Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A night to remember 1

"Ei best man, how are you doing?" Terry teased. I knew he had seen the post our friend who was getting married had put up on social media. "I beg oh I'm not the best man. I'm a mere groomsman. Do you know how much the best man suit costs? I no get that kind money." I confessed. The whole idea of buying a new suit just for a wedding pissed me of but Kwesi, the groom was a close friend so I had to suck it up. Kwesi was a social media fanatic. It was a picture he put up of us having a fitting of our suits that had sparked Terry to make fun of me. "So how much is your suit?" Terry asked. The price rolled up in my mind but I was too angry to mention it. "Chale I don't remember. Where's my laptop? Did your guy fix it well?" I changed the subject. Terry nodded and brought the laptop out for me. I inspected it and gave him the money I owed him. That laptop was my life! I had work on it that my boss would sack me if I didn't present it to him the following week.

"I need to get going. I'll see you later." I said picking up my things. Terry teased me one more time as I left his house. He was right to make fun of me. I was being a fool. Spending over 2000 Cedis on a suit and shoes? Why was it my wedding? I was just glad the wedding was in a few days. Finally it will be over with so I can wallow in poverty before the month ended. I stood at the junction deciding on how to go home. I could take a trotro which would cost me next to nothing but it was late. What if someone robbed me and took my laptop. I took out my phone a requested a cab. If I was going to spend all my money I might as well do it in comfort and style anaa?

The cab came in minutes and a '5-star rating'  hungry driver picked me up. I could tell because he was smiling unnecessarily and kept asking if I was ok with this or that. There was a bit of traffic so I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my friend Kwesi's feed. I hoped he hadn't put more pictures of me on there. It was worse! He had put up a video of me and his best man taking a look at the suits for the wedding. He captioned it as "the finest bridal party in Ghana. Yo ladies come for your MCM." A smile formed in my face when I read some of the comments from some ladies. The next thing I knew the car door opened and a lady hopped into the back seat next to me. "Hello, I know this is strange but can I get a ride? I'm just going to the next junction. I've been standing here for an hour and I'm not getting a car," She said. I wasn't sure what to say because the driver turned to look at me.

She did look tired but the first thing I thought about was con artist! Who just enters someones car without permission? She looked good in a low cut office dress and long wavy hair but that was usually the bait right? "I'm sorry but this is a private ride. You can try the next car." I managed to say. She turned to look at the driver who slowly looked away. Dude needed his 5 stars. He was loyal. She looked surprised at what I said, like she never expected it. Good looking girls think they can have it all eh? "I'm surprised but it's cool," She said. She opened the door and paused for a second. She then threw an empty water bottle at the driver. "You too you won't even talk for me!" She said angrily and left the car. I leaned over and asked the driver if he was ok. See how the tables just turned?  He said he was fine so I sat back and that was when I noticed my laptop was gone!

To be continued...

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Broken 12 (finale)

When I was on my way home Kevin called me and asked me to come over. I smiled and went to his place. He said he had a really good movie he wanted us to watch when I got there. It sounded like a good movie. He put it on in his room and we watched it on his bed. "It's really nice having you around." Kevin said and kissed me. I smiled. It was like old times. We would either go out with friends, basically Kevin's friends or hang out at his place. "I am sure we will make it work this time." I said pulling my phone out to take a selfie of us. Kevin didn't exactly say anything. It was his shrug and reluctance that made me uncomfortable. "Kevin, am I getting this wrong?" I asked. He tried to kiss me again but I held him back.

I slid off the bed and picked up my bag. "Mag don't be like that. I really like you. I just don't want to rush things." He said. I shook my head. "What? So what are you taking me to a resort for? I'm confused." I replied. He rubbed his eyes and shrugged again. "Daisy told you? There goes the surprise. I wanted us to spend time together." Kevin said. I couldn't believe it. I felt like a fool. I turned around and walked out. "Where are you going? Come back." He said. It was clear he didn't want a relationship with me. At least not a serious one. I left his place and went straight home.

"You were right. He really is trash." I said, on the phone with Daisy when I got home. She was always my shoulder to cry on when I was upset. I should have taken her advice. Now here I was heart broken again by the same man. "Don't beat yourself up. Kevin is a cool guy. It's normal for any girl to like him. What's important now is that you've realized he's not good enough for you. I'm proud of you for questioning him." She said. I nodded. "You know what? I think I like Pablo. I'm just scared. I can't take another break up. What if he leaves the country?" I said. Daisy adviced me to talk to him. "Every break up makes you better. You now now what you should avoid. Remember how many guys I dated before Lawrence?" She went on. She was right. I decided to talk to Pablo after work the next day. "Go girl, go for what you want. If it doesn't work out learn from it and keep going!" Daisy cheered and I giggled. She was my best friend for a reason!

When I went to work the next day Pablo wasn't at his office. I went to check on him during lunch time but he was still not there so I called him."Hey Maggie, what's going on?" He said over the phone. I asked why he wasn't at work and he said he was going to explain everything later because he was busy. My heart skipped a beat when he hung up. He had left? But why? I sad down, completely feeling defeated. I had my chance and I blew it. One moment these guys were all over me and now I was alone again.

After work Daisy came to my department. She walked right to my desk. "Where is Pablo? I didn't see you guys go out for lunch today." She asked. I looked up at her and told her what was going on. "What? That's bad news. Did you tell him how you felt?" She asked. I just shrugged and Daisy shook her head. She said something that was so true. "You need to tell him. Even if he's leaving he needs to know. What do you have to lose?" Daisy said. I took a deep breath and picked up my phone. Daisy nodded and left to the airport to pick up Lawrence.

I looked around and saw some of my coworkers. I picked up my bag and walked out. This conversation was not something I wanted anyone to hear. I noticed I was alone in the corridor so I called Pablo. "Hey Maggie sorry I was just about to call you." He said. I hesitated a bit then gathered courage. "It's fine. Pablo I wanted to tell you something..." I started. He tried cut in but I stopped him. "Let me do this please. I think I have feelings for you. I know I haven't really showed it and all I do is talk about my ex but I realise the only reason why I want to be with him is because I'm afraid of starting over again. But sometimes starting all over again is a good idea. I already know you are leaving the country but I just thought I'd tell you." I said.

My heart was pounding when I finish talking and he was quiet. "Do you have anything to say?" I asked. "What I was trying to say is that I'm at the parking lot. I can actually see you. Turn around." He said. I turned around and there he was. He was in a t-shirt and jeans. I almost dropped my phone when he walked up to me. Without saying another word he kissed me. I felt all types of butterflies."I'm not leaving. I just had an issue with the taps at my apartment. The place got flooded that's why I couldn't come to work. It's fixed now." He said. We both giggled but I felt really silly. "I'm glad you told me this." Pablo said. I couldn't help but smile. It was a good feeling. He took my hand and suggested we go and have dinner. As we walked to his car I couldn't help staring at him. I wondered why I was so afraid to start a relationship with him. He was perfect!

The End
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Monday, January 29, 2018

Broken 11

Kevin dropped me off at home and went back to his. He said he was really tired. When I got inside I couldn't help smiling. Finally we were going to come back together. I took out my phone and was about to call Pablo when I heard a knock at the door. I smiled and walked to the door. I thought it was Kevin but to my surprise it wasn't him, it was Pablo. "Hey sorry for popping by unannounced. I just dropped off one of the guys a couple of blocks away and decided to see if you were home." He said. I smiled and asked him to come in.

"Where's Maxine?" I asked. Pablo told me he dropped her off at home before he dropped the guy off. I smiled and didn't ask any more. It didn't look like he was interested her. When he sat down I told him all about the party and how things went. "Did you see the date of the first message?" Pablo asked. I thought for while. "Wait, why are you asking?" I asked. He said he wanted to know if the messages were made up or real. I felt a little offended. "It's like you don't want me to be happy." I said. Pablo shook his head and apologized. I thought hard and remembered the conversation started weeks ago so I told him. He nodded and there was an awkward silence for a while. "I think I should go." Pablo said. I felt bad instantly. "No don't. I don't mind the company. I'm sorry about what I said." I confessed. I stood up and went to my kitchen and returned with a bottle of red wine and two glasses. When Pablo smiled I knew we were back to normal again.

We had wine and played a card game I had. We both didn't know the rules very well but we made it up as went and it was so hilarious. It didn't make sense to me how much fun I was having. We finished the second bottle of wine and when we were on our third I knew we should stop. We are awfully close to each other. "Does Kevin make you happy?" Pablo asked. I paused for a while and nodded. "I think we are cool together." I said. I looked away because honestly I wasn't exactly sure of what I was saying. That whole week had been weird. "Does Maxine make you happy?" I asked. Pablo laughed. "She's just my friend. You don't seem to believe that, huh?" He answered. "You, make me happy." He added. I wasn't expecting him to say that at all so I sat there, inches away from him, speechless. Pablo noticed my nervousness and looked away. It's like he could read me.

It was pretty late so Pablo got up to leave. I wasn't sure how to react to what he said but he seemed ok ignoring it. "That wine is brilliant. Anyways I'll see you at work on Monday." He said. I nodded and he left. That night before I slept all I thought about was Pablo. I was a total mess. It didn't make sense at all. Kevin was finally taking me seriously but I felt weird. I wanted to discuss it with Daisy but I knew she would be bias.

The next day I saw Daisy after church. She invited me over for lunch. She said Lawrence had travelled so she needed the company. I nodded and we went over to her place. As we had a really good meal I told her I knew about the surprise Kevin was planning for me. She looked very surprised. I told her I read their conversation on his phone and she nodded.

"Lawrence said I should leave you to choose the person you want to be with. He's right, I've been too hard on Kevin." She said, looking away. I was going to tell her I thought I had feelings for him but she went on."I wanted you to move on so bad. When I found out Pablo liked you I thought it was perfect timing. You know his contract expired two weeks ago and he renewed it? I won't be surprised if it was because of you." She said. I froze. "But anyways you said he likes Maxine so at least now everyone is happy right?" She asked. I wasn't sure what to say. "Kevin was asking me which weekend you are free. What should I tell him?" She asked. I wanted to tell her the truth that I realized I had more fun with Pablo but I wasn't sure what I felt for him was real. Just then she had a call and the subject never came up again.

To be continued.... 
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Broken 10

Kevin drove to the party and immediately I got inside the house I calmed down. The environment was very bubbly and fun. It was perfect for the plan. In less than an hour I was going to know the truth.

"Yo Kevin, who's this lovely lady?" One of his friends asked. He smiled, held me close and said, "this is Maggie. Maggie this is Kwesi." I smiled and said hello. I excused myself shortly after and walked outside. Kevin used to introduce me to his friends as his girlfriend. I guess we weren't officially together again. I knew this but it still hurt. "Maggie, what are you doing?" I whispered to myself. I took out my phone and called Pablo. There was music in the background so I guessed he was out. "Hey, how's it going?" He asked. I gave a sigh of disappointment in myself. "I don't know what I'm doing Pablo." I said. "What do you mean? Should I go over the plan with you again?" He said. Just then I heard Maxine's voice. All of a sudden I felt weird. "Oh you are at your party with Maxine. I'm sorry for interrupting." I said. Pablo quickly cut in and told me I wasn't interrupting anything. "Pablo I need to go. Kevin is in the right position now. I'll call you back." I lied and hung up. I looked for a place to sit but I heard Kevin call me. I turned around and faked a smile. He asked me to join him inside. I walked back into the house and met more of his friends.

I was ready to execute the plan after a while but Kevin had his phone in his pocket the whole time. It was almost like he knew. At a point in the night I got uncomfortable. I didn't really like his friends. They were just too loud. Then I thought about Pablo and how he was probably having a really good time. I took out my phone to text him and noticed he had called me 3 times. I walked to the washroom to call him back. Unfortunately he didn't answer so I went back to Kevin who looked like he was leaving. I was so excited when he said he was tired and so we should go. I nodded and we walked to the car.

When we got into the car Kevin put his phone into his glove compartment. "Ah I forgot to give Kwesi his money. Hang on I'll be right back." he said and walked off. This was too easy. I grabbed Kevin's phone. I called him with my phone and with the call still on I had access to his WhatsApp messages. I went through them and found Daisy.

My heart was pounding when I went through the messages. I was totally surprised. It was nothing I had ever imagined. Kevin had contacted her first telling her he was sorry about the mix up and that he needed her help to make things right again. She seemed hesitant at the beginning but later sent "fine what do you want me to do. I'm only doing this because it seems Maggie wants to give you another chance and my husband said I should be nice." Kevin then told her he wanted to ask me out again like he did when we met. The memory of that day floated into my mind. He took me to a resort out of town for the weekend and asked me to be his girlfriend.

The messages with Daisy suggested that he wanted to take me outside the country this time as a surprise. He needed my passport information and wanted Daisy to get it without me knowing. The last message from Daisy was my passport information. She sent him a photo of it and from the background I could tell it was the day I gave her the keys to my place. A smile formed on my face but I felt bad. I didn't trust my best friend and Kevin. I should have known it was nothing serious. Pablo's idea was definitely a good one. I thought of calling him and remembered he was out with Maxine. I put the phone back just in time before Kevin returned.

To be continued.... 

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Broken 9

When I got to Pablo's office I set up my laptop next to his and sat down. He sat next to me and got right to it. We were less than 5 minutes in when Daisy walked in. She said hi to Pablo and smiled at me. I shook my head and walked out to talk to her. "You guys look so cool together." She said when we left his office. "He's interested in Maxine, there's nothing going on. What's up?" I snapped. Daisy seemed shocked. She asked why I thought he liked Maxine but I ignored her question and just kept asking what she wanted. "Ei someone is in a bad rabbit mood today. I sent you messages but you didn't reply. I see you are not going home anyime soon. Wanted to borrow your hair curler." She finally said. I remember seeing her messages and ignored them. "I'm not going to be home for a while. I'll give you my keys so you pick it up. Leave them at the usual place when you are done ok? I need to go." I said. I gave her my keys and went back. Daisy was surprised but she left without saying another word.

"Did you ask her about the call?" Pablo asked when I came back. I shook my head. The tutorial took about an hour. Pablo was really good at coding and coupled with his sense of humour it was so much fun. I couldn't believe the amount I learnt in just an hour. I ordered food and made sure to buy some our security man so he wouldn't disturb us. We were the only ones left at this time. "Have you decided what you are going to do about the conversation you heard?" Pablo asked as we devoured the jollof we bought. I shook my head. "I'm not sure. I trust Daisy. I don't think she's seeing him. She's happily married. Maybe it was another Daisy." I said. Kevin and I were planning to meet over the weekend. I was planning to ask him then but I didn't tell Pablo.

"So are you dating Maxine?" I asked. Pablo almost choked on his food. "What?" He asked after drinking some water. I starred at him waiting to hear a reply. "Maxine from the marketing department? No I'm not dating her. That's a weird question." he continued. I shook my head. "No, it's not. She told me you asked her to have drinks with you." I said. Pablo nodded. "Ooh that. Yes I did. It's Kofi's birthday. The guys were planning to little hangout and I asked some girls to come. Maxine, Florence and another lady. So no we are not dating." He explained. I smiled. I looked on my phone and saw Kevin was calling me. I excused myself to take the call.

Kevin called to make plans for the weekend. He said he missed me and really wanted to see me. That sounded so unlike Kevin. He said there was a party he wanted to go to and would pick me up at about 7. I wasn't very excited about it but I agreed anyway. I was temped to ask him about his conversation with Daisy but I decided not to. When I ended the call I noticed it was getting late. I picked up my bag and packed up to leave.

When we got to the car park I stopped and turned to Pablo. "Do you think Daisy is sleeping with Kevin? I find it hard to think about that because she doesn't like him at all." I asked. Pablo looked surprised. He thought for a while and came up with a plan. He said it wasn't a good thing to do but it was my best bet to get an honest answer. His plan was brilliant! I hugged him and said I would do it. We laughed over how excited I was and parted ways.

At 7pm on Saturday I was all dressed up and ready for the party. I sat down in my couch waiting for Kevin. My heart raced a bit when I heard his car pull up in front of my place. I grabbed my bag, took a deep breath and walked to his car after locking up. "Wow you look smashing!" Kevin said when I got into the car. I smiled and he leaned in to kiss me. It didn't feel as good as it used to but I tried to play along. I didn't want him to notice anything odd. The plan would be ruined if he did.

To be continued... 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Broken 8

After a few more hours of drinking and chatting Kevin decided it was time to leave. He took me to my place. He told me there was a really good movie he wanted us to watch. I smiled and politely turned the idea down. "I have work in about 3 hours so I need to sleep for just an hour and go. A system maintenance procedure. Maybe over the weekend." I lied. He wanted to come in for a while but I told him it wasn't a good idea. I kissed him and said goodnight.

When I got inside my head was racing. A part of me wanted to call Daisy or Kevin and ask what was going on but I wasn't sure they would tell me the truth. I called Pablo instead. I told him what I heard and he calmed me down. "Don't over think it. It's probably something irrelevant. We can talk about it tomorrow, just go to bed it's late." He said. He was right. It was very late and I was probably worried about nothing. I took a shower and went straight to bed.

The next day when I got to work I walked straight to Pablo's office. I followed his advice and tried not to ask Daisy or Kevin what was going on. Pablo was having a cup of coffee when I got in. "So I'm here, let's talk." I said when he saw me. He shook his head and asked me to come and look at something on his computer. I walked to him reluctantly and looked at it. It was code. He had found the glitch in a programme the whole team had been working on. He had fixed it too. It was very impressive. "Wow how did you do this?" I asked, inspecting it even closer. He smiled and promised to show me how he did it. I gave him a high five.

Our boss then walked in and asked what was going on. "Maggie and I have fixed the glitch." Pablo said. I looked at Pablo and he smiled. Our boss was very glad. She gave me a smile, congratulated us and walked out. This was the first smile I had got from her in the past 3 months! Just like magic I had completely forgotten about Daisy and Kevin. "Hey sit down and let me teach you how I did it before you blow our cover." Pablo said and we both laughed. "Not so loud, jeez." I teased.

After work Pablo suggested we stay late so he can teach me some more coding and I gladly agreed. When I was packing my stuff to go to his office a coworker Maxine smiled at me. "Is it official yet?" She asked. I. Wasn't sure what she meant until I saw her glance at Pablo on the other side of the hall. "No no we are not going out. Just friends." I said. "Oh ok, he asked me to have a drink with him on Saturday night but I thought you guys were dating so I told him I'll think about it." She said. "Oh. Really? Well errm so well you can go then if you like, I guess." I stuttered. "That's good news." She said with a big smile on her face. I nodded and grabbed my bag.

For some reason I wasn't interested in taking Pablo's' tutorial class' anymore. Just then Pablo walked to my desk. "Are you ready?". He said. I had almost no choice now. I nodded and grabbed my bag. Pablo spoke to Maxine for a few seconds and followed me to his office.

When I got to Pablo's office I set up my laptop next to his and sat down. He sat next to me and got right to it. We were less than 5 minutes in when Daisy walked in. She said hi to Pablo and smiled at me. I knew exactly what the smile meant. I shook my head and walked out to talk to her.

To be continued... 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Broken 7

"What about this?" Daisy said holding up a dress. We were in a shop trying to pick a dress for her to wear to a friend's party. Daisy was a serial shopper when it came to clothes. The best part of shopping with her was that sometimes she felt very generous and bought stuff for me too. I nodded at her but she didn't really like the dress so she put it back on the rack. Just then my phone rang. It was Kevin. I answered it. He wanted to pick me up so we go to a pub. I couldn't help myself from smiling. After the call Daisy winked at me. "Was that our Spanish boyfriend? The way the girls in HR are jealous of you eh?" She said giggling. I shook my head and told her it was Kevin. Her smile vanished immediately. "Maggie, are you still entertaining him?" She said. This was the very reason why I didn't want to tell Daisy anything. Luckily the shop attendant brought her a dress she had requested for in a bigger size and that ended that conversation.

When Daisy was done shopping I looked at the time. Kevin would arrive at the mall any minute. I hoped Daisy would be gone by that time. I walked Daisy to her car and waved at her as she drove off. I noticed Kevin's messages saying he had arrived. I went to him and we were off to the place. It was nice spending time with Kevin even though we would most likely be with some of his friends. It was still cool. We were finally trying to get back. 

The pub was very busy and a little crowded. His friends, PY and another guy were already sitting at a table so we joined them. They ordered drinks and some finger foods. I sent a text to Pablo and told him I was sort of on a date with Kevin. "Mag, a night with the boys is not a date but whatever rocks your love boat." He said. I giggled and kept texting him. Pablo was such a goofball!

 Kevin got up and went to the bathroom leaving me and his friends behind. It was a bit awkward so I continued chatting on my phone. I felt a vibration on the table and realised Kevin had left his phone. Someone was calling him and my heart skipped a beat when I recognized the number. It was Daisy! Why was she calling Kevin? Did she know we were together? Why didn't she call me instead?

I saw Kevin return and calmed myself down. He picked up the phone, saw the number and walked out to take the call. I was just too curious. I followed him and hid behind him to eavesdrop. "What is it princess Daisy." Kevin said sarcastically. "You need to calm down. I'm not forcing her to do anything. Are you jealous? How will she find out? You worry too much. Look, I need to go. Later." he said and hung up. I turned around and rushed back to my seat.

To be continued... 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Broken 6

When I got home I noticed I had missed some calls. They were all from Kevin. I was just about to call him back when I heard a knock at my door. I looked at the time. It was 9:25pm. I wondered who it was. I opened the door and to my total surprise it was Kevin! "Kevin, hi." I said. He smiled and I let him in. He told me he felt bad about rescheduling so he decided to come by after his meeting. I told him it was fine and I appreciated his visit. He made himself at home on my couch and asked if he could get a drink. I was very surprised. Kevin never gave me a surprise visit. I got him a drink and sat by him on the couch. "How was your day?" He asked. I told him about work and how I picked up Pablo from the hospital and took him home.

It was the expression on Kevin's face that made me understand everything. He was jealous. Then I realized Pablo knew and that's why he texted him. He knew Kevin would fall for it. I giggled when I made this realization. I couldn't believe it took me this long to get it. I sat closer to Kevin. "I know you had a rough time with your ex and her baby. I'm ready to put it behind us." I said. I had confidence now that he wanted me back. He stared at me and just when he was leaning closer his phone rung. He checked who it was and muted the call.

Before we could recover from the interruption my phone took its turn. I noticed it was my office. I frowned, it was after 10 so I knew they were calling me to come to work for something urgent like a breach in our firewall or something. I answered the call and was right. It was a hacking issue. Our firewall had been breached and I had to get to the office immediately to fix it. This was one of the times I hated my job. Surely we got very nice bonuses for events like this but I was having a perfect conversation with Kevin!

I told Kevin and he nodded. He knew how my job went so he didn't even comment on it. When I picked up my things he stood up, ready to go. Then he took my hands and smiled at me. "Maybe we should do something tomorrow night. There's this nice place I know." He said. I smiled back and nodded. "Sounds good." I replied. Then he kissed me. I knew he wanted more but we had to go. I slowly ended the kiss and we left.

When I got to the office. I saw a few more people from my department. They all look like they had just woken up from sleep. "Wow, someone is looking good." Fred, one of my coworkers said. They made fun of me for a while before they told me the problem. I looked over my shoulder to look at our boss and noticed Pablo talking to her.

I shook my head. Pablo was so stubborn. He was supposed to take a day off to rest but here he was at 11pm working. I turned back to my computer when I saw the two of them walk towards us. My boss gave us a brief description of the problem and exactly what she wanted done. It wasn't a major issue at all. Just one person could have fixed it. It seemed she wanted all of us there to make sure it's fixed very quickly.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Pablo when our boss left. "Same thing you are doing here." He said sarcastically. I shook my head. We got to work and were done in a little under 2 hours. I told Pablo about how his texting game made Kevin come over to my house. "Gosh he's more jealous than I thought. You should hold my hand in front of him, I'm sure he'd propose." He teased. I laughed a little too hard. It was nice knowing for sure Kevin wanted me back. Maybe he was really the one and this may have been just a test. When we left the office Pablo and spoke for so long we didn't notice we had spent an hour in the car park. Luckily for us our boss said we could come to work late the next day. Well actually it was the same day because we finally drove off around 3am.

To be continued... 

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