Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tua Wu Ka Company Limited

Andy struggled to enter his room with all the things he was holding. The noise brought his younger sister, Herty, walking towards the room. She smiled and helped him with his luggage. "I'm so tired. These new buses aren't as comfortable as the old ones. Where are your parents?" He asked when he was finally in his room. "They are preparing to leave for work. Aren't you going to the office?" Herty asked. "No, ah after that long trip? I have the day off." He replied lying on his bed.

Andy brought out a pair of traditional leather slippers and gave them to her. She beamed with joy and tried them on immediately. Just as Herty was leaving she instantly remembered something. "Andy, some men came here looking for you oh. They are from Tua Wu Ka. Do you owe anyone money?" She said frowning. Andy rolled his eyes. "It must be Selassie who hired them. I owe him some small 400 cedis too oh. He calls me several times. I won’t pay." Andy said. "Ei don't say that. I heard the Tua Wu Ka people are scary oh. They'll do anything for the money." Herty said but Andy brushed her aside and turned around to sleep.

That evening Andy got a call from a friend. He asked if he was home and Andy said yes.  He told Andy he'd be visiting him soon. When the doorbell rang Andy smiled in anticipation. He walked to the door and saw two, tall dark and very well built men outside his door. "Are you Andy?" One asked. His voice matched his size perfectly. Andy's heart missed a beat. He remembered what his sister said. "No I'm his friend. Let me go and call him for..." before Andy could finish his sentence. One of the men grabbed his hand. "I'll go with you." He said. Andy's heart missed a beat. Just then his mother called out "who is at the door? Andy is it your friend?" Andy swallowed hard. He had started sweating in the cold harmattan weather. He looked at the macho men. One had several marks on his face, ruthless. "It's 400 Cedis eh? I was going to pay oh but..."Andy started but the macho man tightened his grip and Andy got the message. "Ok let's go." He said, slowly losing his breath.

Andy walked to his room with one macho man close behind him. He took out his wallet and with shaking hands gave him the money. The man counted it and looked up at Andy. "But this is 425 cedis." he said. "Oh saa? Ah then the rest is for your transportation." He said. The man nodded and left. Just then Herty appeared in laughter. Andy was furious. "I told you about them. They are the only people who will come for money you owe them and you'll add a tip." She said laughing and holding her sides.

If you owe anyone money just pay or else you know who they are gonna call...

Monday, December 9, 2013

Eli's Wife 14

Sena sat in the canteen calling Charles. He wasn’t answering his phone. She called her detective next and asked him to find out where Charles was. She needed to get to him before he did anything scary. She looked around hoping to see Eli return but he didn’t. After an hour she decided to go and check up on him. She met President Tamakloe with his wife alone in his room. Afi was just a few steps outside the room on the phone. She knocked and went in. Mrs. Tamakloe signaled for her to sit down. “I don't understand. Why hasn't Charles told the press who he really is? All he needs to do is a DNA test.” She asked. Sena looked at President Tamakloe and he nodded. "Maybe he needs a way to get the president's attention or maybe he's saving it for last. These are my guesses." Sena added. When Sena found out Eli had left, she left immediately to find him.

Sena didn't have to look far. Eli was in his car. Just sitting there and staring into space. Sena walked to him and knocked on the window. Eli turned around and unlocked the car when he saw her. She shook her head and went around to his side. "Get into the other seat. You shouldn't drive." She said. He said nothing but did as she said. "Let's go home, take a shower and eat. We can talk whenever you are ready." She added and drove off.

Sena's phone rang as she drove Eli home. It was Charles so she quickly answered the call. "Were you calling to laugh at me?" he said. Sena asked to meet him in private and that it was important. Charles asked a number of defensive questions but later agreed to meet her at a familiar venue. "Was that Charles? The true president's son?" Eli asked. Sena hesitated but replied. "All these years I wasn't theirs. No wonder I'm such a screw up." He added. Sena felt bad. She tried to comfort him but it was like she wasn't even there. Eli kept talking. "Do you know what happened to my mother?" He asked. Sena swallowed hard. "My detective told me she died of breast cancer but I know she had good medical care. Eli I know it's a lot to take in but honestly, the people who love you and are always there for you ARE your family." Sena said. Eli asked for her detective's number. He had more questions he needed answered. She gave him her phone to call him.

When they got to the meeting point Eli stayed in the car while Sena went to meet Charles. It was an old playground. It had a lot of dark shady places to sit with almost no one around. She used to meet Charles there when she had no idea what his real intentions were. She sat down on their usual bench and waited. She turned to look at the car. Could Eli ever get over this? She asked herself. She felt very sad for him. Who was to blame? Charles? President Tamakloe? The new hierarchical rule of government? Perhaps all of them. All but Eli who was in pain.

Sena was about to head back to the car to wait with Eli when Charles appeared. "I didn't know I had to tell you I was done using you." He said and smiled. Sena wished she could slap him. "I know who you are." She said. His smile faded. "Why you saved it for the last I have no idea Charles Quaye, what is it really you want?" she asked. Charles giggled and sat next to her. "Aha, now you are talking. How about 50,000 Cedis? No that's not enough maybe 100,000? A million? I find deciding hard. What do you suggest?" He asked. "Money? All this was about money?" Sena asked. "Ah why you thought I wanted to have a family reunion? No please!" Charles said.

Before Sena could say another word Eli appeared. Sena noticed something different in his eyes. "Charles Quaye?" He asked. Charles smiled and nodded. "You know who I am right? Let me tell you something. I'm a few years away from being president. I'm not going to allow you to take that away from me." Eli continued. Charles shook his head. "I just want some cash and I'll be out of here." Charles confessed. Sena nodded but Eli shook his head. "No that's not a good plan for me because you can always come back for more. I have a better solution." Eli said and brought out a gun, a silencer.

Charles and Sena stood up immediately. "Eli what are you doing?!" Sena cried. Charles started to sweat profusely. "Look if you kill me you will go to jail and that will...” Charles started as Eli pointed his gun at him. An evil smiled crept up Eli's face. "There's no one here but my wife. We'll dump your body somewhere far away and I'll be the only true son of the president. Clean job." he replied. "Eli, this is crazy. Let's look for another option please. This is wrong." Sena pleaded. "Shut up! I need to focus! I don't have many bullets in this gun I need to kill him on the second shot." Eli yelled putting his finger on the trigger.

Charles in tears now screamed "wait I'm not the President's son. I'm not Debora Quaye's son. I just worked on a cancer article with her and she told me about it before she died. She asked me to tell her son but I decided to use it to make some money. Please, I am a nobody. Don't kill me." Charles confessed. Eli squinted and yelled “lies!” Charles shook his head. "No, no I swear it's true. I can show you the documents for the cancer article. I'm telling the truth!" Charles pleaded with tears falling down his face and Sena pleading in the background. Eli lowered his gun. Sena and Charles were relieved. He brought out a phone from his pocket. "I have all you said recorded. The sentence for identity theft, deception of the state, blackmail and extortion is about 40 years. If you don't disappear this tape is going to the police." Eli said. Charles nodded several times, got up and run off. Sena stared at the gun as Eli put it back into his pocket. He smiled at her. "Don't worry it's not even loaded." She giggled as they went into the car and drove off. This time Sena wasn't the one driving.

"How did you know to record Charles?" Sena asked finally. Eli smiled. "He could have gone the straight route with a DNA test but he didn't. He only appeared after Debora Quaye died. He just wanted money. I just suspected him and you are right, the people who love me are my family and no one messes with my family. Thank you for letting me see that." He said and kissed her hand. Sena smiled. She had never met any man like Eli before. She knew he would make a fine president one day and right by his side she would be. "Now that all this is said and done how about we go on that honeymoon?" Eli said smiling.

The End

Monday, December 2, 2013

Eli's Wife 13

Eli, his mother and his sister sat by their father in the hospital. He had been rushed there because of a heart attack. Luckily the president was stable. They watched as he lay there sleeping. Doctor Richard said he would be fine in no time and it was probably caused by stress. Eli left his father's side and saw Sena pacing in front of the hospital's canteen. "Trouble deciding whether to eat or not?" Eli teased. She smiled and hugged him.

 He looked at her and asked her what she said to his father. Sena shrugged and tried to change the subject. Eli kept asking. His voice even went up. He was getting angry. "Sena, you were the only one with my father when he had an attack. What the hell did you tell him?!" Eli asked furiously. Sena fumbled but after she noticed Eli wouldn't budge she looked around and signaled for them to sit down in an empty corner. Before she could say anything, Afi rushed to them. "Dad wants to talk to you." She said grabbing Eli's hand. "I'll be right back." he said to Sena and left with his sister.

  When Eli got to his father the nurse was just leaving his room. His mother turned to look at him with a worried look on her face. "Afi, let's go and get daddy a cup of water." she said. Before Afi could point out to the bottle of water by President Tamakloe's table the first lady had dragged her away. Eli sat down next to his father.

   “Eli there’s something I need to tell you. I should have told you this a long time ago but I didn’t know how.” President Tamakloe started. “Many years ago, before I was President your mum had a complication with her pregnancy. The baby was stillborn and her womb got damaged as well. The doctors said chances of her having another child was very slim. That very day there was a woman who also having a baby. Her name was Deborah Quaye. She was a janitor at a school nearby. The doctor came to me and we thought about us having her baby and paying her. We knew it was wrong but for my political career to take off I needed a child.” He paused for a second and continued. “She agreed to take the money and we had you. You were a bundle of joy to us, a gift from God. Five years later miraculously your mother had Afi. We only tried again because you said you wanted someone to play with. You gave us hope. I know I should have told you all this but I just couldn’t. I hope you forgive me.” He said looking directly at Eli.

  Eli sat there quietly for a while. It was a lot to take in. “Where is Deborah, where is my real mother?” he asked looking down. President Tamakloe hesitated for a while “We flew her to Nigeria to start a new life there with her family. The last I heard was she got sick and passed away. Eli, Sena believes Charles is her son.” he answered. Eli’s heart missed a beat. Nothing could have prepared him for all the things he was hearing. He stood up. “Thank you for sharing this with me. The truth is very important.” He said and walked out. President Tamakloe called him back several times but he just kept walking.

 To be continued for the last time...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eli's wife 12

  The talk show with Charles went just as Eli guessed it. The guest who was also a journalist made Charles look bad. He made his story look like an unwarranted attack at the President. Charles did look bad. He in no way saw it coming and ended up fumbling all over the place.  

 The next day Charles was all over the papers. His disgrace was printed for the whole country to see. Sena smiled when she saw the papers. She was on her way to work. She breathed a sigh of relief. When she got to her office she found one of her detectives waiting for her. He was the only one who didn't bring in any evidence when she assigned them to fish for anything on Charles. "David you are very late. I got all the information I needed." Sena said taking her seat. He told her he was sure she didn't know what he had found out. Sena smiled she told him it didn't really matter because the Charles wasn't a threat anymore. David said nothing. He just pushed an envelope towards her. Sena read it and looked up at David. "Oh my God! Who else knows about this?" She asked.

   Eli saw his phone ring. It was Sena. He quickly muted it. He knew better than to answer a call when his father was giving him a scolding. This time around he felt he deserved it. Even though Charles had be crucified by the media he still felt bad. He saw a text from Sena and smiled. At least something good came out of all the chaos. The text read...I'm on my way to your father's office. Need confirmation on something concerning Charles.’ Eli frowned.

   Sena walked into the President's office moments later. President Tamakloe was surprised to see her. She started with a few pleasantries and went straight to the point. "Do you know a Debora Quaye?" She asked. President Tamakloe looked at her surprised. "I'm not sure, eh…it could be possible." he stuttered. President Tamakloe looked at Eli. He told him he could leave because their talk was over. Sena understood. She decided to leave with Eli.

 As they walked out of the building Sena stopped. "Oh snap! I left my phone in your father's office. I'll be right back." she lied and rushed back. "Where did that name come from?!" President Tamakloe demanded when she entered his office. Sena looked at him sadly and said, "Charles was playing this game with us because he is Debora Quaye's son." The President shook his head in disbelief. "No, that can't be possible!" he screamed. Then breathing became hard for him. He gradually began to pass out. He was having a heart attack.

 To be continued...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Eli's wife 11

Eli hadn't said a single word to Sena since they met Charles. Guilt was eating her up but she just didn't know what to say. "Sena you are such a fool!" she said to herself. She gathered some courage and went to Eli's room. She wrote all she wanted to say on a piece of paper. She was going to give it to him. It was funny how she never cared about what he would think if he found out about Charles until the night before. Maybe it wasn't a rebound after all. Maybe it was, but it felt so right she wanted more. Her mind was racing and so was her heart when she knocked on his door. There was no response so she slipped her note under his door.  

 Sena called her detectives over to her office and assigned duties for all of them. She offerred them twice as much as she usually paid them to give her results quickly. She cancelled her schedule for the day and did a lot of digging. She read all material she could get on Charles. He used Dean Thompson as his alias for his articles. He had written other stories of the President in the past. Sena wasn't surprised. She was determined to find a way to clear Eli's name. For the first time in a long time she would be a good wife. Sena imagined how furious her father would be when Enyonam told him about her relationship with Charles. She muted her phone. She had to find a solution to all of this. 

Sena opened her eyes slowly when she heard her name. It was Eli. She sat up properly and looked at her clock on the wall. It was 10pm. She had fallen asleep while reading. Eli sat in front of her. He told her his father had pulled some strings and had the talk show Charles was going to be on postponed. He added that his father seemed rather calm about the matter. Sena picked up an envelope that was on her desk and read the contents. It was from one of her detectives. "Ei this is odd. It looks like Tina knew Charles." Sena said. She looked up at Eli. He didn't look surprised. "Yea it's a long story." He replied. Sena packed up her things and Eli told her what his father told him when they got home.

 When the couple got home they went to the kitchen and Eli told Sena what his father said. His father felt suspicious of Tina for a while. He suspected she was contacted by Charles to get dirt on him. He suspects she decided to bail out when she got pregnant. "I guess when Tina stopped cooperating, his next target was you." Eli said. Sena looked away. She was still hurt. "I'm sorry for what he did to you. There's going to be a guest speaker who has all the info on Charles' dark deeds. He'll make him look like a fool for messing with us, with you." Eli said. He leaned in and kissed her.

 To be continued...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Eli's wife 10

Eli opened his eyes. When he turned around and saw Sena sleeping he knew it wasn't a dream. He stared at her for a while. Just then his phone rang he quickly muted it but it was too late. Sena's eyes opened slowly. She smiled when she saw him. "Good morning." Eli said, smiling back at her. They went downstairs and had breakfast together and left for work.

Eli walked into his father's office with Sena behind him. Sena looked around and saw her father passing with his hands folded at his back. She knew something was wrong. "Eli, I hope you are proud of yourself now." Her father said. Eli looked at his father-in-law and at Enyonam, Sena's sister, confused. She picked up a newspaper and gave it to him to read. "What is this? What's the matter?" He asked reading the article. Enyonam shook her head. "Since you haven't heard I'll tell you. He has been invited to be interviewed on Political Truths tomorrow night." She explained staring straight at Sena.

"You two caused this. Your fishing for the truth has created a perfect way to launch someone's career. People are interested in this guy and he says he has evidence." Enyonam shot at him. Sena took the paper and read it as well. Her sister was not overreacting as she thought. The person had information on Tina, Doctor Richard and was going on air to shed more light on the matter. This journalist shared her exact suspicions. Finally, she wasn't the only one who thought the President had something to do with Tina's death. Sena looked at her father, not sure of what to say. "How could he have found this information? Could the doctor who examined Tina be behind this?" She asked. "I was going to speak to the stupid journalist but Dad said no." Enyonam said. Sena explained to her father that it was best they spoke to the journalist. At least if they knew why he was doing this they could figure out a way to solve this. Her father told her he wanted to discuss the matter with President Tamakloe first but listening to Sena he finally agreed.

  Enyonam parked her car and looked around. Eli stepped out of the car first. "A parking lot? This is the most cliché meeting place I've ever heard of." Eli said. Enyonam was going to comment when Sena gave her the 'calm down he's not serious' look. They waited for a while and heard footsteps. Then Sena's heart missed a beat when she saw Charles walk to them.

"Hello, sorry I'm late. I just had to wear a bulletproof vest and let my work mates call the Police if I don't return in 5 minutes. Yes that's all you have got, 5 minutes." he said with a wide smile. Sena was frozen. Eli just stared at him. "We just have a few things to ask you." She said and turned to Sena. She didn't budge. She just stood there. Enyonam rolled her eyes but before she could ask anything Charles spoke again. "Sena, my baby are you alright?" He asked mockingly. Eli took a step forward and said, "What is wrong with you? Leave my wife out of this." Sena's head was down now. She could feel the tears forming. "Oh so your wife didn't tell you about... us? Such a shame." Charles said smiling. Enyonam looked at Sena and saw a tear drop. "Sena, what's he talking about?" Enyonam and Eli said at the same time. "All those nights she came home late, she was spending good quality time with me."  Charles said and walked away.

To be continued ...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eli's wife 9

Eli folded his arms and watched his father. His father pulled the appropriate golf club and walked to his ball. "What is this I hear about you talking with Richard?" He said after his swing. Eli shook his head. "I knew this wasn't a father and son leisure activity. Why didn't you just call me to ask me about this?" Eli said. His father kept looking in the direction his ball went. He signalled to his cabby and they wtalked that way. Eli followed reluctantly. "It is very unfortunate that Tina passed away. You need to let it go." President Tamakloe said as they walked. Eli explained to his father that he would not rest until he found out the truth about his ex girlfriend. President Tamakloe pointed to Sena, who was on the other side of the golf course playing mini gulf with Afi, Eli's sister. They were both laughing. "That is one of the strongest and most influencial women in this whole country. Love her and she will get you straight to the top." He finally said. Eli knew how amazing Sena was. He had known that since they were little. There was even a time he felt she was out of his league but Tina's death left a hole in his heart.

  On their way back Sena asked Eli what the conversation with his father was about. Eli shrugged. She stared at him for a while. "I think your dad may have something to do with Tina's death." She finally said. Eli turned to look at her like she was mad. "What? Are you crazy? My dad is a lot of things but a murderer is not one of them." He shot at her. Sena expected this reaction. She told him to put the evidence together. Eli just shook his head as he parked inside their garage. He told Sena he was too tired to listen to her nonesene. Just before he went to his room he said, "My dad really likes you. You on the other hand...err goodnight." He said and slammed  his room door shut. Sena felt bad. She felt like talking to someone about it. She called Charles but he didn't answer. He hadn't returned any of her calls for two days. She sent him a text message.

  The next day Eli called Sena when she was at work and told her he spoke to the doctor who took care of Tina. The doctor said the unknown compound he found in her was confirmed to be fentanyl a strong pain killer and that amount couldn't kill her. Eli added that he knew Tina was self medicating because she had a  knee problem. He told her not to bring up his father taking part in Tina's death anymore. Sena politely apologized.  

It had been a whole week since Sena heard from Charles. She drove over to his apartment to see if he was ok. When she got there she knocked on his door. He came out  and stood at the door staring at her. He wouldn't let her in. "Why what's wrong?" Sena asked taking a step back. Several thoughts went through her mind. Is there another woman in his room? Did he finally find out she was married? He looked at her sternly. "Sena I'm sorry but this, what we have, is not working so let's just end it here." Charles said. Sena looked into his eyes. For a moment she didn't know what to say. Then it hit her. She asked him if it was because she wasn't ready to sleep with him. He shook his head and later told her to leave. He had the courtesy to say he was sorry and closed the door. Sena stood there without words for a few minutes. Slowly tears fell from her face. She wiped them quickly and rushed off.

  Sena met Eli sitting in the living room with a glass of Vodka. She sat next to him. Before he could say a word she collected his glass and drunk everything in it. Eli turned and looked at her. She signalled for him to pour some more into the glass. "Whoa, are you sure? Someone had a crazy day today." he teased. Sena put her hand in her pocket and brought out her wedding ring. She put it back on and stared at it.

  Eli watched her as she drunk some more alcohol. He cheered her on and Sena laughed. He had clearly never seen this side of her before and neither had she. "Eli is there something wrong with me?" She asked. Eli looked at her in surprise. "Of cause not. What's wrong? Everyone loves you. You are amazing." Eli said. "You think I'm amazing?" She asked. Eli nodded. "Yea, why do you think I married you?" He said. "You were forced to marry me, silly." Sena said hitting Eli with a pillow and they both laughed. After a moment of awkward silence Sena leaned over and kissed Eli. For the first time in a long while Sena felt no guilt at all. She was making out with husband and it felt amazing.

 To be continued...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Eli's wife 8

Sena turned to look at Eli. He was deep in thought. She could tell. "I hate hospitals." She said to break the silence. Eli didn't say a thing. Just then a middle aged nurse walked up to them. "Eli." she said and hugged him. Eli lit up and smiled. He asked about how she was doing and she cheerfully answered him. Sena just nodded with a little grin. The woman wasn't very receptive towards her. She spoke a little about how sad Tina's death was and how she was off duty the last time she came to the clinic. "Are you two expecting already?" she said giving Sena a hard look. "Expecting? Oh no, not at all. I just came to see Uncle Richard. We heard he has tons of patients today so we are waiting." Eli quickly replied. The nurse told them. "Don't be silly, Eli. I will go and tell him you are here." she said and walked off. Eli tried to tell her he didn't mind waiting but he would have been lying. When she was gone he turned to Sena and apologized. He said she was very fond of Tina that's why she was a bit rude.

In time at all the nurse came back and signaled for them to go into the doctor's office. Sena held Eli's hand just when he was about to get up. She asked him what he was going to say to his doctor. "I'm going to tell him about Tina's autopsy and ask him what happened when she came to see him." he said. Sena. "Wait for him to mention her visit himself alright?" She added as they walked to the office.

Doctor Richard, a tall half cast man in his late fifties was a little surprised to see them. He congratulated them on their marriage and apologized for not being able to make it to the wedding. Sena watched him very closely while Eli did most of the talking. Richard mentioned how sorry he was about Tina's passing. The couple waited to see if he would tell them about her visit but he rather asked what brought them there. Eli turned to look at Sena. She nodded and he told him the story. "Ah yes she was here…err…" He stuttered. "We know she was pregnant." Sena said and there was a brief silence. Richard nodded. "She asked for an abortion but I said I wouldn't do it and she left." he finally said, his tone a little different. "Why didn't you tell me?" Eli asked. "I'm sorry, Eli. I should have told you." He replied. Just then a siren went off and a bunch of nurses rushed to the gate. "I have to go." Richard said rushing towards the entrance of the clinic. A man with multiple stab wounds was being carried in from an ambulance. Eli and Sena left.

"Hey, are you alright?" Charles said, sitting next to Sena. She was visiting him. She felt the need to be close to someone after all that happened in the hospital. "I'm alright it's just my...a client of mine." she lied. Charles handed her a cup of ice cream and asked her to share her burden with him. She explained Tina's case to him. Using fake names. He listened to her attentively. "So who do you think killed her because her car wasn't tempered with right? And where is her body now?" he asked. Sena thought for a minute. "Honestly, I think it's his father. He could have manipulated the doctor to inject her with something. She's been buried now. It's just sad that I don't know how to tell my client." She answered and Charles smiled. He hugged her and told her not to worry.

Doctor Richard closed the door to his office and picked up his phone and called the President. "Sorry to bother you but there's something you should know. Eli and his wife were here to find out about Ernestina's death." he said. President Tamakloe was worried. He asked Richard what he told them and he answered with exactly what he told them. The President told him to keep it as it is and hung up.

 To be continued...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eli's wife 7

Sena was reading the article the journalist wrote about Eli and his ex. She was so busy that she didn't notice Eli enter her office. She almost jumped when she saw him. "Easy, it's just me. Your secretary left her post." He said. Sena nodded. She looked down at the paper. She closed it quickly and looked up. He read her expression. "I'm sorry for invading your space but I need a favour. You don't have to hide the paper. My dad has told me about the articles. I really don't care about them." Eli said, sitting down. He sounded different. Sena was surprised. Almost speechless.

"The doctor who took care of Tina called me an hour ago..." Eli started. His eyes started to water but he fought the tears well. "He said…he said Tina was 3 months pregnant. She didn't tell me. I had no clue but he said the autopsy suggests that her death wasn't natural," he finally said. Sena's mouth opened. "You think someone killed…you think she was murdered?" she asked. Eli nodded. "I want to find who did this but I can't trust anyone. If I pursue it myself my father will be on my case. You are a lawyer. No one will suspect anything. Please Sena." he said. Sena agreed to help. He deserved to know the truth. Everyone did.

 The next few weeks Sena got a few detectives to delve into Tina's death. She and Eli even had a party at their house and attended more events together to throw their parents off. They acted very much like a real couple. Enyonam was very pleased and so were her parents. Sena was almost at peace. The only thing bothering her was Charles. He was even more persistent about them taking their relationship a step further. It used to be just a little reminder here and there but recently he had become a little more persistent. She sort of understood him but she couldn't bear the guilt now that Tina had died and Eli was a mess. Just a little longer. His love just had to endure a little longer.

   "Tina's parents didn't know about the pregnancy. It looks like she didn't want anyone to know about it, but her best friend found the tests she used in the trash. She told her not to tell anyone because she was going to abort it but I'm guessing she didn't. The doctor probably refused to do it." Detective Kwei said. Sena thought hard. He added that he didn't know who the doctor was. He added that the car was not tampered with. Sena nodded and handed him his cheque. Sena took out her little notebook with all the evidence her detectives had collected. She added what she just found out and tried to make sense of it. Then her phone rang. She smiled when she noticed it was Charles. He insisted in taking her to dinner saying she worked too late all the time. Sena couldn't resist him.

"Good morning." Eli said when Sena walked into the kitchen. They planned to discuss Tina's evidence when Sena got back from work but her little dinner with Charles turned out to be longer than she imagined. She apologized and handed him the book. "Do you know Tina's doctor? Or a doctor she used to trust? Maybe family or a friend?" she asked. She poured herself a glass of fruit juice. "I don't know about family or friend doctors...but my doctor used to help her out with some notes for work when she needed a day or two off. Doctor Richard. He's our family doctor. Whenever there's a crisis..." Eli started and looked straight at Sena. "No but if she went to him he would have told me." Eli said completely forgoing his bacon and eggs. Sena nodded. "Which hospital does he work in?" Sena asked picking up a piece of bacon from Eli's plate to quiet her noisy stomach. "He has his own little clinic at Labone." Eli answered. Sena looked up at
him instantly. "That's where she had the accident." Sena revealed.

 To be continued ...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eli's wife 6

Tina passed away. There was nothing the doctors could do. "We don't know what caused the seizure but accident cases can sometimes cause the brain to set them off." The doctor explained to Tina's family when they arrived. Eli was in pieces. Sena tried to comfort him as she drove him home. When they got to the house he went straight to the kitchen and poured himself a drink. Sena wanted to talk him out of it but she changed her mind and went to her room. She called Charles. "Hey, do you want me to come over so we watch a movie after work?" Sena asked. Charles agreed immediately "Are you ok? You sound sad" he asked. She shrugged and said she was just tired. Sena realized how short life was. She decided to do what made her happy.

 Eli didn't go to work for the next few days. He just drunk a lot of alcohol. He wouldn't even answer any calls. He was miserable. Enyonam made one of her trips to Sena's office and told her to get him back to normal because he had very important meetings to attend. One night she walked into his room. He was sitting on a chair and staring at the glass of whisky he was drinking. "Everybody is worried about you. I know you are very sad but you have to talk to somebody." She said sitting down. She poured some more whiskey into his glass and took a sip. She hated the taste of it but she wanted him to open up and that would help.

  Eli looked up at her. "Why are you here? The mighty Sena. Lawyer of the year, hasn't lost a single case, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the country. You are smart, strong and I must say beautiful too. Why are you stuck here?" Eli asked. Sena sat down next to him. She wasn't sure what to say. "What about you? Only son of the president. Who aspires to be president one day. Country Director for the Organization of African Union. Little did we know you will grow up to be good looking but you did." she said and Eli gave a little smile. "Was I that bad looking as a child?" Eli said changing the subject. For the first time since their marriage they had a friendly conversation.

Enyonam walked into her father's office and put a few documents on his desk. "I spoke with your financial advisers. They think the deal with the Japanese is a good one. I personally think you should take it, learn their technology and ditch them. It will be more profitable. We asked for the contract to be made so we can terminate it..." she explained. Her father stopped nodding when his phone rang. By the way he was talking Enyonam noticed it was the president. After the call her father sighed. He told Enyonam that the journalist who wrote about Eli had another story out and a radio interview too. "I really thought Sena would make the perfect wife for Eli. She is smart, strong and very influential. Why she isn't straightening that boy? I don't understand and that annoying journalist, why is he so fixated on them?" he said. Enyonam rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, I'll take care of him." She said in a cold tone.

To be continued ...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eli's wife 5

Enyonam paced in her office. She wasn't happy with what the journalist wrote about Eli in the papers. She noticed her phone was ringing and answered it immediately. It was her father. He wanted to know if she had spoken with her little sister. "Dad I don't think Sena can do this. She doesn't even think the article is a threat." She said rubbing her eyes. Her father could sense her worry. He told her the president had an idea. Enyonam sat up immediately. "Is he going to pay the journalist off?" She asked curiously. "No, that is too risky. We don't want to add blackmail to this. He didn't give me details but he trusts his plan. I leave for a meeting with German investors. I will call you after." her father answered and hang up. A minute later, Enyonam's personal assistant came into her office. "I found the information about the journalist you wanted." he said. Enyonam nodded and took the papers he was holding.

   Sena left work very early. She couldn't concentrate much after what Enyonam said. She realized her sister had a point and it affected her too. If she wanted to ever have lunch with Charles again she had to fix this. She called her security man to find out if Eli was home and rushed to the house.

  She met Eli in jeans and a Tshirt just sitting in the hall with his phone in his hand. It was when the phone slipped and fell that she noticed he was asleep. She put the newspaper into her bag and walked closer to him. He heard her and woke up immediately. His eyes were red with tiredness. His eyes wanted to close again because he lacked sleep. "Hi." Sena said and Eli nodded. His phone rang and he rushed to answer it. "Yes, ok. I'll be right there." He said and grabbed his car keys. "Where are you off to?" Sena asked. Eli stopped and stared at her. He was a bit surprised at concern in her voice. "I'm going to the hospital. My girl..ex girlfriend had an accident and has been admitted." He said walking past her. "I'll drive you there." Sena offered. Now Eli felt strange. "Why? I have a car you know." he said sarcastically. "You are a mess. We don't want another accident." She said taking the keys from him and putting it on the table. He knew she was right he had had very little sleep and a lot of alcohol so he agreed.

  Sena sat on a bench at the hospital while Eli went to Tina's room. She looked around and saw that the sick people around made her mood worse. Then she thought about Charles. Was there any hope for them? Should she tell him the truth? She was going to wait in the car when her phone rang. It was the president, her father in law. She wondered if she would ever be happy about that. "Hi Sir." she said. He went on for a few minutes about how Sir was too formal and suggested Daddy or his first name. Sena pretended to giggle. He asked how she was doing and next to speak with Eli. She blinked. He had never done that before, call her phone to speak with Eli. Maybe this was his way of bringing them closer.

 Sena walked to Tina's room. Eli saw her signal for him to come out. He said something to Tina and left the room. "Your dad." Sena said and handed the phone over to him. He walked a few steps to talk to him alone. It was less than 10 minutes after Eli walked out when the machine Tina was on started beeping. A nurse rushed into the room and a doctor followed. Eli tried to get inside but the nurse held him back. "Save her, please." he pleaded with tears in his eyes. Sena just stood there staring. She did not know what to do.

 To be continued...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Eli's wife 4

"Sorry my place is not as interesting as yours." Charles said to Sena handing her a glass of wine. Sena smiled. He had no idea she wasn't living in her own apartment anymore. She changed the subject quickly. Charles sat next to her and put his arm around her. Sena rested her head on his chest. She could hear his heart beat. It was beating just as fast as hers. Then Charles held her chin and raised her head. He leaned in and kissed her. Sena felt a chill. She moved closer to him. The kiss got deeper. Charles reached for the zip of Sena's dress and opened it almost halfway before she moved back. She thought about Eli and her wedding ring in her pocket. "I thought you were ready." Charles said. Sena stroked his chin. "I thought so too but maybe we are rushing this." She replied trying not to look into his eyes. Charles nodded. Sena made up an excuse and got up to leave. Charles tried to talk her into staying but he wasn't successful.

  Sena cried as she drove home. When she got to the house she noticed Eli's car was not in the garage. She looked at her watch. It was 10 past midnight. Eli was usually home before 9. As she walked into the house. She said hello to the security man and asked where Eli was. He explained to her that he left the house in a hurry 30 minutes ago. Sena found that strange. She went straight to her room, took a warm shower and tried to sleep. "What am I doing?" She asked herself.

  The next morning Sena was dashing down the stairs in order to get to work on time when she saw Eli entering the house. He looked like he hadn't slept all night. He went straight into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of beer. "Isn't it too early to be drinking?" Sena asked. "I look like shit, smell like shit and that's the first thing you ask me? What a perfect wife you are." Eli said. Sena was hurt. She turned around and left. She felt bad leaving but she didn't want to fight. At least not this early.

 Sena was just about to go out for lunch with Charles when her sister popped up into her office. Sena was not amused and it didn't look like a pleasant visit either. "I'm living with Prince Charming what do you want again?" She asked sarcastically. Enyonam didn't even smile. She just dropped a newspaper in front of Sena. Sena picked it up. She read all the top stories and found what Enyonam wanted her to read. It was a story about Eli's visits to his ex-girlfriend's place and how he spent the whole night in the hospital with her the last night. The writer was suggesting that his marriage to Sena did not make sense and that it was just a way to keep Sena's father funding the president's campaign. Sena looked down and saw the page number. "Nobody will take this guy seriously. He will sound like a desperate reporter who wants attention. He's at the bottom of page 12." She said. Enyonam leaned closer to Sena. "Fix your marriage. Keep your husband in the house. Daddy worked too hard to get us the power and recognition we have. You are going to be first Lady in some years to come and who knows, maybe your son will be president. Sena don't mess this up." Enyonam threatened in the darkest of voices. She turned around and walked out leaving Sena speechless.

 To be continued...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eli's wife 3

Breaking the news to their parents that they intended to postpone their honey moon was hard for both Eli and Sena. Eli lied about work he had to do and Sena blamed it on bad health. At least they had their way in this one. The couple left the hotel to their own house. The presents from the wedding filled a whole guest room. The house was big, modern and very beautiful. It had a big backyard and a nice little swimming pool. When the movers came with some of Sena's stuff she put them in another room. She wasn't planning on sharing a room with Eli. He understood. The house was easy to live in. There was a maid who did the laundry and cleaning, a cook and 24-hour security man. Eli introduced Sena to the staff. He wasn't sure how things would go with Sena in the house but he could only find out.

The very next day she went to work. She had plans to meet Charles for lunch and she did. Just before she got out of her car she noticed her wedding ring on her finger. Her heart missed a beat. She took it off immediately and put it in her pocket. Charles looked more charming to her for some reason. They ordered food from her favorite restaurant and talked. She never got tired of talking to him. He loved talking to her too. She was the most straight forward and honest person he had ever known, or was she? Sena was glad Charles didn't pay much attention to local media or else her little secret would have been out. As she listened to Charles talk and laugh she realized her life wasn't that bad after all at least that moment wasn't.

In Eli and Sena's matrimonial home, both of them lived their separate lives. They could go for days without a conversation. Each one had their own room and Sena eat in her room when Eli was sitting at the dining hall. One evening, about 10 minutes after Sena came back from work she heard a knock at her room door. It was Eli. She asked him to come in for the first time since she moved in. "There's a fundraiser we are to attend. The Charity ball. It's on Friday at 7." he said noticing the changes in the room. He dropped the invitation card on her bed and turned to leave. Sena didn't want to go. It was just an event for wealthy people to show off. Her father made it a point to always attend and his donations were always among the biggest. She knew she couldn't get out of this one.

On the day of the Charity ball, Sena wore a beautiful gown and her husband, a lovely suit. Just before they entered the hall Eli grabbed Sena's arm. "Everyone is going to ask plenty questions. Act like we are the happiest couple in the world so they don't need to ok?" Sena was caught off guard but she nodded in agreement. Eli was right. She put on a fake smile and they walked in. It was just as always, expensive suits, rich kente and evening gowns that cost a lot of money. There was a jazz band playing and a performance by a renowned highlife artist. In no time at all Sena and Eli were surrounded by people congratulating them. "We were surprised you two got married. Your fathers are so close you would think they cooked this up." The Minister of Finance said to Eli. He smiled and nodded almost unsure what to say. "Technically they did. Eli and I grew up together and just fell in love." Sena said quickly and held his hand. He nodded relieved. The man seemed convinced. Sena and Eli pretended to love each other the whole night and their parents were so pleased. When they got back home, Sena went to her room and Eli his without saying goodnight.

Eli waited for Sena to leave the next morning and drove to Tina's house. She had started talking to him again but the conversations were never the same. She was not the same. He managed to convince her to take a ride with him so he shows her something. Tina agreed and they drove to his house. "You want to show me your wife? Really, Eli?" Tina said when they got there. Eli shook his head and told her that Sena was not at home. He just wanted to show her something. She got out of the car and they walked upstairs. He showed her Sena's room. He explained to her once again the nature of their marriage. "We are just together on paper." Eli said. He took Tina to his own room and pulled open the wardrobe. Tina saw some of her clothes neatly arranged. She even saw her toothbrush in his bathroom. Tina smiled. Eli held her close and kissed her. She kissed him back. Then she felt his cold wedding ring on her face. "Eli I can't do this. You are married." She said and rushed out of the room.

To be continued...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eli's wife 2

"There you are. I was wondering where my bride had run away to." Eli said. He was standing with his sister. "The limo is waiting. I'm sure you are tired." Sena's sister said walking to them. Sena told Eli and Afi to take the lead. She wanted to have a word with her older sister. They nodded and left. "Baby First Lady. That's what dad calls you now." Enyonam, Sena's sister said. Sena rolled her eyes. "Enyonam, I don't love him." she said, almost in tears. "Oh my goodness! Calm down. He's the president's son, what is there not to love?" Enyonam replied. Sena shook her head. Her dad and her sister had always thought alike. Sena frowned and turned to leave but Enyonam held her hand. "Give him a chance. He can make you happy." she said. Sena just shook her head and walked off. Trying hard to walk fast in her full gown.

"Do you want me to carry you inside?" Eli asked when they got to their hotel suite. Sena remained silent and walked inside. The room was beautiful. The lights had been dimmed and there were candles all over. The whole room smelled sweet like vanilla. There were rose petals at the foot of the bed. There was also a gold bowl of chocolates on the center table as well as a bottle of champagne with two glasses. 'Wow', Sena said in her head. For a few seconds she loved where she was then she snapped back into reality. 

"I'm so tired." She said. "Now that's a downer." Eli teased. Sena dropped her bag and turned to look at him. "This whole marriage is fun to you isn't it? Let me guess I should be lucky to be married to you because you are the president's son huh? Well I don't know about you but forcing two people to get married is just stupid!" Sena let out. Her fists were clenched. Sena didn't mean to raise her voice but she was tired of bottling it inside her. Eli looked at her and shook his head. "You think I like this?" he asked in a more serious tone. "Well you seem to be having a ball." Sena shot back. "What do you want me to do? Be bitter like you?! Let's face it, Sena, we are married and, no offence, but I am not excited to be with you either!" Eli said raising his voice. Sena was quiet. "A week ago I had to tell my girlfriend that I was getting married. You think that was fun for me? We are in too deep and the sooner we find a way to get over this the better." he said, sat down and poured himself some wine. "How are we going to do that?" Sena asked still standing. Eli did not have the answer to that question and Sena knew it.

That night, their wedding night, Eli slept on the couch while Sena used the bed. Just before she went to sleep she took out her phone. There was someone she had been meaning to talk to. Charles. She called him to say goodnight. After the call she slept like a baby. Eli kept waking up not because he wasn't used to sleeping on a couch but because he kept thinking about her, Tina. He had called her 15 times that day and she returned none. He missed her. 

To be continued...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eli's wife

Sena sat down next to Eli. She really didn't want to sit there but she had no choice. Her parents were watching her very closely. She faked a smile when Eli's father asked if she was fine. She nodded and took a sip of her drink. She looked around and saw her sister chatting with her father. It looked like everyone except her was having a good time. "Are you ok?" Eli will ask her from time to time. She would either say yes or nod. She never imagined her wedding reception like this. It wasn't the decorations, the food or the number of guests that was different. Those were far more elegant than she imagined. It was her groom, Eli.

Sena had known Eli since they were kids. They had been family friends since she could remember. He used to be very small for his age and Sena and all the other kids made fun of him but time changed all that. He had grown up to be a tall and very good looking man. 'Akiti', that's what Sena used to call him. She never imagined marrying him, ever.

"Let's welcome the couple to have the first dance?" The MC of the reception said and the crowd started cheering. Eli took one last gulp of wine and stood up. He took Sena's hand and helped her off to the dance floor. Her full wedding gown sweeping the tiled floor. The DJ played a slow love song. "I hope I don't step on your toes." Eli whispered into Sena's ear. She looked at him sternly. She caught him smiling and she smiled too. He took her hands and put them around his neck and put his hands on her waist. They moved left and right, slowly. Sena really wished the song would end. "My feet hurt." she lied to Eli. He nodded and led her off the dance floor.

Sena glanced at the gift table. It was overflowing with gifts. So many that the book for signing names was full and the names were just written on the gifts. She glanced at a table filled with her friends. Pat was sitting there too. The person she always dreamed will be her maid of honour. She glanced at Afi, Eli's sister who was her maid of honour. For the whole ceremony they had barely spoken. The dance floor was open to everyone now. The floor was filled in no time.

After all the many fake smiles and thanking guests for coming Sena poured herself a whole glass of red wine and went to stand at the back of the tent. There was a beautiful view of the beach at night there. She sat down on a bench and began to cry. She took out her phone from a little clutch she was holding. She saw messages and a lot of missed calls. She looked for a particular one and found it. It was from Charles. She met him a few months ago and took a liking into him. He seemed different. He seemed to like her for who she was and not her money or her status in society. He wasn't intimidated by it too. The message said, ' hey I called you a couple of times today. Wanted to pass by.' Sena managed a smile.

To be continued...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your arrow killed me

We were not afraid to fight the enemy
Even though they had a much bigger army
My heart was determined to fight for victory
But some way some how your arrow killed me

We were a few steps to making history
I guess the excitement blinded me
Coz you raised your bow in my direction, I didn't see
It went deep from my back until your arrow finally killed me

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The last night

I shot him three times and a fourth time just to make sure

I grabbed the gun from his belt strap and fired it

He never thought I would ever use or even go for it

I run to where he dropped his clothes

I dodged his grip and I knew this time I had won

I turned around and yelled. “I hate you!” Several times

If only mum would believe me. ‘He’s a police officer’ she always said

 It was my birthday, how could he be so wicked?

I closed my eyes and pretended to be fast asleep

My heart was pounding. The plan in my head scared me

He closed the door like he usually did and walked to my bed….
(Odd no? try reading it from bottom to top )

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dirty blood

“This is stupid.” I said to Andy. He took my hand and smiled. “Isn’t love stupid?” He said in a Shakespeare kind of voice. We both laughed. I turned around and took my position. He had drawn a star and a circle inside it on the floor with a chalk. I stood in the circle. He grabbed the book he claimed to be an ancient spell book and joined me in the circle in the middle of the star. “So don’t mess it up oh. You dierr I know you.” He teased. I hit him lightly in the arm and he giggled. “Alright so when I finish reading the spell you will use the pin to prick yourself…” he started. “Yes, yes lick the blood and kiss you.” I ended, rolling my eyes. “Have you read all the conditions” I asked. He shrugged. “Oh come on, it’s a spell. What’s the fun in that?” He asked. This was supposed to be a spell that will make us love no other partner but each other. I didn’t think it would work but then again if it did I didn’t mind because I loved Andy and so did so many ladies in school. He was hot!

Andy was about to read the spell when my phone rang. I looked at him with a silly expression. I took the phone out of my pocket. It was my mother. I signaled for him to hold on. “Hello mum.” I said in the most angelic voice. “Marie where are you?” my mum asked. I looked around. “I’m in school.” I lied. “Really? I went to your hostel and your roommate said you hadn’t been to the room since yesterday. Are you at that Andrew boy’s place again?” my mum said. She wasn’t at all pleased. I walked a bit further away from Andy. “Oh Mum, I just had some assignments to do so I stayed at my course mate Pat’s place.” I lied. “Ei Marie! Be careful. I know now you have all the freedom to do whatever you want. Just be careful what you do. Especially with boys…” She started nagging. I turned to look at Andy. He smiled and waved shyly. How could he harm me? “Mum, I know. I’m just doing schoolwork. The rest of the group is calling me. I have to go ok? Bye.” I said and hung up. I could hear my mum busy nagging in the background. It’s not that I don’t think she has a point oh, it’s just that she’s not always right.  

“You ready now?” Andy asked. I smiled and nodded. For some reason I was very nervous now but there was no turning back. He read the spell in Latin. We both pinned our thumbs and licked the blood. Then we moved in for the kiss. My heart was racing but it felt really magical. When we kissed I tasted his blood and all of a sudden I felt butterflies in my stomach. I felt a cool breeze like we were at the beach. It felt really good. “Wow.” I said when we were done. “Marie, you are amazing.” Andy said. I smiled like a sheep. “So did it work?” I asked sitting on his bed. He took out a towel, sprinkled some water on it and wiped the chalk marks. “After that killer kiss, of cause it did!” he said. I giggled.  

When Andy was done cleaning he turned to look at me. “I want you.” He said and walked straight to me. He kissed me aggressively. “Whoa, calm down.” I said after he bit my lip the first time. “Sorry, you are just too amazing.” He said as he kissed me some more. He held me so tight it begun to hurt. “Andy stop!” I said and moved back. That was when I saw his eyes. They were violet. I covered my mouth with my hand. “Andy look at your eyes!” I screamed. He moved closer to me. “Marie forget about my eyes. Come here. Come to me.” He ordered. My heart was racing now. He rushed towards me but I swerved. The spell book was at my feet now. I picked it up to read the spell and find out how it could be reversed. Andy rushed for me again. This time I couldn’t swerve fast enough. He grabbed my hand and started kissing it. I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t budge. “Marie, I love you Marie…” he kept mumbling. I hit him with the book and run into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me, sat on the floor and tried to read the spell. Andy was banging on the door. 

Everything the spell said we had done. Then I saw a little text at the bottom. The heading was dirty blood. “Spell will turn participants into violet eyed love demons if they lie with another a fortnight before the spell.” I read aloud. “ Cheating Bastard!” I shouted. All of a sudden I heard a ripping sound and a cry from the room. I shook and moved away from the door. The book fell and opened to the next page where I saw a full colour picture of a love demon. It was horrible with violet eyes. My whole body was shaking now. There was a pound on the door again. This time it was much louder. I moved back till I hit the wall. There was one final pound! And the door came off. “Marie, come lie with me. I love you.” The demon said. “Mum, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you.” I whispered. I looked around and saw a shaving knife. I grabbed it with my shaking hands. I had two options, his throat or...mine.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

He was dying

His grip kept loosening till it was me holding him.
His temperature dropped too. Colder than the wind I looked into his eyes and realized they were far away
He was dying and no matter what I did I couldn't make him stay  

A million things rushed through my mind but yet I was blank
My tears fell on his chest that was reducing the times it rose and sunk
He got heavier, much much heavier but still I held him tight
 He was dying and this was by far my most painful sight

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The spark

There was once a girl who met a guy she felt completed her
He was different from all the other guys she used to date
She could be 100% herself around him and it felt so natural
Time passed and even the hard times couldn't split them
Then all of a sudden she got scared of this ever so perfect union
She felt her love for him had changed over the year
He did everything to make her happy but she still felt unsure
Because the romantic spark seemed to be missing in action
She asked for space. He didn't understand but he gave her just that
The first days were fine. She had all the freedom but something was missing
The weeks passed and she had all the answers she wanted but was he still waiting?
She rushed back to him like the prodigal son and explained it all
He took her back because he loved her and because she knew how to win him over
They found that spark and it remained with them as they lived happily ever after
A spark is caused when TWO objects strike each other. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Waiting to run 5

I turned to look at the man I thought was my lawyer. He was still holding his gun and looking behind at the Police. Surely lawyers didn't do things this way. I was shaking so much talking audibly was a problem. 'What is…what…what is going on?" I managed to say. He didn't say a word. He just took out his phone and made a call. "Yes I have her but we are being followed by the Police, shit!" He said and the car turned too sharply to the left my head almost hit the window. A new Police car had come from in front of us and the driver of our car had to turn.

"The Police are getting closer. Yes, plan B, alright." He said and hung up. "David, code 7." The man said and the driver nodded. He then turned to me. I felt like screaming, "Wait a minute, what the hell is code 7?!" but my voice was lost. He turned to me and raised his gun. Was this it? After surviving a bomb blast, was this the end of my road. I started crying and closed my eyes. I heard a loud sound. The car hit a tree. The force of the impact threw me and the man with the gun forward. I slammed into the seat in front of me. I could feel pain all over my body. The Police sirens got louder. There was shattered glass all over. I tried to turn to the door but all of a sudden my vision was blurring. I fought to keep my eyes open but I failed and everything went black.  

"The boss is giving us pressure. What do you suggest we do?" I heard a man say. "Look, they said we should wait for the man. Let's just wait." another said. I gradually opened my eyes. My body still ached but it was a bit better now. I saw the men. They were standing on each side of me. I was on a bed. Looking around I could tell it was a hospital. "Ahh, see she is even awake." the tall one said. "Just so you know there are Police officers all over the place. Just in case you get ideas." he added. I was going to talk when the short one cut in. "Look we have orders. Let's check if the detective is in." He said signalling for them to leave. The other contemplated for a while and they finally left. There were bandages all over me. Then the memories came to me again. Especially the one where my cousin got shot. The sad memories put me to sleep again.  

I woke up instantly the second time. I had a nightmare. I saw a doctor signing some forms and another man standing next to him. The man was sitting on a chair next to me. "Here you go. But proceed with extreme care." The doctor said handing over to him what looked like my folder. "Sure." the man said and put a tape recorder on the table. I had an idea what was happening. He waited for the doctor to leave and turned to me. "My name is Detective Forson. I have a number of questions to ask you." He started.

To be continued...

Monday, March 4, 2013

My demons

I sit alone in the corner of my room
Through the window I can see the moon
When it gets darkest they all come, one by one
I'm in a dark room waiting for my demons to come

I always get startled, never see them arrive
Then again they don't knock or ask to join me
They just come, sit with me and we talk about me
I'm in a dark room and my first demon just came

"We should be drinking our head off so we dont have to think"
My first demon said. It's all about pleasure for him
Sometimes he makes sense so I grab a bottle
I'm in a dark room drinking with my demon

  Another came making noise so I told him to hush
"Oh come on, don't worry about other people"
That's what the selfish demon said. He had a point so I didn't
I'm in a dark room having fun with my demons

My demon of lies came when I was exhausted
"You guys I have work tomorrow", I said
"Call in sick. You worked hard last week", my demon said
I'm in a dark room listening to all 3 demons

When sunlight comes my demons will be gone
My head aches from the drinking.
My neighbour comes to warn me about my night noise
I was in a dark room but now I'm not so my demons are gone

I'm at work with a headache. I couldn't call in sick
Why do I entertain my demons? They hurt me
Maybe I should get rid of them...with the Light
No more dark rooms. I'm sending my demons away for good

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I can't finish anything

I start writing, singing, working but I never finish anything
It's pretty frustrating but I hope its just a phase passing
Some friends said I should take a break from thinking
But will that work? Coz I really can't finish anything

You see this is not the first time this is happening
I start a project ever so beautifully but the problem is finishing
I even locked myself in the room but it wasn't helping
I'm getting upset because I can't finish anything

The hours and passing, the days are breaking
I need my inspiration back, that's all I'm saying
Maybe I'm just...