Friday, May 13, 2011

OMG he's cheating! (part 6)

I opened the door for him to come in. He walked into the hall and sat down. “Would you like something to drink?” I asked politely. He shook his shook his head. “Let’s cut the innocence, what have you told Naa?” He said immediately. I sat down across him. “What are you talking about?” I tried to defend myself. “Adoley. I know you are the one from that advice company I called. Don’t even act like it’s not you. I called them today and guess what they told me, they are not working today and you are at home. I still had doubts so I called and bulls eye! The same voice. So tell me. Tell me what you have told Naa.” He said. His voice was loud now. “I haven’t told her anything.” I said with my head down. “Liar! What did you tell her?!” He shouted getting up. “Hey don’t shout on me. If you had kept your sexual edge under control all this wouldn’t have happened!” I yelled back at him. All of a sudden there was an awkward silence. Then he sat down again. “I’m sorry for yelling. I’m just a little frustrated. Naa just sent me a text saying we need to talk. I thought you had told her about…what I told you.” Sesi said calming down. I almost felt sad for him but it was really his fault.

I convinced him to take a glass of juice and it really helped to calm him down. I told him the text probably didn’t mean anything serious and how much Naa loved him. “Now the problem is nobody else but you. You need to stop seeing Zebra or whatever her name is.” I advised. He nodded. He knew what he had to do already. “I think she’s late news now. When I brought Naa to the studio she got the picture.” He said. “Have you seen her today?” I asked. “No, the session is at 6pm. I will see her then.” He answered. “Good, make sure Naa is there again. She will know you are serious. She brought the other guy to make you jealous. Let her know you weren’t moved. This time be more passionate with Naa ok?” I said. He nodded and got up to leave. “I hope I don’t have to pay you oh.” He teased on his way out. I laughed and shook my head. “You better stop asking questions or else you might.” I said in reply.

That evening I called Naa to find out if she was going over to Sesi’s place. I asked it indirectly though. She said she was a bit busy at work but that was the plan. My cousin clearly didn’t know what was at stake. Then it hit me. She was doing nothing wrong. He was the one to blame. I mean, you shouldn’t just sleep with someone because she has nice boobs and cooks jollof well or even gave you money! It’s totally unacceptable. The only thing that prevented me from telling Naa was the look on his face when came over. He looked very sorry for what he did. I decided to wash my hands off their matter and watch a movie. Microwaved some popcorn and watched a new movie on my laptop, yes I’m more or less a couch potato.
When I woke up I realized I had a text from my workplace. We were to come back to work. I got dressed quickly and rushed off with my mum. It was Friday, my last day! I couldn’t wait for this drama to end. When I got to the office Patrick apologized several times for the day before. “You are apologizing for giving me a holiday? Wow, this was a good job.” I said to myself. For some strange reason I had missed my little desk. That was so odd. I had more calls than usual that day. It was like all the callers knew I was leaving so they wanted to utilize me well. When it was lunch time my brain was tired. I noticed that I hadn’t thought about Sesi and his drama at all. That was good right?

The Jollof rice with meatballs that I eat seemed to rejuvenate my brain. No wonder Sesi was crazy about Zeba’s Jollof. What was I saying?! I got back to my desk and in less than ten minutes another call came in. It’s not easy thing on a very full stomach but oh well. My Friday went well. The problems people were complaining about weren’t too complicated to from their responses they seemed pleased with what I told them. Pheew. Now I hope I get that raise, Patrick was talking about. It was now time to get paid! Patrick called me to his office and sat me down. “We really like the way you work. My boss was impressed at how easily you adapted to the job. Here you go.” He said smiling and handed me a check. I smiled too when I saw the amount. I had got the raise woo hoo! “I know we signed you up for just a week but we want you to work full time. I read your application letter and I know your art is top priority so we have decided to offer you a flexi hour job. Just 4 hours a day 3 times daily.” Patrick said turning around in his swivel chair. Just before I opened my mouth he added. “50 Cedis an hour.” He said and smiled. My jaw dropped like an anchor but I managed to pull it back up. “Just think about it ok? I’m in no rush.” He said. WOW WAS HE KIDDING???

To be continued...


  1. hahahahaha
    once agn, no notification. So as I dey read all, den I bore. It's not an easy thing on a very "bored" me. Then the story went well. And, finally, I got the twist.
    Nyc, Julz

  2. Phew!! i like,i like,i like!! its getting interesting..Good U pulled your jaw back up coz the guy with the 1000 mega pixel cam is everywhere lol..NIce Post ;-)

  3. @George- hehehe thnx
    @Didi- chale quick kwraa. lol

  4. Can u blieve this?? I jux got the notification!! A WHOLE DAY after its posting!!
    I can't liv wid dat o....
    *abduction on da lyn*

  5. yeah me that!! im generous like that. dont forget ma kickback ooo. lol