Thursday, December 27, 2012

Waiting to run 2

I slipped the rest of the money into my pocket and smiled. In to time at all, I had mixed feelings about keeping the money. He seemed very absent-minded. Maybe he didn't even know he had given so much money. There was only one way to clear my conscience. I rushed out the door to ask him. He couldn't have made it past the hotel lobby. I jogged there and saw him. Obviously I couldn't shout Mr. Strange! I rushed over and tapped his shoulder. "Sir. I think you overpaid." I said, still not sure why I was doing it. He stopped and turned to look at me. He was sweating. He looked at me with so much surprise it startled me.

I stretched out my hand with his change in my palm. "Keep, just keep it." He stuttered. I tried to smile but just when I was about to turn I saw something terrifying. It looked like wires. He saw that I had noticed it and quickly grabbed my hand. "Be calm." he whispered to me. My heart was racing! "If you move or shout I will press the button and we will all be blown into pieces Smile." He said. I did as he said. Then I thought aloud. "But if I'm quiet won't you still blow up the place?" It wasn't after I asked that I noticed I shouldn't even have been talking. I didn't want to die. At least not then and not as a waitress. He put his hand around my shoulder and I followed his eye view. He was looking outside. Just when a man came out of a black Toyota Camry he started to shiver.

 I was so close to him I could feel his vibration. I squinted to see the man properly. It was George Wilson the lawyer who was all over tv some weeks ago. He was known to be the best lawyer in the country. Why did this man want him dead and why like this? I tried to give a hero speech but I didn't know what to say. "Please let me go. I swear I won't say anything." I pleaded, still trying to keep a straight face. "If you want to live, do as I say." he said and started moving.

He was holding my hand like he knew me. He turned and smiled at me and I smiled back. We were just a few feet from Mr. Wilson and I could feel his sweaty palms. I'm going to push you out of the building. Run as fast as you can. Good luck." he said and without any warning he pushed me out the door. I didn't even turn around. I run down the road and in exactly 5 seconds I heard and felt the explosion behind me. The force pushed me down and my ears felt blocked. I was shaking with fear as I managed to get myself up and look around. There were car alarms blowing all over the place and people screaming. I managed to run to the bus stop and take a cab straight home.

I fidgeted when I tried to unlock the door with my keys. The keys fell down twice. When the door finally opened I rushed inside and shut the door behind me. I stood with my back against the door for 10 minutes, trying to calm myself down. My phone rang and I jumped.

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Waiting to run

"What can I get you?" I asked a fine young man. He stared at the menu a bit longer and looked up at me. "A plate of fried rice with chicken." he replied almost immediately looking away. "Alright would that be grilled or fried chicken?" I asked again, scribbling on my pad. "What?" he asked absent-minded. "Grilled or fried?" I said. He nodded. I put my hand on my hips. "Oh the chicken, fried. Sorry." he finally said. I gave a fake smile and nodded. I rolled my eyes as I walked away. The bottle of beer on his table was untouched. It was busy, getting warm too. The weird guy was just staring at his phone on the table. He seemed eager for it to ring or something. I shook my head and walked to clear another table. A couple had finished eating. I noticed they left a tip and smiled. Guys usually left tips to impress their dates.

Mr. Odd's food was ready. I went for it quickly and set it on his table. He looked up at me and smiled very broadly. It surprised me when he said thank you in addition. I nodded and walked off. He started eating with such speed. Maybe he was just very hungry. I felt bad for calling him names. "If you need anything else just let me know ok?" I said and smiled back. I walked out the back door to take a short break. I took out my phone to call my cousin. We planned to meet after work but I decided to take another shift to make some more money. "Hello, yea Kaf it looks like..." I started but was interrupted by my boss. "Linda are you on the phone?" he asked sternly. I turned around quickly. "Ok mum I will get them for you." I said. I could hear Kafui laughing in the background. I hung up before she made me laugh too. "Sorry sir it was my mother she needed me to buy her some drugs on my way home." I lied. He shook his head and said, "get back to work." I nodded and went back inside

The restaurant was not very busy. It wasn't lunch time yet. I was 30 minutes into the second shift. The weird guy had gone back to his old self. He held a piece of chicken in his hand for a long time while staring into thin air. Then he dropped the chicken down and wiped his hands with a tissue. His phone finally rung and he almost dropped it in his rush to answer it. "weirdo." I whispered to myself. A couple walked in and took their seats. I was walking to hand them our menu when Mr. Strange called for his bill. I signaled for him to give me a minute. "No no I want my bill now!" he yelled. I honestly didn't see that coming. I looked at the couple and they smiled at me, indirectly telling me to see to him first. I smiled back and went for the bill. I was tempted to slam it in front of him but I thought about how much my boss had been on my case this week and tried to smile.

When I put the bill on his table the odd guy took a quick glance at it and put some money in the menu pouch. He got up and left in a hurry. He didn't even make eye contact. "Goodbye to you too." I whispered to myself. I rushed to cater to the couple. As I walked to deliver the orders I noticed Mr. Abnormal had overpaid. He had left 5 times the amount. I turned around and he was gone...

To be continued...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm coming back!

So, designing these clothes is what has been taking all of my time! Now that the collection is all done I'm coming back. Expect more awesome stories soon! :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I love a man

I love a man who looks straight at me when we talk
A man who listens to what I say and gives it some thought A man who is not afraid to show me his weakness
I love a man who knows I love him and loves me too.    

I love a man who understands my dry jokes
A man who can make me smile when I'm a mess
A man who holds my hand in public and flirts like we just met
I love a man who proudly tells everyone I am his girl  

I love a man who can finish my sentences any day I love a man who just knows the right things to say A man who believes in me as much as I do him I love a man most importantly who knows he can't be all these but never gives up trying.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Angry words

I think Ghanaians talk too much and do too little. Don’t get me wrong I'm not talking about every single one but rather the majority. I used to think we didn’t have the technology or money or enabling environment to be more action-oriented but that doesn't seem to be the problem at all. I can't fully say I know what it is but I have a number of guesses; laziness, mediocrity, a simple 'I don’t care' attitude or even low self-worth. I am writing all this from a very sad and terrible incident that occurred today. A shopping centre collapsed killing a number of people and injuring many. I saw the pictures and felt sad. I had one of those moments. Those 'it could have been me' moments. All I can say to the people who lost anyone today is I am sorry for your loss and may their souls rest in peace. It's sad.  

I was on Facebook today and found myself reading random status updates about the incident. My odd way of gathering info...I can't say it’s amazing but hey...So majority of the updates were about how inefficient Ghanaians are in responding to an incident like this. There were references to the media, Police, Military, the President, engineers and a few more. Most of what they were saying was "why aren't they doing anything proper about it?” and they were annoyed at what was going on. It is quiet sad that things were how they were but my problem here is simple. Were they helping the problem, keeping it the same or worsening it? I would choose any of the last two. I am not saying they don't have a right to speak. Far from it. Their words convey their concerns which are veered in a good direction but should it end there? Maybe you are thinking "ahhba Julz! What do you expect me to do? Leave my job in the middle of the day and go and do someone else's job?" No, that isn't it. I'm just saying. Just as you were smart enough to notice this, you could come up with something to do that can help the situation.

 Let me give you an example. A number of people were not happy (many sounded pissed) with the fact that GTV who is a national TV station did not start airing the incident until pretty late. I'm just saying. Instead of 'going off' online about this, how about calling GTV to express your distaste. I don't know how things work at GTV but if I owned a TV station and I had numerous phone calls complaining about what I'm airing I would do something about it. You get what I mean? It really doesn’t matter much if you fail. What matters most is that you tried and you actually did something!   We need to learn to help ourselves and, well, look out for each other too. Teamwork! I'm sure people who play or watch team sports will relate to this one. When you are in a game and your teammate is not playing his part well you cover up and tell him to step up. You don't shine as the point guard and get mad when you lose when you could have helped to rebound. You play together.

I read on twitter one time that “it’s not bad people that would destroy the world it's those good people who know better and do nothing about it.” I know I said it wrong but bear with me, it's something like that. I'm not here to point fingers. This is just something I have noticed. Ghana is a country to be proud of and one with enough potential to go to amazing heights. Let's build her up together so when she is at the top we can tell our stories of what we did for our country. Think about it.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just my luck 4

This girl was so strangely scary and sexy at the same time. She seemed a lot more scary now though. "Me, kitchen…not like…no never." I stuttered. She giggled and said. "I did it with my boss once. He is old or should I say was old." She added and giggled. "Was?" I asked moving back. My back hit the kitchen cabinet. That wasn't good. "Well I didn't check whether he was still breathing before I left." She explained! Now my heart was racing. Sexy murderer alert! "Oh stop asking me questions and kiss me. I know you want to." She said. I faked a smile. She kissed me and I pulled her away. "Did you hear that?" I think my phone is ringing." I lied. She paused for a while. "No, it’s not." She said. Yiee, what is all this? I thought to myself. "Oh I heard it. Let's go back to the room." I said. I had a plan. I would take her to my room, lock her up inside and call the Police or something because this crazy girl dierr I can't keep here around.

I took the lead to my room. She walked slowly behind me. I took a deep breath and remained calm. I held the door knob and signaled for her to enter. "After you." I said with a smile. She walked in and then I quickly locked the door. "Hey, what are you doing?!" She yelled. My heart was beating like crazy now. "I'm trying to help you by getting you to do the right thing. You need to confess to the Police." I replied. I searched my pockets and realized my phone was in the room. She kept banging the door and raining insults on me. "The land line " I said and run to the hall. "Are you mad?! Open this door before I break it down!" She yelled as I left. I called my uncle who was a Policeman and told him Agnes wanted to report an attempted rape case but was afraid. He said he would be here in no time because he was close by. When I hung up, I felt proud of myself. I walked back to my room. "Agnes I'm sorry I had to do this but it's for your own good." I said leaning next to the door. "I think you might have a condition that needs attention." I added. "I called my uncle. He will be here soon and everything would be fine ok?" I said. She didn't respond. Just then I heard the doorbell. I smiled and rushed to the door. "She is upstair..." I started but froze when I saw who it was.

Agnes was standing outside. She had bruises all over her left hand and some leaves in her hair. She was fuming and I saw a small knife that was lying on my table in her hands. My heart raced. I rushed to close the door but she was just too fast. She jumped inside and tried to stab me with the knife. I screamed and grabbed her hands. She was much stronger than I thought. I moved back and tripped on a coffee table. We both fell and the knife fell away from us. We both looked at it. She tried to crawl for it but I grabbed her leg. She kicked me with her other leg but I still wouldn't let her go. She froze and turned to face me. She sat on top of me and grabbed my neck with both hands. It happened all so fast. Breathing was beginning to be a problem. "My God, what is happening?" I heard. It sounded so far away. The pressure around my neck reduced and I thought I saw another person but it was blurry.  The next thing I remember was my uncle slapping my face. I heard some laughter in the background too. I turned around and saw my friends. Why were the boys here? This was more than embarrassing. All I could say was "Chale, it’s a long story."

The End...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Just my luck 3

“My boss came around and saw that I was the only one left. So when I was done he gave me a ride home.” I wanted to ask her why he would do that since she had a car but I really wanted this story to be over so we could get busy. “He said he had some files to show me so he took me to his house. Then from nowhere he started touching me. I didn't like it.” She went on. I almost choked on the popcorn I was eating. “I told him I had to leave but he grabbed me and started kissing me. That kind of felt nice. Then he took off his clothes.” She had all my attention now! She went on. “He is so violent eh? Well I mean he was.” She giggled. I didn’t catch the joke but she went on anyway. “Ok, so he almost rips my dress off and turns me around. Can you imagine?!” Her tone was rising now. I was so shocked I couldn't even speak. To make matters worse she was smiling. Why was she smiling? 

“So I said to him, Sir this is not right. I have a boyfriend.” She narrated. What?! “You have a boyfriend?” I asked, confused. She giggled and shook her head. “No, silly.” She replied. “Oh you just said that so he would stop right?” I added and sat a bit further up. “That’s right, but he said he didn’t mind so I pushed him away.” She said.  “You did the right thing.” I said, calming down now. She smiled. "I know. I should have gone to the police but I was scared." She said, looking away. "Oh don't be worried. It's ok. You can do that later." I added with a smile. I looked at the wound again. "Did you get hurt when he got all over you?" I asked. I turned to get a tissue from my bedside table. She took the tissue and wiped some blood off the wound without saying a word. "Don't you think I am sexy?" She finally said out of the blue. "Of course, you are. You are one of the hottest girls I have ever seen." I confessed. I wasn't sure I should have said all that but I was just being honest. She smiled mischievously  My heart was beating so fast. I took the tissue from her and put it in the dustbin. "You didn't tell me how you got hurt though." I said. She giggled again. "I'm thirsty." She said, touching her throat. I nodded and we walked to the kitchen. As we left I heard my phone ring. I knew it was the boys. I intentionally allowed it to ring so they would think 'wide', if you know what I mean.

I poured Agnes a glass of water and watched her drink it. I looked away when I started getting ideas. She put the empty glass down. "Ahah, so I pushed him away ok?" She said dramatically. I leaned on the wall and listened as she went on." He almost fell. Then he got angry and called me a childish brat. Can you imagine?! So I walked over to him and told him he was an old fool. The insults went on for a while and then he did it." She said with her eyes fearfully wide open. "Did what?" I asked immediately. "He slapped me." She replied. I covered my mouth with my palm. "Oh no." I added. "Exactly! I was so furious I picked up a flower vase and knocked his head with it. No one slaps me and gets away with it!" She thundered slamming her hand on the table. Which made me jump. "Eish!" I yelled in my head.

 "So what happened?" I asked unconsciously filling her glass with water again. "I grabbed a flower vase and smashed it on his head. Some of the glass cut me. She said, pointing to her wound. At this moment the water was pouring out of the glass. I noticed it and grabbed a napkin to clean it up. "So he fell down. Stupid man. So I kicked him a few times and left. Since he had wasted my time I took his car." She went on. I just stood there staring at her. To make matters worse she was smiling. "God please let her be joking." I prayed silently. She walked over to me and leaned over. "Have you ever done it in the kitchen before?" she whispered. I felt a shiver. 

To be continued...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Never again

"This is stupid." I said to myself as I tied my shoe lace. I yawned loudly and turned to look at my bed. It was so inviting. I looked away almost immediately and stood up. I stretched like a cat that had been sleeping all day and picked up my ipod. "Time for some motivation." I said to myself as I walked to the door. I found my Sarkodie album and plugged my earphones in. I locked the door behind me. I stepped outside and inhaled the fresh early morning air. It was still fairly dark. Yes, I was going jogging and no it wasn't my idea. My doctor recommended it. It felt stupid but it was either this or the gym and I wasn't ready to pay 200 cedis a month!

I started off with a brisk walk. It wasn't bad at all. I guess the music helped too. Before I knew it I was jogging. It was actually fun, well at least for a while. I looked around and saw a suit shop. The suits looked really good and it looked like the shop was having a sale. "Wow! How come I have never seen this before?" I asked myself as I passed it by. I always drove fast to work. Never checking my surroundings out. There was also a bookshop across the street. I stopped and looked through the glass. I saw tons of novels. The type my wife liked. I decided to come to the shop on my way to work when they would be open. I could get her some books as a present when she got back. I smiled faintly and started jogging again.

I was so carried away by the things I was seeing around that I run much further than I intended to. This was my first day so I planned to take it slow. I got to the bridge and almost screamed when I imagined how long the journey back was. I stopped and learned against a tree. I was breathing so hard. "Ah this doctor has worried me. Now I am going to be dozing at work." I said to myself. Just then I heard a sound. It was coming from the side of the bridge. It sounded like someone crying. I could see a figure. It looked like a girl. She had long black hair in a pony tail. It was still pretty dark and I wondered if this was a trick to have me robbed. I didn't know her anyways. It was none of my business. I turned around but still heard her. Her cry just sounded so genuine and then all of a sudden it stopped.

 I turned around and looked at her. She was standing up now. She put one leg over the rails. I run towards her and yelled, "stop!". She heard me and stopped she looked at me with fear in her eyes. "Don't come near me! No one is supposed to know!" She cried. I wasn't sure what to do so I stopped. "Why are you doing this?" I asked to buy me some time to think. "Why should I tell you? You don't care." She shot at me. Hmmm I wasn't sure what to say. "I just want to know why you are going this far?" I said. It seemed to work. She was silent for a while. "God took him away from me. I loved him so much." She said with tears forming in her eyes. "I'm sorry but this isn't the best thing to do." I added. "Why not? This was where I saw him. I knew he was perfect. He was cute has to be here." She said, getting really emotional. She had a black bag around her hand. Probably some weight so her body won't float. I had thought long and hard enough. I had a plan.

 "My goodness what is that?!" I yelled, pointing behind her. This was the decoy. I run fast and pulled her away from the edge of the bridge. We both fell and I held her back. "You may not want me to but I will save your life. I can't let a young girl like you kill herself." I said. "What? What are you talking about?!" She said trying to break free. "Weren't you trying to jump off the bridge?" I asked, rather uncomfortable. "No you dimwit! I just wanted to throw my dead dog into the river." She replied pointing to the black bag. I turned and saw the tail of the dead dog sticking out. How embarrassing  I stood up and she managed to do that too. "You are strange." She said. I screamed, "I am strange?!" inside my head. "Sorry." I said and turned around and left. I was too shocked to tell her my piece of mind.

The next day I bought a treadmill and never went out jogging again. Forget the gym, I was going to stay home and workout. This world is full of strange people!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just my luck 2

I opened the gate for her to park inside and we got into the house. She smiled as she looked around. “Nice place, show me around.” She said, holding out her hand to me. I took her arm immediately and showed her around the house. “Wow, so you are the boss now huh?” She asked. I nodded, feeling really good. And just like magic, the tour ended in my room. I was so glad I had cleaned it the day before. “Wow, cool laptop.”She said opening my lap top. I had the widest smile on my face and said “thank you”. “Oh can we watch a movie?”She asked. I nodded. All of a sudden I had some strange confidence. “I have some microwave pop corn. Let me just go and fix some.”I said and walked out.

I went to the kitchen to fix the snack. When I put the corn into the microwave, I noticed Max was calling. I smiled and took the call. “Chale we are sorry oh. Kwasi wey e delay we. What dey go on?”He asked. “Oh e choose. I dey house. I get guest.”I replied, eager to tell him more. “Why, some your relative come around anaa?”Max asked again. Now I was really smiling. “Naa, I just dey chill plus some chick for here. Chale I for go. She dey wedge me.”I said. I heard him ask for more info just before I hung up. I took the popcorn and walked back to my room. Agnes had taken off her shoes and was lying on my bed with the laptop in front of her. This was a lot to take in. I lay down next to her and we watched the movie. Every time her arm or leg touched me, I felt a little tingle.

Out of nowhere Agnes put her head on my shoulder as we both sat up with our backs to the wall on my bed. It felt so good. She was so comfortable. For a few minutes I was completely distracted. Then she went a step further and put her arm around my waist. I almost jumped. She was just so sexy eh? I tried to remain calm. Maybe she was just trying to make herself comfortable.  “Are you comfortable?”I asked without thinking.  She smiled and said yes. After a few minutes she fidgeted  Without any warning she stopped the movie and said, “This movie is boring.” Then she held my chin and kissed me.

The kiss went on for very long. Then she instantly pulled away. “You are OK with this right?”She asked. Was she kidding me? “Yes, yes.”I replied and kissed her back. It felt amazing. To my surprise she unbuttoned my shirt and her dress as well. Clearly she was looking for some action! My eyes opened as she unbuttoned her dress. It was time to ‘realify’ my fantasy. My jaw almost dropped when I saw a huge wound on her shoulder. The plaster that was covering it was coming off. It looked fresh. “Agnes, what happened to your shoulder?”I asked, concerned. She looked down at the wound, fixed the plaster and started smiling. “It’s a long story papa. Do you want to hear it?”She asked. Honestly, I didn't but I wasn't in the position to sound rude. “Yea, why not?”I replied. She sat up straight. “I had a lot of work to do today, ok? So i stayed a little late to finish it.”She started. “Uh huh.” I said reluctantly. 

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My knight in shining amour

He used to run around the car just to open my door.
He would stare at me and say I'm the prettiest thing he ever saw.
He always held me close and was so excited when we hit the dance floor.
I really miss my knight in shining amour.  

It's not like he is gone away into war.
He is still here but things are just not the same any more.
My friends said it's normal, I'm still the one he will die for Please go back in time, go and look in places I never looked before and bring back my knight in shining amour!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

His Muse 10.2 (finale)

The next morning Edem skipped his class and went over to Sandra's hostel. He got there as early as he could. He knocked on the door and her roommate let him in. He noticed Sandra's bed was empty. "Adjoa, where is Sandra?" He asked concerned. Adjoa just shook her head. "I don't know. I slept early last night." She replied rubbing her eyes. Edem took out his phone. He was going to call Dean but he realized that was a bad idea. For a minute he felt out of place. Then the door opened and Sandra entered the room. She looked sleep deprived. Her hair was a bit messy. "Edem!" She said startled. Her roommate saw the situation and left them alone. "I have been calling you since last night." He said looking at her closely. Her hair was messy. Her clothes looked crumpled.

 "Where were you?" He asked. She fumbled. Edem shook his head. What he was thinking was probably right. "So you were sleeping with someone eh?!" He thundered. Before she could say another word he added, "I'm ashamed of you Sandra." She threw her bag down and rolled her eyes. "Look Edem, I really don't know what you want from me. You have the coolest clothes, dine at the best restaurants and I am even planning on getting you into a cool hostel like mine and you are here yelling at me. Who cares about that guy I was with? Aren't you the one everyone calls my boyfriend?" She finally said. Edem froze. "What?! All those things are done with my own money..." he started. "Oh boy please. You wouldn't have gotten that money if it wasn't for me!" She yelled. Edem stared at her. He realized what was happening. He always saw it, he was just blinded by the long hair, smiles and curves but now he could see clearly. He headed for the door but Sandra rushed for his hand. "Ed, look I'm sorry. I didn't even sleep with anyone. I just met with a producer of a TV show about you and we went to a party..." she explained. He didn't say a thing. He just broke free from her grip and walked out.  

Unfortunately, Sandra did not allow him to perform at the show. She gave the spot to someone else. Edem had run out of money. He didn't have enough money to get him through the next year. He went to see a few people who were organizing shows if they needed a comedian for as little as 50 cedis a show. He was desperate. One night on his way back he saw Sandra. He was about to approach her and put his anger on her when someone called him from behind. He turned around and saw Dean and Sally. "Yo, what's up?" Dean asked. Edem felt terrible and happy at the same time. He rushed to them. "I'm so sorry, Dean. I don't know what..." he started to appologize but Dean stopped him. "Don't worry its alright. I knew you would come back to your senses." he said. Sally smiled. "So we are cool?" Edem asked, looking at both of them. "Yup." they both said. Edem smiled. "Look here we have money to make. And you are not going to be begging for gigs again ok?" Dean said. Edem nodded eagerly as they walked away. "Dean you were right. My talent comes from within me and not from anyone else. Especially not gold digging girlfriends." Edem said and Dean smiled. "Amen!" Sally yelled and they all laughed, just like always.

True friends understand you, even when you have nothing to offer them.

The End  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

His muse 10.1

"I have been calling him since Friday. He won't get back to me." Dean said. Sally struggled to keep up with his pace. They were walking to their hostel from lectures. "Oh Dean relax. Edem is probably busy with studies. You know exams are coming up." She said. Dean turned to look at her. "So you are also on the other side eh?" He asked, slowing down. Sally stopped. "What? What are you talking about?" She asked innocently. Dean sighed. "Sandra his new sweetheart was acting all diva on me at the show." He said throwing his hand in the air. Sally couldn't help it. She burst out into laughter. "I'm glad one of us at least finds it funny." He said looking at her. "I'm sorry. It's just that, you looked gay when you did the whole diva thing." She managed to say. Dean giggled and tickled her. She laughed even louder. "Are you jealous of your friend because he has a new girlfriend?" She teased. "No, not at all. It’s just that since they started dating its like she controls him. Can you imagine he blew almost 150 cedis on a date with her? He hasn't made enough money for that." Dean explained. Sally put her arm around his shoulder. "Deanie, he is in love. He has more shows ahead. You said it yourself. His future is bright. Just let him have a little fun ok?" She said. They were on Sally's floor now. She rushed off to her room and Dean went to his. Just before he got to his room he got a text from Edem. "Well its about time!" He yelled. Dean read it and his jaw dropped.

"How could you?" Sally said. Edem recognised her voice and turned around. "Sally. What's up?" He said, rather shy. "Oh don't what's up me. Dean was the one who got you into showbiz in the first place and now you tell him to back off?!" She said walking closer to him. Edem stummered for a while. "Look you don't understand. I'm not telling him to back off." He tried to explain. He felt bad. "So you feel you can handle this on your own don't you?" Sally shot at him and folded her arms. Just then Edem's phone rang. "Sally I'm sorry but I have to go." He said and walked away.

Moses pulled a chair next to Edem's bed. "Yo I heard you have a gig at the national theatre next month. Is it true?" He asked. Edem nodded. "Ah, how did you know? My name isn't on the posters." Edem asked. Modes smiled. "Your manager/girl friend said it on air today." He replied. Edem smiled. "My girl has links." He said and gave Moses a high five.

Edem walked away from the ATM machine. He had withdrawn money from his education savings. He felt bad and remembered what Dean said when they first set it up. "Make sure you don't touch this money or else you can kiss school goodbye." He hadn't heard from Dean in some months. He felt bad. Sandra got him shows that paid more but unfortunately she seemed to spend all the money on fancy restaurants, clothes and fuel for her car. He looked at his phone. It was almost midnight. He called Sandra again after a few failed attempts. This time the call went through but she didn't answer. He walked briskly to his hall. When he got to his room he couldn't sleep. He checked the time again. He picked up some handout notes he was reading and opened it. He closed it after five minutes and sent Sandra a text. He was worried.

To be continued... :) 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just my luck

“Ah, where you guys dey?”I said furiously. I listened to his lousy excuse and hung up. The boys where always like that. Anytime we were to hang out they would either come late or go somewhere without me. It was just annoying. I ordered another drink and played with my phone. Thank goodness for Angry Birds. To think I closed early from work too. I turned to my right and saw a really hot lady sitting by herself. She looked so worn out. I could hear her order the same drink as me. The waiter came back and said it had run out. Just then my waiter brought mine.  “Is this the last bottle?”I asked, just before he opened it. He nodded and I signalled for him to give it to the lady. Who know she might just smile at me or say thank you. I noticed she was surprised when the waiter gave her the drink and said it was from me. She looked at me and I waved. She turned and said something to the waiter. He took the drink and brought it back to me. Yawa oh. She didn’t even wave back!

He put the drink on my table and walked away. Now this was embarrasing. The lady got up. Oh this was bad. Now i was making her leave? What a bad day! She looked so good too. Even though she was wearing a black corporate knee length dress, it was tight enough to see all her sexy curves. She had opened two buttons too to show just enough cleavage. Now I was more than shy. To my surprise she walked to my table and sat on the chair opposite mine. I froze. This was not planned. “Hi, the waiter told me what you did. That’s nice of you, thanks. I told him to bring two glasses so we share the drink. It’s only fair.”She said. Gosh I was mezmerized. Not only was she thoughtful but her voice was just as sexy as I imagined it. At this moment I had totally forgotten about my boys.

The waiter brought the glasses and we really shared the drink. She told me her name, Agnes and how she hated being called Aggie. She worked at a bank. I asked if she liked her job and she said she didnt really mind because it came with a lot of tips. Of cause, who wouldn’t tip her. She was gorgeous! Talking to her was so much fun minus the times she occassionally looked around and zoned out small. She ordered two more drinks for herself. Yup, she was a drinker. I honestly could not believe my luck when she said, “do you want to go somewhere else?” I nodded like some child. I paid the bill as fast as I could and we walked out. Hot girl walking by my side? Where were my boys to see this.

I tried to stop a taxi when we were by the road but she stopped me. “Oh we don’t need a taxi, I have a car.” She said and pulled another sexy stunt. Agnes took out the car keys from her big bag, unlocked the car with the keyholder then walked over and opened the door for me. I rushed to sit before she changed her mind, then she leaned over giving enough view to last a lifetime and said, “Don’t forget your seatbelt.”She closed the door and got into the passenger seat. That, my dear friends, was fun! “So where should we go?”She asked as we drove off. I honestly did not care where we went. Team Agnes all the way! Oh did I add the car was 2011 Hyundai Accent? But she seemed a little clumpsy with it though.

My guess, it was her parent’s car. Rich folk. Somewhere in the conversation she asked where I lived. I knew this was my chance and clearly an invitation. I answered and quickly added that my parents were out of town so I was home alone. Her eyes seemed to light up. “When do they come back?”She asked and I proudly replied, “In a month.” She smiled. Then it came. The long awaited plan. “Oh cool, then lets go to your place. We can figure out some place to go over there.”She said and took the next u-turn. She wasn’t very used to the roads so I had to really give her the directions and boy I couldn’t wait to get home.

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The fight to live

It was raining very hard. The rain drops felt heavy. They fell on Marie hard. She struggled to see ahead of her as she dragged herself in pain. The main road shouldn't be far from where she was. Her left hand was pressing on the wound on her right arm. She had bled all over her white lace blouse. The pain was just unbearable but she knew if she stopped moving she would die. She turned around. She couldn't see much so she kept going. She slipped on a twig and fell straight into the mud. She cried as she forced herself up. Then she heard the sound of a car. She gained some energy all of a sudden and moved faster.

She got to the side of the road just in time to catch the car. She was just about to wave with her uninjured arm when she recognized the car. It was her father's Range Rover Evogue. She gasped and hid behind the bushes. The car stopped by the side of the road. She knew she was in trouble. What were her chances of survival now? She crawled around and headed back to her house. Maybe she wasn't thinking straight but she remembered the men were three. One got shot while wrestling with the guards in her house, the other followed her and the one driving the must have been the third one. There could be more she missed but she would take her chances. She heard the car door slam shut and increased her speed. The mud had blackened her blouse and with her black jeans it was hard to see her. The rain helped too.

As she moved towards her father's house she thought about a week ago. Her father suggested they go to Ghana for a holiday. She didn't like the idea because she had really gotten used to Abuja. They traveled so often that making and keeping friends was a problem. "Holiday? Dad, we travel enough. Last year we were in Singapore for 6 months oh and Germany before?" She complained. They still came anyway. She now realized why her father was in such a rush to leave Nigeria. He probably messed with the wrong people but they obviously caught up with him.

Marie was almost at the house when she heard the sound of a car behind her. She was doomed. With the headlights they would spot her! She gathered all the energy she could find and run. If she could make it to the trees on the side of the house she could hide. The speed of the car kept increasing. There were tears pouring harder than the rain as she run for her life. She pictured the last time she saw her father lying on the floor in a pool of blood with three bullets in his chest. She didn't see her mother die though. She just heard her pleading and after a gun shot her mothers voice was gone.

She fell flat when she got to the trees and watched the car lights pass by seconds later. The fact that the house was alone on a hill was the only thing that thrilled Marie when they first got here but now she wished they had neighbours. She was stuck at the top of the hill at night with 3 killers with guns! Then it hit her. Her father had 2 guns in almost every house they lived in. He would hide one in his room and the other in the garage. That was her only chance to protect herself. Marie waited till the men went into the house before she made her move. They were arguing and looking around.

Once they were gone she rushed to the garage. The men had left the door empty when they took out her father's car. She slipped in and looked around. She couldn't find it. "I'm going to die." She said to herself. Then she heard a sound. She cried and turned around. She saw a little boy. It was the cook's son. "What are you doing here?!" Marie asked shivering. The boy was shaking even more than her. "My, father send me. Say I bring bread. It start rain so I wait for rain stop at back of house. I hear gun I come hide here." He said. "Poor child." Marie thought. He was too young to be exposed to this but then again so was she. The boy went on crying. Marie felt the need to be strong. "Look we will be fine ok?" She whispered to him. Then she saw a long wooden box behind him. She moved him aside and opened it. It was a riffle.

 "Dad, what where you into?" She whispered to herself as she held the gun. The boy moved back. "Don't worry we will get out of here." She said to him again. He nodded. She loaded the riffle with bullets. She had never shot a real gun before but she would do anything to save her life and that of the cook's boy. After she fixed the last bullet she accidentally pulled the trigger. The boy screamed as the gun fired. This was bad. The men came rushing in. She held the gun up with her shaking hands and fired when she saw them. Her arm still hurt. She missed and they laughed. "Foolish girl!" One yelled. Marie fired again. She missed again but the bullet hit the hinge that held one side of the metallic garage gate back. The hinge broke and the door flung open hitting one of the men and knocking him unconscious. The other man looked at his partner in disbelief. Marie shot again. This time she didn't miss. She got him in the hip and he fell down in pain. She stood in silence for a few seconds and run out. The gun strapped around her and holding the hand of the boy. She saw her father's car keys and grabbed it. The second man was trying to get his gun but she pushed it away and kicked him in the side. She took his gun and shot holes in their tryes and the petrol tank. She opened the car and they both got in. She sparked the car and drove off leaving the terror behind them on a lonely hill.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

He loved her

"What time is the flight?" Trix asked. "10pm. Would you need anything?" Ruth said putting a file on the table. He wasn't paying attention to her. He was busy on his PlayStation. She noticed this and walked out of the office. She was used to his occational rudeness. Trix's phone vibrated and he almost jumped. "The hell?" He said pausing the game and looking at his phone. It was his girl friend. He was about to answer when his manager walked into the office. "Trix ma man. How was the photoshoot?" He asked. He just shrugged and put his controller down. "I thought you said this month was free. I just got back from the last tour. Ruth told me about the peace concert just last night." Trix complained. "Yo, I know but didn't you see the contract? That's lots of money plus its a good look for you. Peace concerts are just what we need to put you in the good books." Selorm said. Selorm had been his manager for 3 years and had done an amazing job. Trix rubbed his eyes. "Look you fly to New York tomorrow night, relax for a bit. Do the 3 songs at the show and you are on a flight back to Ghana the next three days. Cool?" Selorm explained. "Oh Selorm that is a whole week!" Trix shot out. "Well you have a few interviews. A couple of magazines. Look, I'm doing all of this for you." Selorm said and grabbed the other controller.

It wasn't until Trix got home that he realized he hadn't returned Mina's call. He swore and looked for his phone. When he found it he saw a message from a girl he had a fling with once. "Hey devil, I heard you will be in New York for the Peace concert. Will be waiting for you with nothing on so we can make some peace all night." He read in a low voice. He felt a little shiver. "Dirty Diamond." He said. Diamond was so hard to turn down. She was drop dead gorgeous and so kinky. He decided not to reply even though it was tempting. There was another message. It was from Mina. His heart missed a beat. "Hey, you just made me look like a fool. Why do you keep doing that?" He read to himself. He felt bad. He called her immediately. "Mina I'm sorry. I should have returned your call earlier." He started unlocking the door and walking into his apartment. "Surprise!!!" He heard. There was a camera and about 10 people in the hall. He saw the microphone. It was MusicGh. A lady with the mic walked up to him and said. "Hi Trix. Did we surprise you?" "The hell you did." He said smiling. He didn't hear Mina saying a number of hellos. Later on he noticed, she had hung up. Immediately the tv program was done he drove as fast as he could to her house.

"Mina I can explain. It's been a crazy day..." he started. "Trix you are always apologizing." She interrupted. "Won't you at least let me in?" He asked looking around. Mina took in a deep breath and stood aside. He walked in and sat on the couch next to her. She moved a bit away from him. He understood. "Remember my friend Naa Norkor? She asked me to come to her party on Saturday. I told her I couldn't make it because we said we were going out on a date. She asked me if you had cancelled the concert you were going to perform at. I didn't know what to say." She said. A tear drop fell from her face. She looked away but it was too late. "I'm sorry I was going to tell you..." he tried to explain. "We spoke about this. Just tell it so hard to text or call me?" She asked. Her voice was quivering. He didn't like to see her like this. He felt terrible. Then his phone rung. It was Diamond. He ignored it. "I leave tomorrow. Will be back the next Thursday. We could do something when I come back." He said. Things weren't always like this. He didn't know how they got there but he knew he loved her. His phone rang again. This time it was his trainer. He was late for his rehersal. "You have to go huh?" She said wiping her tears and putting herself together. He stood up. Maybe he should just end it but he couldn't. He let himself out.

"What's wrong with you?" His trainer asked. "I'm good. Are we done?" Trix asked. His trainer stopped and looked at him. "You are doing 3 songs. We just finished with one. You need to get yourself straight. Let's take a break." He said walking away. "Ben. You go on tour with me and a lot more artistes, right?" Trix asked. He stopped walking and turned around. "Yea why?" He asked, getting a bottle of water. "When do you spend time with your wife and son?" He asked again. Ben laughed. "So that's what this is about. Well all I can say is I make time when I can and they understand." He said. This didn't help Trix much. "Ayt thanks." He said and looked away.

On his way home Ruth, Selorm's PA called him. "Trix, Selorm said to remind you that you still have to go for the photoshoot tomorrow. He said you should pack the stuff you need tonight so I pick them up and bring them to the airport in time for your flight." She said. "I'm so tired and the shoot is at 8am! Come on Ruth." He complained. "I'm following orders. He doesn't want you to miss your flight like last year's MTV awards. I could come and help you pack now." She offered. "Thanks Ruth but I should be having my girl around for that." He said. "I'm sorry if that was inappropriate." She said shyly. "No, no it's ok I don't have her around much...wait that's it. Thanks Ruth you are amazing. Get another ticket for me for tomorrow. I'm taking my girlfriend along. I'll surprise her." He said excitedly. He called Selorm immediately and they made plans.

The next morning Trix got to Mina's house just in time. She was just about to go to work. He rushed over to her and literally dragged her into her place. "Before you yell at me let me talk ok?" He started. She looked surprised. "I havnt been a good boyfriend for a while now. I was totally and overly involved with my career. I'm sorry but I realized what the problem is. We used to be cool but since my career took off I have literally cut you out. I didn't tell you stuff because I don't like them. Mina I love you and I want this to work so I'm gonna get you involved. So involved you will be screaming to get out. Trust me it will work...we will work. Please give me a ..." before he could finish she grabbed him and kissed him. "Trix I love you too. I just wanted you to open up to me." She said. They both nodded and giggled. He took her car keys. "What, are you gonna drive me to work?" She asked smiling. "No, you wish." He teased and she smacked him. Her joy gave him joy automatically. "I got my manager to call your boss. I asked to have you for a week. It might come out of your leave though." He said. "What?" She asked. He took her hand and looked deep into her eyes. "Come to New York with me." He said. Mina's mouth opened. "What? Really? Yes, sure!" She said and hugged him. "So let's go pack up then." He said. She jumped and run up to her room. "Yo, don't take too much stuff oh. I'm not paying for an extra bag of shoes woman!" Trix teased behind her. He smiled and noticed he hadn't felt this good in a long while.    

The Trix Tape II, Love lived here : inspiration for this piece : )

Sunday, August 5, 2012

His muse 9

Edem's recovery weeks were among the best in his life. Sandra drove him to class as often as she could and made sure he was eating well. He was much happier now that he knew she wasn't seeing anyone. One night he decided to make his move. They were in his room. She had brought him lunch. His roommates were all gone for lectures. "Sandra, what happened with you last boyfriend?" He asked. She seemed startled. She took in a deep breath. "He was cheating on me." She said, looking away. Edem felt sad. "Sorry I brought it up." He confessed. "It's ok. She assured. I'm sure you just asked to know my status right?" Edem froze. He let out a fake cough and she giggled. "It's ok. I'm very single. So you might as well..." she said. He sat up properly. "I might as well do what?" He enquired. She smiled and leaned forward. She put her hand on his cheek and gently kissed him. Edem's heart was pounding. "You might as well ask." She whispered. "Sandra will you..." he started but she cut himm short by kissing him again. "Yes I will be your girlfriend." She smiled. Edem was lost in space.

Edem's performance for the next gig was much more exciting. The crowd was laughing so hard he even had to take extra time. When he was done and was leaving the stage the crowd was chanting his name. He winked at Sandra in the front row as he walked off the stage. Dating Sandra made him even more popular. At a point he wasn't sure what people remembered him most for. Thanks to Dean's bargaining power, he had been able to make enough money for his 3rd semester fees with just two gigs. He was living his dream.

One night, before a show on campus Sandra drove him to the venue. "So Dean said they would pay me 250 cedis. It's not much but its better than nothing." Edem said, opening the door to get out of the car. "You didn't speak to the guys yourself?" Sandra asked. Edem shook his head. "You shouldn't let Dean handle these things." She said as they walked from the parking lot to the entrance. Edem turned to look at her. "Dean is my manager. He got me into comedy in the first place." He said. Sandra smiled and took his hand. "So do you pay him?" She asked. "No, he is just doing me a favour oh. I can't do these things myself." He replied. Sandra moved closer to him and put her head on his shoulder. "Of course you can. I believe in you." She said. They had gotten to the venue. Sandra straightened his collor, kissed him on the cheek and walked in. Edem went backstage to prepare for his performance.

"Yo. Sorry I'm late. Looking good." Dean said joining him backstage. He had just finished his performance and the crowd loved him. "Oh it's cool. I wanted to speak to the organizer to ask when I get paid." Edem said. "No need for that. I just spoke to him. He says your money will be ready right after the show." Dean replied. Edem looked at him for a moment. "So 250 right?" He asked. Dean nodded and turned around. "Sally wasn't allowed backstage. She was so angry. You can't imagine the look on her face." Dean said giggling. Edem didn't even smile. "Are you trying to change the subject?" He asked still staring at Dean. "What? No. I told you last time. The guy said because it was a charity thing they couldn't pay much." He explained. 

Before Edem could say a word he heard Sandra call him. She walked over to him and hugged him. "You were amazing. Wasn't he amazing?" She asked looking at Dean. "Definitely." Dean replied. He looked at her funny. "You had a pass to come backstage?" He asked. She smiled. "Of course, I did. I know the guys organising the event." She said, pulling her hair back. "So Ed can we go now?" She said. Edem paused. "The show isn't over yet. I get paid after." He said pointing. "Oh come on. You can pick the money up later." She said and whispered something into Edem's ear. Edem smiled broadly and turned to leave with her. "Ah Edem you are going? So should I collect the money for you?" Dean asked. Edem opened his mouth but Sandra was faster. "Dean its ok. We will come back for it. No worries." She said and they left.    

To be continued...for the last time

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So close

"Close your eyes." Daniel said. I giggled and looked at him funny. "Are you serious?" I asked. He nodded and I stopped walking. We were under a tree by the road. It was half past midnight. Daniel suggested we walk home from our date. We went to a pub not too far from where I lived. Dan wanted to teach me to play pool. It was fun. I loved his spontaneity. I could hardly predict him and it was so much fun. I closed my eyes in the already dark road.

 The breeze was cold. It blew through my hair and then I felt his lips against mine. It almost felt like the first time we kissed. I felt like a feather. Then I heard a dog bark. I pulled away immediately. It was a stray dog. He was barking at something on the other side of the empty road. When he saw us he wagged his tail. "Aww Dan, look. He likes us." I said. He looked so skinny. "Ahh he should leave us alone." Daniel said. I giggled. Then I remembered I had a kebab in my bag. I planned to eat it with jollof the next day but I just decided to give it to the dog. I took the stick out and put it on the floor. "Oh Elinam what are you doing?" Dan asked. He didn't like animals like I did. I rushed off to Daniel who was walking on without me. I saw the dog race to the food.

"Do you really have to leave on Tuesday?" I asked, leaning on him as we walked on. "Yes oh. My boss wasn't even ok with me coming to Accra this week. I told him my very close relative was getting married." Dan said, turning around to see the dog eat the kebab. He worked in Takoradi on one of these offshore oil Companies. He just started off so he rarely came to Accra. So when he did it was so nice having him around. "You know what? Why don't you come visit me next weekend? I will pay for you to come. You will love it. I have a little apartment now remember? Just me and you. What do you say?" He proposed. I lit up immediately. I had always wanted to visit him but didn't know how to ask him to pay for the trip. "Yes, definitely!" I answered.

 I don't know if it was the excitement or what? We just didn't notice two men come out of the bushes and attack us. They were both dark and very tall. One held a cutlass and the other a gun. "Bring your money and phones!" One demanded. I was shivering so hard I couldn't find my phone from my bag. I handed the whole bag to him. "Please take them and go." Daniel said handing them his phone and wallet. They both laughed and one punched Dan so hard he fell. "Foolish guy." One said. "Daniel!" I cried and rushed to him. "Fine girl come." The other guy said pulling me by the arm. I could see from his expression what he wanted to do. "Please. I beg you. Please!" I begged as he dragged me into the bushes. I was crying and screaming as he threw me on the ground. I tried to kick him but he was just too strong. He took off his belt and I prayed to God to save me.

 Then I heard a very loud growl. We both turned and saw it. It was the stray dog. He started barking and charging at the guy. He stood up immediately and run with the dog chasing after him. Daniel came calling my name. His lip was bleeding and his shirt had blood on it. He was holding my bag. "Eli, Eli are you ok? I was able to beat the other guy. He got scared when he heard the dog bark." He asked. He fell right next to me. "Your dog saved us." He said holding me. I smiled. "Yes he did."     

Monday, July 16, 2012

His muse 8

Dean was pacing up and down at the hospital. Sally was sitting on a bench too. Dean tried to call Edem and the medical assistant answered the call and told him what had happened. "It's all my fault. I was too harsh." Dean said. Sally signalled for him to sit down. "It's not your fault. The driver's brakes failed and his wipers weren't working. Stop blaming yourself. Edem will be fine." She said. After about two hours of waiting the doctor calmed them down. Edem was fine. He just had a bruised knee and a few minor injuries. They rushed to see him but he was asleep.

The next day when Dean and Sally came to the hospital, Edem was awake. "I don't think its luck. I saw the van coming and I dived. I didn't even have enough time to scream 'me wu!' " Edem said. Sally laughed. "Hey I'm sorry about our talk oh. I shouldn't have said those things." Dean said looking down. "Ah its ok. You were right. If I had a girl I wouldn't want some guy chasing her like that anyways. Maybe I should consider Dela." Edem confessed. "Oh you don't think..." Sally started but stopped when Dean nudged her. "What? Say it." Edem demanded. Sally looked at Dean. "If you don't tell me I will roll off my bed and tell the nurse you are trying to kill me oh." Edem added. Sally giggled. "Dela started dating some guy yesterday." She finally let out. "Really? Amen!" Edem said. Dean and Sally looked at him, surprised. "Well I don't mean to sound rude but Dela was not really my type. And you two were just giving me pressure." Edem confessed. They all laughed.

Edem missed his next gig. "Hmm…this is bad. This gig was to bring in more money. Right now I may not see third year." He said to Dean. This was his last day in the hospital. "Once you get well we will find other shows for you to do. Don't worry. Anyways I have a test to write so will come by in the evening. Sally made Jollof. Should I bring you some?" Dean said putting his hand on his shoulder. "Oh, of course! Now I have a proper appetite oh." Edem joked. Dean left smiling. He was in such a hurry that he left his phone on Edem's bed. Edem felt it a few minutes after Dean left. He tried to get up but he did it too fast and felt a sharp pain in his knee. "Hey, should you be moving?" He heard from the door. The voice was just too good to be true. He turned around and saw Sandra. She looked worried. "What are you trying to take? Let me get it for you." She said, walking closer to him. He was too surprised to smile but he wanted to. She helped him lie down and sat on the bed. "You are lucky I have a small bum. Or else I would have pushed you off the bed." She teased. Edem laughed. "How are you doing?" She asked. "I'm getting better. The doctor says I will be discharged tomorrow." He replied still not sure if this was happening. "That's good. Do you have arrangements because I can come and pick you up." She offered. His face lit up.

 "How did you know I was here?" Edem finally asked. Sandra smiled. "I run into your friend Moses today at the snack stand and I asked about you." She explained. Just then Dean walked in. "Hey I forgot..." he started and froze when he saw Sandra. "Hi." He finally said. She responded. Edem stretched his hand and gave the phone to Dean. He noticed Edem was smiling. "We will talk later then." He said and dashed out. "So are they feeding you well here?" Sandra said to break the silence. "The food is ok. I've had worse." He answered. "Like what, cats?" She teased making cat sounds in addition. Edem laughed out loud. He really liked this girl. They spent the next two hours chatting. Sandra even had to hide a couple of times from the nurse because the visiting hours were over.

"The doctor said to take things easy alright?" Sally said as Moses and Dean helped Edem onto his own bed. His roommate watched and occasionally made fun of him.  Sally had prepared some food to last Edem a few days. She put it in the fridge. "Wow this is the driest fridge I have ever seen." She said and his roommate giggled. "Anyways we have got to go. We have to leave campus before its too late to get a cab." Dean said. Sally nodded and gave Edem a little wave. "Sal, can you take the lead? I will be right behind you." He said and sat on Edem's bed. She looked at him with an eagle stare and walked out. "What's up with you and Sandra? Anyways I have good news for you." Dean whispered. Edem smiled. He sat up properly. "We are just cool oh but sometimes I think she likes me. I know it sounds stupid." He confessed. Dean shook his head. "No it doesn't. You know why? She doesn't have a boyfriend. When I met her in your room I decided to do a little investigation. That guy we saw her with is her ex boyfriend. They broke up a month or two ago. He used to be an executive on the SRC. He was sacked some months ago. I guess Sandra realized he was a liar." Dean said smiling. Edem's face lit up instantly. "Oh and you better get well soon. We have another gig." He added. Dean said nothing more and stood up to leave.

To be continued...