arrived wasn't hard at all. I booked a nights stay in that same hotel. After the valet got me settled I waited till he had left then I rushed to Henry's room. It was just one floor below mine. I knocked on his door and waited patiently. "Hold on." He said and opened the door.

The look on his face was priceless. He was completely surprised. "Doris?! My goodness". When he took a stop forward and hugged me I could feel his appreciation. "If this is a hallucination from my medication I don't want it to wear out." He said still holding me. "When I said I will help you through this, I meant it Henry." I said. He stared straight at me and smiled. "I would love that. I've never felt more alive in my life Doris." He said and kissed me. The truth was very clear, Henry had a 50/50 chance of surviving or even less but my feelings for him never reduced. I guess I loved him. He dragged me into his room and we spent the whole evening talking like old times. He didn't even ask how I got there. It was like, he couldn't be bothered.

The next morning when I woke up I saw Henry at his desk reading through some files. I walked over to him and hugged him from behind. He smiled and showed me what he was doing. "I'm trying to see if there is some kind of pattern in the Dr. Olsen's test patients." He said. I realised this was something I could help with. I was pretty good at finding patterns and problem, it was something we did at work all the time. "Do you have information about all his test patients?" I asked. Henry gave me a file. I looked through and saw nothing. The exact dose was given to each of them. I couldn't establish a difference in the ones the drug failed on but I didn't give up. The whole week we went through everything until I noticed something missing late in the evening one night. "We are looking at everything from a medical, chemical point of view. What if that's not it?" I said. I stood up and looked at all the files spread out on the floor. Henry stared at me. I rearranged the papers of each patient and found the link. "Henry, I think I found something. This has to be it!" I exclaimed.

The next morning we run my theory by Dr. Olsen and he said it was something he hadn't considered but worth testing anyway. That afternoon we waited at his office for the test results. If I was right this would be golden. We held hands as we sat in the cold office. "Have you told your dad about my theory?" I asked but before I could get an answer the door flung open and Doctor Olsen walked through. He was a slim old man with very pale white skin. It didn't look like he went out much. His smile said it all. He gave us a sheet of paper. "You are right. The key was in the climate. The patients who died were all living in an countries with higher temperatures. I have no idea why I never thought of this. Good job!" He said. I couldn't believe it. "This calls for celebration!" Henry said and we all cheered.

Henry and I decided to go dancing to celebrate. There was a very nice salsa pub not far from our hotel. The old Henry was back!  He was funny, witty, a bit arrogant and completely attractive. As we danced I knew I had made a good decision. This was the man for me and now he wasn't leaving me anytime soon. "You saved my life Doris." Henry whispered into my ears. "No, your fighting spirit saved your life." I replied also whispering. "Can you do me one favour?" He asked with a serious tone. I nodded and asked what is was. "When we get married can you please not have a girl?" He asked. "Huh? Why?" I asked, excited at the word married but confused anyway. "Well I don't want to see another person who looks just like Adel." He joked and we both laughed.

The End. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just like Adel 11

I never expected to see Henry in the hospital this quickly, especially with his new medication. His symptoms has reduced so drastically. Adel was sitting next to me when the doctor walked to us. "Only family members are allowed to stay." He said looking at me. Adel held my hand and turned to him. "Doctor Obeng this is Doris. She's our cousin." Adel lied. Holding my hand. The doctor stared at me and smiled all of a sudden. "Ahaa I thought as much. She looks a lot like you but I had to be sure. Henry is awake now. He's fine but we want to keep him here tonight until we get some test results." He said, leading us to Henry's room.

It was a big hospital and everything looked so proper. Adel and I stood at the entrance of his room. Doctor Obeng walked off with a nurse and we stared at each other. "Thanks ." I said to her when he was out of sight. "Oh it's nothing. I'm glad you are here. Henry has really become better since he met you. I'm really glad..." She started but Henry cut in. "And what has Henry done this time?" He said sitting up on his bed. We turned to him and walked into the room.

Adel and I spent all the rest of our visiting hours chatting with Henry. He seemed fine. Then a nurse came to lead us out after several failed promoters. Adel dropped me off at home after we left. She wasn't bad at all. In fact I saw why Dean liked her so much. When I got home I quickly texted Henry to tell him I was home. Just before I put my bag down I noticed the blue notebook Mr. Brock had given me. I pulled it out of my bag and flipped through. There was writings on just one page. "Doris this may be a lot to ask but can you go to Denmark with Henry for his next treatment session? I have spoken to your boss and all expenses will be paid. Please don't tell Henry it is from me." I read aloud. I stared at the note for a while and fell on my bed. All I could think about was how odd Henry's family was.

The next day after work Adel came to pick Dean and I to Henry's hospital. Henry was already dressed up and ready to leave when we got there. When he hugged me it felt different. We all sat in his room chatting. "Did you guys come to pick me up or visit me?" Henry teased and we left. Dean suggested we all go see a movie but Henry didn't like the idea. He kept saying he was tired and just wanted to sleep. I guessed he just wanted to be alone. Adel suggested other things but he refused all of them. "OK we will be leaving now then." Dean said right after Adel dropped Henry at home on his varenda. "Alright. Thanks for everything guys." He said. We all turned around to leave but Henry held my hand. "No not you. I've missed you too much." He said smiling. My heart warmed up. Adel turned to look at us. She winked at me and dragged Dean to her car.

Dean and I spent the night eating cereal and playing video games. I wasn't particularly good at it but with time pulled a few surprises on him. I made a conscious effort not to talk about his father. "Doris, there's something I need to tell you. My time at the hospital got me thinking." He said, putting aside his controller. I turned to face him and he continued. "I don't want to die and have you think I'm a jerk. The relationship between my father and I is a little weird. I'm sure you already know that by now." I nodded and he smiled. "My mother had Orgosis. When she found out, she did all she could to find a cure for it. She did so much research that it makes mine look like a joke. My dad helped as much as he could but unfortunately he couldn't save her. When she died he was a mess. Since then my father gave up. He didn't think there was any hope especially after all the things my mother tried. His best advice for me is to enjoy the time I have left. Something he never got to do with my mother. It disgusts me to be honest. No father should give up like that." Henry said. I could tell it took a lot out of him. "Hey, it's ok. I understand both of you. This must be really hard for you but just remember I'm here and everything is going to be ok." I said, holding his hands. "There's something else you need to know." He said, looking straight into my eyes.

To be continued.... 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Just like Adel 10

Henry flew to Denmark for his treatment the next week. We skyped every night and he told me all about his experience. Everything was going as he planned it. We communicated so much I felt like I was Dean. I was glad he was getting another chance. I seemed to be the only one he really kept in the loop because Adel called me regularly to ask about him. I encouraged Henry to talk to his family more but I sort of understood them.

One Sunday afternoon, I heard a knock at my door and walked to it. When I opened it I saw Henry standing there with the most attractive smile in the world. "Henry! I thought you were arriving on Tuesday!" I screamed and hugged him. I couldn't control my excitement. He told me he just wanted to surprise me. We went inside and he showed all the cute Danish souvenirs he bought me. They were really pretty and I was really glad he was back. "There's one more thing." Henry said. I looked at all the presents on the table and looked back at him. "Really, after all these?" I asked. He nodded and leaned in closer. Before my heart started racing he kissed me. I always wondered how it would be to kiss him and I was right. His soft lips were amazing. "I've always wanted to do that." He said and we both giggled. I wanted to scream 'me too' but I played it cool. "I know my treatment isn't permanent and I'm in a weird condition and all but will you go out with me? If you don't want to I completely understand. So what do you say Miss Doris who looks just like Adel?" He asked smiling. How on this big beautiful earth could I say no?

Henry felt like a totally different person when we started dating. He wasn't cold and rude like he used to be. He was more positive and cheerful. His treatment had brought him new hope. One afternoon at work my boss asked me to go for a meeting at Brock Pharmaceuticals. I smiled when my boss told me and did some quick makeup before I left. Dean teased me when he noticed. The meeting was with Lestor Brock himself. I smiled when I saw him. He smiled back and signalled for me to sit down. I took out my note book and pen but he signalled for me to put them away. "No, you won't need those. This isn't that kind of meeting." He said. I sat up more attentively. He asked how I was doing and I instantly knew the meeting was about his son.

Lester Brock stared at me for a while and said "has anybody told you that you look very much like my daughter Adelaide?" I smiled and nodded. He leaned back into his chair and smiled. "She has told me a lot about you actually. You two have similar strengths too if you ask me and the only ones that can get through to my son." He added and giggled. I smiled at him even though I was getting a little tired of being compared to Adel. He leaned back in his chair. "How is Henry's Danish treatment going?" He asked. I could see the concern in his eyes. "Doctor Olsen is actually doing a good job according to Henry. He said heart burns are less intensive these days." I said. Mr. Brock nodded, staring straight at me.

Before he could open his mouth someone opened his office door. It was Henry. He looked straight at me and then to his father. "What's going on here?" He asked. "We are just talking." Lester Brock replied. "Henry." Adel called. She also walked into the office. She tried to escort him out but he wouldn't listen. He walked to me and tapped me on the shoulder. "Your boss has sent for you. Dad Doris has to leave." He said sharply. I turned to look at his father who was busy writing something. "Very well. It was nice meeting you Doris." He said. I nodded and got up to leave. "Doris you left your note book." Mr. Brock said. "My notebook is in my..." I started but then I saw him raise the book he was writing in to me and I immediately got it. "Ah yes, thanks." I said and quickly collected it. "Let's go." Henry whispered in my ear. I had no idea what was going on.

When we got to the parking lot I felt it was safe to talk about why Henry was acting funny. "Hey what's up? You are acting funny." I asked. Henry turned to me. "I don't want my father interfering in my personal life." He replied. I noticed from much earlier that Henry didn't like his father very much but I strongly felt it was because he unfairly made Adel, his much younger sister the next ceo of his company but now I knew it was his only choice. "Your father loves you. He's just concerned." I said. Henry laughing sarcastically. "He gave up on me. Do you give up on someone you love? I have been diagnosed with Orgosis for 4 years now and what did he do? Nothing. I don't need that kind of love Trust me you won't understand." Henry explained. I put my hand on his shoulder and it happened. He held his side and slowly fell to the ground. I could see him losing consciousness as he went down. I screamed as hard as I could to get help. "Help!"

To be continued... 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just like Adel 9

When the office door opened and Henry walked in I just stared at him. "What is it?" He asked immediately. I looked away, realising that my expression may have given me away. I wasn't sure what to say to him. He thought I knew about his condition when we spoke the other night and the thought of me helping him find a drug lit him up. I decided to play along. "Nothing. You took a little longer than I expected that's all." I lied. He nodded and apologised. I honestly wasn't sure I could keep my composure. It prayed it was just a bad dream. "You look tired. Let me drop you off at home. We can do this tomorrow." He said picking up his keys. I nodded and we left.

When we got to my apartment my mind was a lot more settled. Maybe it was the silly jokes he was telling on the way or the fact that he was able to smile in such a condition. "Does it hurt?" I asked. He looked at me and replied, "I'm not in that stage yet so I guess we are safe." I nodded. Just before I stepped into my apartment he called me back. "I know this is a bit strange. If you ever feel like helping out is too much for you I totally understand." He said. I smiled at him. The guy I had fallen for had only 3 months to live. How on earth will helping him live longer be too much for me? I wanted to tell him this but all I could say was, "Oh naa. You can count on me." The smile that formed on his face was priceless.

That night I found it hard to sleep. Too many things run through my mind. Henry was going to die in 3 months. Why was the first serious looking guy I ever liked being taken away from me. I realised how selfish that sounded. His family had to just watch it happen. When I got to work in the morning Dean saw me and instantly knew I didn't sleep well. "Why didn't you tell me that Henry is dying?" I asked. He looked at me in shock and asked me how I found out. "Henry made me swear not to tell anyone, especially you. He said he didn't want the whole sympathy thing." Dean explained. He told me everything he knew. When Henry was diagnosed, how they tried to fight the disease but it was too late. "We just wanted him to have a happy life no matter the length that's why we tried to get you two together. You seemed to like each other too so Adel and I just thought it would help." He confessed. I asked Dean about Henry's research into a sustenance drug and Dean said Mr. Broke said it was impossible for orgosis. I spent most of my free time at work reading about the disease. The things I found weren't good at all. I understood his family now. They just wanted him to spend his last days happy.

After work Henry called me and arranged to meet at a restaurant not too far from his house. I took a cab straight there and smiled when I saw him wave at me sitting by himself in a corner. He was smiling from ear to ear. He hugged me when I got there. It was so unexpected I almost fell over. "I've found it." He said almost giggling. I smiled too. I couldn't help it. His smile was just too infectious. "I reached out to a doctor in Denmark who has been studying orgosis for 19 years. He has finally got a medicine for it." He started. I pulled my chair closer. "wow is it a cure?" I asked. Henry shook his head. "He's not there yet but he has a drug that, well in layman terms it sort of jump starts ur organs when they enter the failing stage. The drug testing worked on 8 out of 10 patients. The 2 it didn't work on both had diabetes. The drug sort of feeds a lot on insulin. Thank God I don't have diabetes right?" He continued. I smiled.

I asked if the drug was on the market yet and he explained how the diabetics issue according to Danish medical rules is not prevents it from being used so he had to find a way to work around it. He told me how he had reached out to the doctor in charge of the experimental drug and he said he could come and be tested in exchange to helping him launch the drug. We had dinner at the restaurant and Henry went on and on about doctor Graham and his research. It was like life had been poured into him, new life. This drug was his life.

To be continued... 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Just like Adel 8

The next week Henry and I planned to meet after work. He sounded like he had a plan of how to get the promotion he honestly deserved. I wanted to find enough information to help him so I questioned Dean about Adel. "Why are you asking so many questions?" He asked after the third question. "I see you and Henry are cozy now. Is that why you are asking about Adel?" He added. I really didn't get his point but I nodded. I leaned over and said, "You see its a bit weird for him that I look like Adel so I want to know about her and do things differently you know?" Strangely enough he bought it. He smiled and winked at me.

On Monday I met Henry at his office. If it was really true that he liked me this could in all technicalities have been our first date. I dressed up nicely that day, wore contact lenses and left my hair out. I could tell he noticed the difference when he saw me. "You look nice." He said shyly. His shyness was so adorable. "I was going for a less Adelish look." I said posing dramatically by a wall. Henry laughed. "I told you I really don't mind. Your sense of humour is something else." He said. I sat down across him.

He handed me a couple of print-outs. "So these are..." He started but before he could finish his sentence Gilly walked into the office. He said hi to me and whispered to Henry. They spoke in a low tone for a while and Gilly left. Henry took off his glasses and looked at me. "I'm so sorry. My dad wants to have a talk with me right now. It's probably another invitation to a family vacation. Could you give me a minute?" He asked. I nodded and he left. I looked down at the handouts he gave me. They were about a study on Orgosis. I had never heard about it before but from what I read there was no cure for it. The best was to have full organ changes at stage 1. Was he looking to for a cure to impress his father? Wasn't that a bit far fetched? I read more about it and realised how rare but deadly it was.

"Gradual organ failure." I read when Gilly walked into the office. He nodded and leaned on Henry's desk. "It's a rare and extremely messed up disease." He replied. I looked up at him. "Are you really trying to find a cure?" I asked. Gilly told me it would be super if they could find a cure and extremely lucky but they were looking at drugs that can prolong life. I nodded. That made more sense to me.

Then it happened. Gilly got up to leave, turned to me and said, "I'm glad you are helping Henry. He's already in stage 4 and he is cutting his family out. It's a bit..." He didn't finish his sentence when I cut in. I knew what he was saying, understood what he was saying but it was just a problem with believing it. "Stage 4?" I asked. Gilly looked down. "He didn't tell you the stage he was in eh? He has just 3 months to live." Gilly replied and left. His words left me with mixed feelings. I felt sad, angry, stupid and confused at the same time. The pieces started fitting together perfectly in my head. Everything made sense. I was on the wrong path from the get go. Adel, Dean, his father, the coldness everything made sense but I didn't want to believe it.

To be continued... 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just like Adel 7

 All of a sudden my anger towards Henry evaporated. I didn't like what I heard. Henry was hard working and had acquired many certificates and awards. Why was Adel who just graduated with no experience at all going to head the company? I went around the party grounds looking for Henry. It made sense for him to keep to himself, I mean his own family were not treating him fairly.

I went to the front of the house where all the cars were parked and just like magic I saw him leaving. I run up to him and hugged him. "I'm sorry about earlier." we both said at the same time. We laughed and each explained what we were sorry for. Maybe he didn't like me like that but I guess being his friend at a time like this was pretty much what he needed.

Henry and I sat on the stairs in front of the house. "Aren't you scared of kwashey boys?" I teased. He laughed and said he was covered because I had a 'gun'. I smiled. "I know why. I know why you are cold sometimes." I said. He turned to look at me. His eyes were wide open. "Don't ask me how but I heard your dad and your sister talking." I added. He looked very surprised. I looked down. I wasn't happy about how I found out. "What I don't understand is why?" I said turning to look at him.

My words seemed to ignite his sadness. I wondered if I should change the subject. "That's just how life is." He said in a very low tone. "It's not fair." I said. I could feel his pain. "I honestly don't blame you for not liking me because I look like Adel." I said. Then Henry giggled. "Where is this one too coming from? Yea you look like Adel but you are not like her at all. " He asked. I looked at him funny. "I'm confused." I confessed. "I like the two of you differently." He said looking away. I asked him to explain and he shyly changed the subject. I didn't push it at all. What he said worked for me.

"So is there anything you can do? There has to be something right?" I asked. He nodded. "Then I will help you." I said. It's like my words ignited another emotion. This time it was joy. His smile filled his face in a matter of seconds. He seemed to really like the idea. Just then Senam and Dean came out and saw me. She wanted to leave. Dean smiled when he saw Henry and I. I said a quick goodbye and left with Senam. I didn't think Henry would open up so easily about his issue but all that hardwork could not go to waste.

To be continued... 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Just like Adel 6

That weekend I stayed indoors. I wanted to have some me time. I would admit that I missed having a boyfriend to share things with but because Dean was always available I never felt it until Adel came. My phone rung and I couldn't believe who it was. It was Henry. I stared at the phone and contemplated answering it. I shook my heard and decided that if he called the second time I would answer. I watched the phone quietly to see if it would ring again but it didn't. Instead there was a knock at my door that startled me. I walked to it and saw Gilly standing there with a rubber bag.

"I hope this isn't a bad time." He said with a smile. I shook my head and stared waiting to hear his agenda. He handed me the rubber bag which contained a bunch of goodies. Gilly said they were from Henry. He was a bit busy at the office so he asked him to bring it over as a thank you gesture for the other day. I was surprised. To be honest I had a deep feeling Adel was behind this.

I asked Gilly why they were working on a Sunday and he said he had to work on something with Henry urgently. He said a workaholic joke and we both laughed. Before Gilly rushed off he turned to me and said "This is the first time I've seen Henry buy something for someone." I smiled and laughed to my head. I dumped my sympathy gifts in a corner and walked to my room.

After lots of convincing during the week Dean managed to get me to go to Adel's birthday party. I really didn't want to go but I realised I had to get over Henry and maybe this was my chance to have some fun and meet some new guys. I went shopping the day before so my outfit was spanking new. Just so I wouldn't look lonely I went with my coworker, Sedem. She felt so under dressed when she saw me. We got to the party just in time for the fun parts.

"Isn't that the Henry guy Dean is setting you up with?" Sedem asked. I turned around and saw him. He was in a black long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. Black really suited him. I turned around immediately he turned our way and Sedem laughed. I think her laughter attracted him because he walked to us. "Hi." Henry said. Sedem conveniently excused herself to get another drink. He was looking a bit pale. Probably from over working. He looked straight at me. "Hi." He said and I nodded. He went ahead and complimented me. I smiled briefly and excused myself.

I saw Sedem eating a slice of cake. It looked so good. I asked her where she got it and she pointed to the kitchen. "I got lost and saw a huge tray of cake so I picked one." She said. I scolded her for not getting a piece for me as well and made my way to the place she was pointing to. Adel's house was so big. I saw an opened door and walked into it. Unfortunately it wasn't the kitchen. It was a little office.

Just before I turned around to leave something caught my eye. On the desk there were a bunch of old pictures of what looked like Henry and Adel. Some had their parents in them. I smiled when I went through them. Henry looked very happy and normal. Time had really changed him. I heard a sound and instinctively turned to look at who it was. I saw Adel and her father. He handed a big brown envelope over to her. "That's the expenditure list for the new branch." He said. What kind of father brings work to his daughter's birthday party? That's right, Henry's Father.

I hid behind some bookshelves where I could hear more. "Dad this could have waited till Monday." Adel said shaking her head. "You need to learn to give the company importance. When you take over the company next year you will have to make sacrifices. " Her father said. My jaw dropped. It was true Lestor Brock was old but Adel? "Is Henry here?" Lestor asked and his daughter nodded. "He still won't talk to you?" She asked. He turned away. "Dad, I'm sure he will come around. You need to understand how he feels." She added. Her father nodded and walked away. Adel walked into the office and my heart missed a beat. I sat very still behind the bookshelves. She dropped the envelope on the table and walked out.

To be continued... 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday morning anchor

This morning I tossed and turned in bed as ECG turned my lights on and off. I didn't care much because the weather was nice and cool. I looked at my phone when my alarm went off and contemplated missing church to have some extra sleep. "You read the mass readings the night before remember?" My brain whispered to me.

After a few more snoozes I slapped myself and got off my bed. Getting ready for church didn't take very long because as I mentioned earlier I didn't really have power so I looked for the most decent outfit that had been already ironed, an orange dress. I got into my car when I was all set and drove off. I seemed a bit late, 15 minutes to be exact but when I entered the church I heard the first reading. I smiled to myself as I sat down.

The sermon was about the sacrifice we are to make for God during Lent. The priest mentioned fasting and said there were so many other things we could sacrifice besides food. So I drifted off thinking about what I was going to sacrifice. A lot of things flew into my head. Some were really pointless and others made a lot of sense. So I decided.

I listened to more of the sermon and was really glad I came. Sure I had missed out on some sleep but it was nothing compared to what I received at church. After mass I set off to find myself a cold  drink because it was a hot Sunday (SUNday lol). On my way I saw a couple of people I always wanted to talk to. To invite them to a group that wanted to expand. For some reason I never talked to them (probably thought they won't be interested) but today I was like 'eh let me just go'. So I went and spoke to them and they liked the idea. Just like that. I smiled to myself after and went home, after my cold drink of cause.

Moral of the story? Sometimes a little effort to do the thing you believe is right or best can bring you more joy than doing something else. Today's first reading was about Abraham and his son Isaac who was almost sacrificed. Abraham had a big thing to do so I guess we can do ours too :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Just like Adel 5

"I don't know if I'm reading wrongly into this but I'm not sure I'm ..." He started and from nowhere at all two men on a motor bike appeared with cutlases. They where near us before I could get into the car. "Shit." Henry said. "Bring your phones, wallets and the car keys now!" one yelled. "My phone, you don't know I'm a police women eh?" I said and pulled out a gun from my bag. I pointed it at them and they fled without saying another word.

Henry turned to look at the gun and back to me. Don't worry it's not real. It's a prop. My cousin is a director, I got it from him. " I said smiling. I showed him the sticker behind the gun." What? Goodness even I fell for it!" Henry said and we both laughed. "That's really cool. You should get me one but it will probably be useless soon." He said taking the gun from me and examining it. "What do you mean?" I asked. He just shrugged but his expression had really changed.

"What were you saying earlier?" I asked. Henry turned to look at me. "I don't know how to say this." He started. "You don't like me. There, I said it for you. It's kind of obvious." I cut in. He froze. "It's not that. Its just that you look..." He explained then I realised Gilly was right. He couldn't date me because I looked like his little sister. "Hey I get it. Anyways you need to go. I may not be able to pull this trick off twice." I said collecting the gun from him and putting it into my bag. He wanted to explain but what could he say? "Yea sure. Err, goodnight then." He said and left. Maybe it was for the best.

I warned Dean not to talk about Henry anymore. I didn't want to hear about Adel either but that was just impossible. One evening when we closed from work I was just about to leave the office when I saw Adel. I smiled and said a friendly hello. She nodded and signalled to have a word with me. "Dean is in the bosses office." I said. "Yes I know. I'm just waiting for him here. So I hear things didn't work out with you and my brother." She said.

I stared at her for a while. For some reason she looked unhappy but it made sense. Since I'm not with her brother she still has to worry about Dean. So petty, this girl. "Nope." I said, taking a step closer to the exit. I really wasn't interested in discussing my rejection with her. "So what now? Are you guys going to remain friends though? " She asked. I wondered what she thought her words would achieve. "Who knows. You know what, I'd like to chat but I really have to leave. " I said. Adel didn't seem happy at all. She nodded and I stormed out of the office.

To be continued... 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just like Adel 4

When I got to work on Monday I went straight to Dean's desk. He hadn't arrived yet so I sat in his chair and waited. I turned on his computer to play a game. Just before I started playing I saw an instant message from Adel. "Hey hun, are you at work already?" it read. I was just about to type a reply when another message came that made me freeze. "Is Dores around? I'm not playing about what I told you about her. Don't even think about it. " It read. Just then I heard Dean's voice. I turned the computer off instantly and left his desk.

Maybe it was me but it really felt like Dean was acting strange the whole day. After lunch I couldn't take it anymore and I guess he felt the same way too so when I walked up to him after lunch he said sorry. "For what?" I asked. "For not telling you that you looked like Adel. I guess you are passed off too." He added. I raised an eye brow. "What did she say?" I asked curiously. When Dean dragged his words I knew he didn't want to talk about it. I told him I had gotten over it. Somehow he thought we would both be amused. "She thinks you may like me too because we look alike right? Tell her not to worry, you are not my type." I said frankly and walked away. I heard him call out to me but I wasn't in the mood to listen to him. Dean and his girlfriend had never appeared more childish to me.

That evening as I went home I noticed Henry's car parked in front of his office. I really considered paying him a visit but I honestly didn't know what I would say then I remembered a trick I read online. I dropped off at his office and after explaining a good deal to the security man he finally allowed me to see Henry. "I didn't know I had to go through so much to see you." I said trying to sound casual but not quite getting it right. "I'm a big deal." He said and smiled. He was so charming. Even with his reading glasses on. He got up and walked towards me. Was he going to kiss me? I asked myself with my heart slightly racing.

He walked past me to his cabinet and picked a file. I shook my head at my wishful thoughts and sat down. It was time to act. "I think I dropped something in your car the other time." I said. Before Henry could say anything a tall guy walked in. He looked at me and nodded when I said hello. "Gilly as you can see today I'm a bit busy." Henry said, looking at me. Gilly looked at me again and just stared until Henry laughed and introduced me to him. "My goodness I almost swore you were Adel." He finally confessed and I giggled. "Do you have any plans for the evening?" Gilly asked. I shook my head and Henry frowned. "That's good. So you can join us. We are getting Henry drunk tonight." Gilly said. Henry didn't look very amused. "Doris needs me to do some stuff for her at her place. Gilly we can do this another time." He protested. I decided to play along. Gilly just shook his head and took a reincheck. Before he left the office he turned to me and said "Henry has a second sister now. Whoosh!" Henry threw a paper ball at him and he laughed.

We walked to the car park to look for the thing I 'dropped' in Henry's car. I learnt this trick about a year ago. You leave something at your crush's place and either have him bring it to you or go for it. In no time at all I found my little note book. Unfortunately I didn't remember what to do after I retrieved the item. "Found it. Thanks." I said awkwardly. Henry nodded and locked his car. "I'll see you later then." He said. "That was cold." There was a nice side to him but his cold side wasn't fun at all. I looked at my watch. "It's almost 9pm. How about you walk me home? " I asked. He shook his head and got into his car. "I'll drop you off. I need to come back and finish some work." He said. It wasn't what I expected but it was better than nothing. I hopped into the front seat and we were off. I saw some papers on the seat and turned them over to look at what was written on them but before I could read anything Henry snatched them from me. "It's just work stuff. So which way do we go?" He asked looking straight ahead. This was getting worse by the minute thanks to Mr workaholic.

In less than 5 minutes we were in front of my little apartment. "Thanks." I said when Henry turned to look at me. I opened the door and walked out. My plan didn't go well at all. "Doris." Henry called. I turned around swiftly. He got out of his car and walked to me. "I don't know if I'm reading wrongly into this but I'm not sure I'm..." He started and from nowhere at all two men on a motor bike appeared with cutlases. They where near us before I could get into the car or my apartment. "Shit." Henry said.

To be continued... 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Just like Adel 3

"Finally I get to meet Doris." I heard a familiar female voice say. I knew it was Adel. I turned to look at her and froze. I thought I was looking in a mirror. She looked just like me. She was startled too but masked it well. Dean laughed and said he had been waiting for this day for so long. I shook her hand and managed to smile. Besides our skin colour and bust size Adel and I looked too alike. She even wore glasses like me. Dean was about to pull a chair for me when I signalled to him not to. I lied about something I needed to do for my boss at the office. "You work this late?" A slim guy sitting next to Dean asked. I shrugged. I said a quick goodbye to everyone and left.

As I walked out a number of things run through my mind. All the times when Dean's friends thought I was his girlfriend now made sense. I stood in front of the restaurant waiting for an empty cab and saw a familiar face walking towards the entrance. Henry said a quick hello when he saw me. I nodded without even smiling and turned away. I wasn't interested in his unfriendly things at this time. My mind drifted back to my 'twin' immediately. Who knows maybe that was why Dean liked having me around. I shook my head. He was an idiot for not telling me. After 10 minutes of waiting in vain I realised every car that came to the restaurant was a private car. I probably had to walk to the main road to get a taxi. I reluctantly started walking. It was a pretty long walk.

I tried not to think too much about the issue. After less than 5 minutes of walking on the rough road I insulted myself for wearing heels to work. Just as I contemplated walking barefoot a car pulled up next to me. It was Henry. "I could drop you off at the junction if you like." He offered. I hopped into the car without wasting time. "My feet are killing me." I said unconsciously. Henry shook his head and drove off silently. His car was so comfortable, I got a little upset we were nearing the junction. Just then Henry's phone rang and he answered it. "What? How did that happen? I told Maria to wait. Just wait for me. I will be in the office soon. Call Ofori to see if he has another number for them." He said. He didn't look amused at all. "Are you going back to your office?" I asked with my fingers crossed. "Yea I need to get some issue sorted out." He replied. I tried to hide my smile. "Can I get a ride there? I don't live far from your office." I requested shyly. Henry just looked at me and when we passed the junction I guessed that was just his rude way of saying yes.

"You are not much of a talker are you?" I asked, adjusting my seat to feel more comfortable and noticed Henry staring at me. "Ei so the free loader isn't allowed to feel comfortable? " I said and he gave a faint smile. I giggled. "I should have dropped you off at the junction." He teased. I laughed and hit him playfully. "I'm a damsel in distress." I added. He seemed to be warming up to me. "No, you are a damsel who decided to wear uncomfortable shoes." He added. We both giggled and before we knew it had arrived.

Henry dropped me off just in front of his office and I took a taxi home. Honestly I could have walked but my shoes wouldn't have let me. When I got home I saw a text from Dean. "How did it feel meeting your twin?" it read. I rolled my eyes. "Dean, I'll get you on Monday." I said to myself. The best thing about the day was Henry. I was glad he was finally warming up to me. I could smell hope in the air.

To be continued... 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Just like Adel 2

"Henry?" I asked. He looked up at me, clearly surprised. "Hi, what are you doing here?" He asked, taking off his glasses. He signalled for me to have a seat and I told him my mission. I realised now why Dean conveniently wanted me to come instead of him. He must have known. Henry answered all my questions sharply. It almost felt like he was in a hurry for me to leave. I told myself he was doing that because I told him my time was limited. I left immediately I got what I needed ignoring the temptation to take his number, for work purposes of cause.

After we presented our documented ideas to the boss Dean and I came back to our desks. We were so late we hadn't talked about Henry yet. Dean brought him up the minute I sat down. I told him in all honesty that if there was any proof that he wasn't interested in me it was our meeting. Dean shrugged and ended his probing by saying I was exaggerating. When he grabbed his phone I knew he was going to give his girlfriend the report. I couldn't wait till the next day when she finally arrived so I could tell her how annoying her boyfriend was.

I noticed as my taxi pulled over in front of a really big restaurant that I was probably under dressed. Looking at the type of cars around my black trousers and blue sleeveless top may not have been very appropriate. I remembered I had a necklace in my bag and put it on to add some style to my plain look. I got out carefully in order not to damage the cake I was holding. Dean tasked me with delivering the cake he had ordered for Adel at her welcome dinner. She had finally come back!

I rushed into the restaurant after paying the taxi driver. Dean had called me a thousand times because I was late. He said Adel was a bit jet lagged so he didn't want her staying up so late. I smiled when I saw Dean waving at me. He and about 5 other people where sitting at one table. I walked to them and put the cake on the table with a smile. "Everybody this is Doris, my coworker who loves being late." Dean teased and I heard some giggles. "Finally I get to meet Doris." I heard a familiar female voice say. I knew it was Adel. I turned to look at her and froze. I thought I was looking in a mirror. She looked just like me!

To be continued... 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just like Adel

Dean walked to my desk and when I saw the look on his face I knew he wanted me to do something. "What do you want this time?" I asked turning away from my table. He led me to his desk and asked me to fix an issue on his computer. Dean was so bad with computers it wasn't funny. "So did Henry call you?" He asked. I shook my head. "Chale I don't think he's interested oh." I replied getting up from his desk. Dean frowned. He was just about to talk when our boss walked into the office. I turned around immediately and went back to my desk.

Henry was the older brother of Dean's girlfriend. I thought he was cute the day I met him and Dean gave him my number. That was a month ago. I hoped he would call judging by his wide smile when we met but after a week I just gave up. "Doris I have a new job for you."  my boss said and signalled for me to come to his office. I walked briskly behind him. He handed me a file and said it was a pharmacy advert I was to work on it with Dean. He made it clear that they were a big shot client and so I had to bring my sharpest ideas. I smiled and rushed to Dean's desk. I'm a copywriter who loves her job and challenges excite me. My thoughts of Henry disappeared just like that.

Even though we were nowhere on our project Dean suggested we go to a coworkers wedding. I tried to play the workaholic card but he would have none of it. I finally agreed and we went. It was a beautiful wedding I must say and it really refreshed me. We sat on the same table with Sedem another lady from work. Half the time Dean was on his phone most likely chatting with his long distance girlfriend Adel. He always kept in touch with her and talked about her all the time. My buddy was smitten. It made hanging out with him so much easier because I knew there were definitely no strings attached. "Guess what?" Dean asked as I stuffed my face with a huge slice of wedding cake. "Henry said he lost your number. Adel just told me." He added. I wiped my lips with a tissue. "That again? I thought I told you I was over him. Crushes don't last remember?" I said. Dean just ignored me and kept on typing. Sedem was interested in the topic all of a sudden. Dean told her a very badly fabricated story of the day Henry and I met. I rolled my eyes and looked out for another person serving cake.

Just then a guy came out of no where and shook Dean's hand. They laughed and joked for a while and he turned to me and shook mine too smiling so widely. "I didn't know you were around." He said to me. I stared at him not sure what to say. Then he continued. "You two are not matching colours this time?"  then it hit me. He thought I was Adel. This wasn't the first time. Before I could correct him Dean jumped in and did me the honours. The guy stared at me again and apologised. "Wow, this is.." He started but the phone in my pocket vibrated and I jumped to answer the call.

After talking to my boss over the phone I realised we had less time than we thought to finish the project. We had until Monday afternoon to come up with 10 scripts and Dean hadn't even taken a look at the file. Even though I insisted we leave to do our work Dean still managed to let me stay. "We haven't met with a representative from the company yet even." I nagged. "Don't worry. I'll do that on Monday morning. Have I ever failed you before?" He asked. I shook my head. He was right. I looked around and took in the beautiful environment with my glass of champagne.

Monday morning Dean and I got to work very early. I gave him the file to read while I finished up on a script I had written the night before. "Heh for real?!" He shouted. I turned and looked at him confused. I rushed to him and asked if there was a problem. He shook his head. "You know what? Let me stay and finish up the scripts while you go speak with them." He said and quickly turned over to his computer without even bothering to listen to what I had to say. I complained a little and just left when he didn't badge.

When I got to the client's office I was asked to wait. It was one of the biggest pharmacies in Ghana. "Hello, Mr. Brock will see you now." The Secretary said. I smiled and walked into his office. It was a very big office with very beautiful decor. I wondered if I was going to meet Lestor Brock himself, the CEO. I noticed the man sitting at the desk didn't have grey hair. As I got closer I noticed he looked familiar. "Henry?" I asked. He looked up at me, clearly surprised. "Hi, what are you doing here?" He asked, taking off his glasses.

To be continued...