Thursday, December 27, 2012

Waiting to run 2

I slipped the rest of the money into my pocket and smiled. In to time at all, I had mixed feelings about keeping the money. He seemed very absent-minded. Maybe he didn't even know he had given so much money. There was only one way to clear my conscience. I rushed out the door to ask him. He couldn't have made it past the hotel lobby. I jogged there and saw him. Obviously I couldn't shout Mr. Strange! I rushed over and tapped his shoulder. "Sir. I think you overpaid." I said, still not sure why I was doing it. He stopped and turned to look at me. He was sweating. He looked at me with so much surprise it startled me.

I stretched out my hand with his change in my palm. "Keep, just keep it." He stuttered. I tried to smile but just when I was about to turn I saw something terrifying. It looked like wires. He saw that I had noticed it and quickly grabbed my hand. "Be calm." he whispered to me. My heart was racing! "If you move or shout I will press the button and we will all be blown into pieces Smile." He said. I did as he said. Then I thought aloud. "But if I'm quiet won't you still blow up the place?" It wasn't after I asked that I noticed I shouldn't even have been talking. I didn't want to die. At least not then and not as a waitress. He put his hand around my shoulder and I followed his eye view. He was looking outside. Just when a man came out of a black Toyota Camry he started to shiver.

 I was so close to him I could feel his vibration. I squinted to see the man properly. It was George Wilson the lawyer who was all over tv some weeks ago. He was known to be the best lawyer in the country. Why did this man want him dead and why like this? I tried to give a hero speech but I didn't know what to say. "Please let me go. I swear I won't say anything." I pleaded, still trying to keep a straight face. "If you want to live, do as I say." he said and started moving.

He was holding my hand like he knew me. He turned and smiled at me and I smiled back. We were just a few feet from Mr. Wilson and I could feel his sweaty palms. I'm going to push you out of the building. Run as fast as you can. Good luck." he said and without any warning he pushed me out the door. I didn't even turn around. I run down the road and in exactly 5 seconds I heard and felt the explosion behind me. The force pushed me down and my ears felt blocked. I was shaking with fear as I managed to get myself up and look around. There were car alarms blowing all over the place and people screaming. I managed to run to the bus stop and take a cab straight home.

I fidgeted when I tried to unlock the door with my keys. The keys fell down twice. When the door finally opened I rushed inside and shut the door behind me. I stood with my back against the door for 10 minutes, trying to calm myself down. My phone rang and I jumped.

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Waiting to run

"What can I get you?" I asked a fine young man. He stared at the menu a bit longer and looked up at me. "A plate of fried rice with chicken." he replied almost immediately looking away. "Alright would that be grilled or fried chicken?" I asked again, scribbling on my pad. "What?" he asked absent-minded. "Grilled or fried?" I said. He nodded. I put my hand on my hips. "Oh the chicken, fried. Sorry." he finally said. I gave a fake smile and nodded. I rolled my eyes as I walked away. The bottle of beer on his table was untouched. It was busy, getting warm too. The weird guy was just staring at his phone on the table. He seemed eager for it to ring or something. I shook my head and walked to clear another table. A couple had finished eating. I noticed they left a tip and smiled. Guys usually left tips to impress their dates.

Mr. Odd's food was ready. I went for it quickly and set it on his table. He looked up at me and smiled very broadly. It surprised me when he said thank you in addition. I nodded and walked off. He started eating with such speed. Maybe he was just very hungry. I felt bad for calling him names. "If you need anything else just let me know ok?" I said and smiled back. I walked out the back door to take a short break. I took out my phone to call my cousin. We planned to meet after work but I decided to take another shift to make some more money. "Hello, yea Kaf it looks like..." I started but was interrupted by my boss. "Linda are you on the phone?" he asked sternly. I turned around quickly. "Ok mum I will get them for you." I said. I could hear Kafui laughing in the background. I hung up before she made me laugh too. "Sorry sir it was my mother she needed me to buy her some drugs on my way home." I lied. He shook his head and said, "get back to work." I nodded and went back inside

The restaurant was not very busy. It wasn't lunch time yet. I was 30 minutes into the second shift. The weird guy had gone back to his old self. He held a piece of chicken in his hand for a long time while staring into thin air. Then he dropped the chicken down and wiped his hands with a tissue. His phone finally rung and he almost dropped it in his rush to answer it. "weirdo." I whispered to myself. A couple walked in and took their seats. I was walking to hand them our menu when Mr. Strange called for his bill. I signaled for him to give me a minute. "No no I want my bill now!" he yelled. I honestly didn't see that coming. I looked at the couple and they smiled at me, indirectly telling me to see to him first. I smiled back and went for the bill. I was tempted to slam it in front of him but I thought about how much my boss had been on my case this week and tried to smile.

When I put the bill on his table the odd guy took a quick glance at it and put some money in the menu pouch. He got up and left in a hurry. He didn't even make eye contact. "Goodbye to you too." I whispered to myself. I rushed to cater to the couple. As I walked to deliver the orders I noticed Mr. Abnormal had overpaid. He had left 5 times the amount. I turned around and he was gone...

To be continued...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm coming back!

So, designing these clothes is what has been taking all of my time! Now that the collection is all done I'm coming back. Expect more awesome stories soon! :-)