Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OMG he's cheating! (part 7)

It’s funny how other matters disappear when money comes your way. I was so eager to tell my mum about the money I could be making to boost my art work. She was enthusiastic yes and then she did it. That annoying parent thing. “Wow that means if you work full time you could be making more than a lot of people. You should take it full time.” She said. “Mum, you know how I feel about art. It may not be bringing in 1000s of Cedis but with more input it will.” I replied.

My mum just doesn’t get my passion. To think that was enough she went on this time with a heavier blow. “50 Cedis an hour wow, that means you would have to start buying fuel and you know pay a few bills in the house. We all know you use the most electricity especially in your studio.” She added. “Huh? But I’m on the way to your office. You will still do this journey if I’m not here.” I said getting frustrated. “Fair enough, electricity bills it is then.” She said and smiled. Her phone rang and she answered it. This woman eh? She spoke for a while and hung up. “My dear, I’m picking something up from Aunty Molly ok?” She said and took a left turn. As we drove to my aunt’s place I noticed we were close to Sesi’s Studio. “Mum drop me off here. Yea, right at that bus stop. I’m just saying hello to a friend. I’ll wait for you here. I know my mother. When she says ‘picking something up’ she also means doing a little chatting too. 

I rarely do surprise visits but I really didn’t want to have to wait idly for my mum besides a Dr. needs to check on his patients’ anaa? When I got there I knocked just ones and the door flung open. Naa rushed out. She looked very mad. Then Sesi followed. “Naa seriously don’t do this. We are adults we can work this out.” He said. They both completely ignored me like I was Casper. I walked to Naa who was rushing to her car. “Naa what’s wrong?” I asked a bit confused.  She just ignored me. Sesi caught up with us. “Naa please, let’s just talk.” He said. Then the highlight of the night happened. She turned around and slapped him. Ouch!

I would have held her back but we Ga people don’t play. She wouldn’t have hesitated to give me one too and in a way he deserved it. Sesi had the worst look now. A mixture of embarrassment and confusion. “You think I’m stupid don’t you? You think I’m clueless about all that you have been doing eh? Well guess again.” She said. “Naa would you like a ride home?” She asked, ever so politely. I nodded and sat in the front seat and we drove off. When we were on the main road I turned to her and said. “Naa, I don’t think he loves her. It’s you he is serious about.” She slammed the brakes instantly and I almost flew into the windscreen! “What did you say?!” She thundered at me. “There’s another girl? Who is she?!” She yelled again. Now I was screwed. This was the best time for an earthquake to hit Accra.

To be continued...


  1. hahahahahaha
    I luuuuuv this!!
    First of all, I know that kinda face. It's called "w'anim agyimi" looool

    Secondly, why the hell couldn't she repeat the question she asked earlier?? Naa, onaabu gbaa onaa.

    But, me likey. ALWAYS!!

  2. oooohhhh noooooo!! Naa ur mouth like bucket!! kmt. this is a good time for bmj.

  3. hahahaha oh chale...mistakes do happen.

  4. am luving this, do u kn dat whn am reading, its as if u r the 1 talking

  5. Madam next chapter please, we no get time

  6. lol will load it up tonight :)

  7. Me luv this stuff,good job honey............

  8. @Naa- the rest of the story is in the May folder on the right.