Monday, May 30, 2011

OMG he's cheating! (part 9)

I received a call on Monday from Patrick. He wanted to know if I had decided yet. I told him to give me some more time but I’m sure he could hear the ‘of course, I want the job’ in my voice. I went about my shopping and couldn’t believe the things I could buy in addition. Then the coolest thing happened in the shop. I saw Carl Flints! He was checking out a tripod. I mastered courage and walked to him. “Hi.” I said with a shy voice. He turned to me and smiled. “Hello, there.” He replied and looked down like I was some dwarf. “I’m a friend of your sister, Zeba. She told me about you and I was so thrilled. I’m an artist and I want to master in photography too.” I said with the widest smile in the world. He smiled too and we had such an amazing conversation about cameras and lighting. This was so cool. He had a call so he took a step away to talk. I wonder why because I could hear him clearly! “Oh why, what did you do? But that is not proper? Have you recorded the full album? Is it because of money? Calm down I’m coming home.” He said and turned back to me. “I really like your idea of using the flashlights. You know what, if you are not busy now, we could go to my studio and I’ll show you how to use the 7D to make a good video.” He offered. I felt like jumping up and down. “Yea cool, let’s go.” I said.

His studio was 10 times bigger than mine and the equipment he had was amazing. He had black and white photos all over the wall. I saw one with a lady in a bikini with amazing boobs….oh right it was Zeba! Speaking about the devil, she walked in a few minutes after we got there. She didn’t notice me, thank goodness. “Carl, I’m serious. He won’t give me the songs. He says I should go tell his girlfriend it was my fault. Can you imagine that?” She said. This information was super! I grabbed a magazine and held it over my face. She couldn’t recognize me. Carl walked closer to her and they went outside. In fact, I wasn’t going to sit around and just allow such info to pass me by. I got up and walked to the door. 

“What exactly happened between the two of you?” Carl asked. She hesitated. “Listen, that manager I got you isn’t very patient. If you don’t send him the music before the end of the week, the deal will be off. Zeba I can’t keep taking care of you. You need to start taking your life more seriously.” Carl advised. “I know, I know. Look, it’s not like what we did was my fault. His girlfriend found out about us and left him. Now he’s pissed off with me. I didn’t do anything wrong, did I? He always liked me so why is he tripping?” She explained. This girl is odd ooh. Carl sounded pretty disappointed. “Zeba, he moved on. Obviously he loves his girl more than you. The fact that a guy finds you attractive doesn’t mean you should sleep with him, Zeb.” He finally said. “Whatever, the silly part is his girlfriend had an affair with someone else too, anyways. So what do we do about my music?” She asked. “Let me talk to him but you have to do as he says if it’s reasonable alright? This contract is one in a life time plus you have invested too much already.” He advised. I noticed their voices were getting louder so I rushed to my seat. 

When I got home I rushed to the kitchen. I dished out my food and run to my room. I felt like a detective after eavesdropping. So Sesi already knew Zeba, probably used to drool over her boobs and she shows up with a beautiful offer, money to expand his studio and his all-time ‘fantasy’. Hmm… things were not looking too good for my Ewe friend. How about what she said about Naa? Did she really have an affair with someone else? I was cracking my brain too much to see if Sesi could come up with a way to save himself but honestly there was none. For some strange reason I was on his side small but could Naa be cheating too?
I went down to my studio after eating to do some work when Naa called. She sounded so lively and herself again.

Naa: Hey you won’t believe what happened.
Me: What?
Naa: Sesi asked like 10 of his friends to call me and apologize on his behalf yesterday. To think that was all he sent a CD to me with ‘I’m sorry’ songs and chocolate. I didn’t play the CD but I ate the chocolate. (giggling)
Me: who wouldn’t? (giggling too)
Naa: But one major thing he did really surprised me. He came to the office and told me he would wait till I was ready to talk to him. I told him to leave but he refused and sat at the bank the whole day. I left for a meeting at the head office and when I came back at like 5:30 he was still there.
Me: Aww, that’s so cute.
Naa: Maybe it is but it doesn’t change what he did. He slept with another girl Adoley. He disrespected me. I may be able to forgive him but I’m not sure I can forget.
Me: I know and I think the two of you need to talk so you can hear him out before you make your decision.

You got into this relationship together and if you want to end it, at least listen to what he has to say.
After the end of the conversation I think I’m one of the best councilors ever but my cousin was more suspicious now. I vowed to keep my lips sealed, no more wahala for me but somehow I knew this would come round and bite me. I was so busy practicing what Carl taught me that I didn’t notice time had flown away. I heard my mum come home but kept on working. The results I was getting were amazing. I didn’t even hear another car drive in. “Hey, artist extraordinaire, I heard your part time job is paying you big time.” Naa said. I looked up and saw her at the door. “Eii, when did you get here?” I asked. She walked in and sat down. “Oh I just got in, Aunt Stella left her check book. I just brought it over to her. She told me you are always here.” She replied. I put my camera down and sat down too. “You know how I do.” I said and giggled. I wanted to ask her if she ever had an affair but I just couldn’t. “Hey do you have to get home early? There is this cool shop I just found, they sell formal clothes and shoes. Wanna check it out?” I lied. “Except you are spreading me because I don’t have money.” She answered. “Oh don’t worry, we will do by-our-powers-combined” I said and we both laughed.

When we got to the traffic light Naa turned to look at me. “Adoley, you are sending me to Sesi’s house. Seriously?” She said. “Naa, you guys need to talk. I’m not saying you should take him back. Just hear him out.” I pleaded. I felt like I was being paid to do that…annoying! She paused for a while and drove to his place. I literally dragged her out of the car to the front door. We knocked and Sesi came to the door. “Hi, Naa please come in and thank you for coming.” He said. I could see his eyes light up. “I brought her ooh.” I butt in waving for some of the attention. I waited outside while the lovebirds spoke inside. You won’t believe what happened after like 15 minutes. A blue Camry drove into the house and Zeba came out! This witch kwraa why? I walked up to her and tried to send her back. She wouldn’t take anything I said. Again, I would have held her back but she was far taller than me and who knows what she would have done. She rushed into the house with me following her like some Chihuahua. 

To be continued for the last time...


  1. come on girl the suspense is killing me already... :)

  2. As always u leave me wanting more. my patience ran out a long time ago

  3. lol da final part will be out very soon ;)