Saturday, May 21, 2011

After 10

I’m going to tell you a story in 10 lines, make that 9 because I just wasted 1

I hope you like it because this is not an easy thing to do, oh poop I wasted 2

Ok it’s about a pregnant woman who realized she was having not 1 baby, but 3

Her husband screamed, “We already have a child, how can I pay school fees for 4?!”

So the woman decided to sell her babies to a couple who wanted a family of 5

They offered to pay 1000 Cedis a baby, gave her the best medical care till October 6

Her husband was happy, he could finally buy a car and not have to leave his house before 7

Her labour was massive, the pain was unbearable and it felt like the babies weren’t 3 but 8

Then the strangest thing happened, the babies all came, all half cast at about half past 9

The couple rejected the babies, now the husband knew why his wife always came home after 10!


  1. oh my Gwood....looooooooool

  2. hahahahahaha,...this is TIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHTTTT. Chale who is promoting you? How can you tell a story in 10 (actually 8 lines) and keep count IN the story? Sweet....

  3. thank u, thank u...I just wanted to try something different ooh :)

  4. hahhahahahahahaha oh ma gwad #funifacevoice

  5. Nice one....but the woman be brown ooooo....

  6. oh but this woman paa. I mean how?

  7. hahahahahahah soo funny can't stop laughing
    this is great tho