Sunday, January 31, 2016

Zaky 9

One evening after work Zaky said he was hunger so I offered to cook for him. I made a quick egg stew with rice and served it to him while I took out the trash. When I was putting the trash bag into the big bin outside I saw a piece of paper that looked like a blueprint of a building. I was just about to ignore it when I saw "Out of service camera" written with an arrow next to it. It looked like our office building. Very few people knew that the stairway camera wasn't working and I remember telling Zaky. I pulled out the paper and watched it closely. It was really a blueprint of our workplace!  My heart started racing when I heard Zaky call my name from inside. I quickly folded the blueprint, put it in the back pocket of my jeans and rushed back.

"Wow that was one awesome meal. You never told me you could cook this good. I’ll miss this." Zaky said and I smiled. “Why are you going somewhere?” I asked a little confused. He shrugged and said he meant when he finally went back to the head office.  I almost forgot about the blueprint. He put his empty plate into the kitchen sink and walked to me. It was when he put his hands around my waist that I remembered it was still in my pocket.

 He kissed me on the forehead and rested his hands right on my butt. My heart missed a beat when he stopped and said, "What's that in your pocket?" It was too late to stop him. He pulled it out. He looked at the blueprint and turned to look at me. My heart was pounding and to my surprise he was very calm. "I guess you are wondering why I have this." He said. I wasn't sure what to say. He let out a heavy sigh. "Let me show you something." He said holding my hand and leading me to his bedroom. All sorts of scenarios played around in my head.

Zaky sat me down on his bed and pulled out something from his bedside drawer. My heart calmed down a little when I realized it was an ID card. He gave it to me. It had his picture on it but the name was Derrick Sowah. It was a company ID card, FX Security to be precise and it said Derrick Sowah, Security Analyst. "My name is not Zaky. I'm Derrick. I work as a security analyst. Your company hired me to test all their security systems. What I do is I go to the company, see how good their security systems are and submit a report. I know it's a lot to process and I'm really not supposed to be sharing this information. Employees are not to know until I leave. I could easily get fired." He said. I looked at the ID card and turned back to him. I slowly absorbed what he said.

This really was a lot to process. I tried to run this information by what Kafui told me. It sort of made sense; the fake CV and the secrets. Then it hit me. He may have been with us just to see if we will allow him to have access to the cctv cameras and I don't know about her but I gave him everything. He had the password and full access to surveillance system at work because I was sprung. I trusted him with it. Then my heart skipped a beat. Did he even really like me? "So this thing with us was just your job?" I asked with a little quiver in my voice. He seemed surprised. "You think I used you? No I didn't." He said. I stood up dropping the ID card on the floor. "I should have known. A guy like you will never be interested in a girl like me." I said, walking out.

He stood up and came after me. Immediately I turned to say more about how I felt he took me in his arms and kissed me. He didn't caress me, didn't touch me, he just kissed me deeply. I wanted to move away but I couldn't. A greater part of me wanted him so much. He pulled back slowly, looked into my eyes and said, "This is real. I haven't felt like this about anyone in a long time." It felt nice hearing him say that. He never really officially asked me out but words like those made it ok.

To be continued...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Zaky 8

I stared at Kafui trying to guess what she was about to say. My best guess was that she had a history with Zaky. One that obviously didn't end well. Dede mentioned that she sounded jealous the day they spoke and I sort of got what she meant. "You can believe what I'm about to say or not. I honestly don't care anymore." She started and I sat up.

She started her story by telling me she used to date Zaky. My guess was right after all but what she said after that was completely off my guess . "He joined the company last year and we got close and started dating. He became a bit distracted after a while and always went to meet friends from his old job. I got slightly paranoid. Any woman would right? So I hacked into the company folders for his personal records. I just wanted to know who this so called friend was" She said. I raised an eye brow.

Hacking? Kafui was not as innocent as she looked. "He used to work for Ziltec with a managerial position too. That sort of calmed me down because most of the staff there are men but hey they have female secretaries and stuff right?" She asked and I nodded. Ziltec made most of the banking software in the country. "I called a friend who worked there and guess what?" She asked and paused. It took me a few seconds to realise she was waiting for me. "What?" I said and she continued, "He said there was never an employee there called Zaky. I wasn't sure what to do so I told him what my friend said and he claimed to work with them on a contract basis. He played the trust card and told me that if I wanted our relationship to go on I should trust him."

Kafui was beginning to sound emotional. "A week later he broke up with me. It didn't make sense because I decided to trust him then. I threatened to tell everyone he was a fraud but he reminded me about my hacking and that if I wanted to keep my job I should be quiet. He had a point." She explained. I stopped and thought for a moment. "So why are you telling me? Aren't you afraid I will report you?" I asked. She laughed and told me she had gotten a new job ready for her the next month. "That's why I didn't call you. Wanted to secure my new place first. Report him. He is a fraud. If you need any more information you can call me." She handed me her card, opened the door and got out of my car. "All the best." She said and walked off.

I attempted to call her back but didn't. Honestly, I didn't believe her. She was just jealous. I looked down at the card and noticed something strange. She worked at the surveillance department too.

The next week Zaky came to my office during lunch time as usual. After work when I was driving him home he asked me to drop him off somewhere else. When he said he needed to see someone from his former office I remembered Kafui. I thought about it and realised he never spoke about his personal life at all. The only part of his family I had heard of was his cousin who owned the apartment he was living in. "

How come you never talk about your family?" I asked randomly. Zaky paused and turned to me. "My parents and brother are dead and I don't have any uncles or aunties." He said sharply. "I thought the apartment you are in is for your cousin. You must have an auntie or uncle." I shot back. "He's, he's not like, he's not blood. I just call him that." He stuttered. He asked me to pull over and he got out of the car. "I need to go, is there a problem?" He asked staring at me. I shook my head so he nodded and left. I knew it sounded silly but Kafui' s story kept playing in my head.

To be continued...