Monday, April 9, 2012

If you meet my boyfriend

If you meet my boyfriend tell him I tried
I put up with so much and yet he still lied
Every time he hurt me, a bit of me died
So please, if you meet my boyfriend tell him I’m tired

If you meet my boyfriend tell him I’m in pain
It was always about him, always what he would gain
Never considering my heart and it drove me insane
If you meet my boyfriend tell him my tears are pouring like rain

If you meet my boyfriend tell him we just don’t belong
He is an amazing person but works much better alone
Even though I want to stay, my heart knows I have to move on
If you meet my boyfriend please tell him I’m gone

Painting by Thomas Saliot


  1. What a pity! I sympathize with you. Anyway, in case, I meet your boyfriend I will tell him to mend everything and part ways in a nice and considerate manner. But yet it is not the end. I have sensed that there's a reason why he's so far from you, so mindful about you. If you could still bear the sacrifices you've already experienced, why not give him a chance?

  2. not a bad idea at all. lol

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  4. Here's my simple way of responding to you poem. Hope you like it.

    If You Meet My Girlfriend

  5. @Gil- cool. I'm checking it out right away!

  6. if I meet your boyfriend I'll tell him he missed the only train to true happiness,that pearl slipped through his fingers into mine,that i dine every night with a refined queen,that I thank him so,for his actions thought her to appreciate a true

  7. This is your best piece I have ever read.

  8. If I meet your boyfriend I would say to him that it´s no good to make pain to a woman with such sensibility. I like poetry (I write poems in Spanish) and I haven´t read many poems in English but this is really good. I will visit often your blog because i have like also your stories and reflexions. Congratulations and greetings from Spain!

  9. thanks Armando...would like to read some of your poems too

  10. Hehe... If I meet your boyfriend... Let's just say no one will ever meet him again. You don't mess with my girl.

  11. hahaha Oye in fact i like that!

  12. If I meet your boyfriend I will tell him you are gone.
    You got so tired from your tears that poured like rain.
    lovely poem

  13. I love the rhymes. Very interesting;)

  14. If I meet ur bf, I'll tell him u still got bits of love for him so he shd make time for you and mend things. �� love it