Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Crush by Audrey Harriet Kumordjie

It was bedtime again and Jonas dreaded his usual last thoughts just before sleep overtook him. It had become a ritual now; that no matter where he was or where his bed happened to be, the same images lulled him to sleep. The images weren’t pretty, they were one of his embarrassing moments yet and even he couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t stop thinking about them.

Bella! It always came back to Bella. When he joined the Scripture Union (S.U) during his first year in High School, it was because of his “school father” the chaplain but it was his crush on Bella that made him stay in the group even years after Edward, his school father had left. He stayed to his graduation day.

His very definition of beauty was Bella, the standard to which he held every lady.  During their school days, one of the moments he found her most irresistible was after she’d gotten a haircut. Her sideburns were often pronounced then as her barber always shaped them up. Her slightly protruded forehead was the only thing he wished he could change about her features but six years later after High School when it was okay for the female species of his generation to “have their hair done”, he would see her again and admit to himself that her forehead had become her most alluring feature yet; more so when she had her hair in a ponytail. She had the darkest skin on campus and even her gums had melanin which made her already white teeth seem whiter.

Her small, well shaped and soft lips which he never had the opportunity to touch to confirm his perception always seemed to beckon to him. She had a perfect bust to butt ratio. The fact that she was petite was often overlooked by many because she seemed to be EVERYWHERE all the time, almost like she never wanted anyone to forget that she’s around. She needn’t worry though, because he doubted anyone who’s met Bella ever forgot her.

She was a popular girl, he wasn’t a popular guy; with a name like Jonas, who would be surprised? His parents definitely didn’t do him any favors with that name.  He was easily overlooked. He was a very shy guy and he never played himself into thinking a girl like her would ever notice a guy like him. His bedtime companion was a replay of an incident that happened in their second year in High school. He had just walked into the Assembly Hall where they normally have their S.U meetings, ten minutes before time. He loved doing that because it provided him an opportunity to stare at her as she walks in or to spend the first few minutes with her in the same room before the other members arrived. He got in and sat down at the back of the hall. Bella was chatting with one of her friends a few rows ahead.

There was just one other guy; a junior in the hall and he was making a show of rearranging the chairs in the hall in preparation for the meeting. He felt a bit guilty that the poor guy was doing it all alone so he got up and started helping. Of course he started at a place nearer to the girls, the most natural place that would make it quite alright for him to walk up to them and say; “excuse me”. He worked his way up to them as planned and said it. The girls got up without even giving him a glance, much like one would treat an invisible person and left but not before he saw Bella raise her left palm to her nose in a gesture that looked like she was trying to cover it from some odor. He felt like he could die on the spot after that, but it was the burst of laughter that came from the other girl seconds later that hammered the nails to his coffin. He never went near Bella again till they left school.

Six years later, he was leading opening prayer at his local church when Bella walked in…………..

Audrey is a vary interesting writer. Her pieces are always relatable downright realistic. She has a blog where she writes stories and poems too. Check her blog out and enjoy binge reading :) Here's the link

Monday, November 28, 2016

Jacky by Feranmi Olunloyo

My story takes place back in the day when you got close to a year off school after SSCE. A bunch of the guys had started studying for NOVDEC and others had gone to prayer camps. I didn't intend to do either. I wasn't particularly optimistic about my results but I knew I’d get through. So with SSCE finally out of the way and no teacher to try and tell me what to do, I could finally chase my true love.

The day after SSCE I started chasing my NBA dream. I picked up a new dress shirt for my big brother from a boutique and went to Aviation to play ball. There were a few high school grads like myself, some kids from international schools and a bunch of grown men. There was also a girl… a very pretty girl! She didn't seem that interested in the game and she wasn’t hiding it either. In a way, she seemed a little out place like she’d been bribed by a sibling or boyfriend to be there. My interest was piqued but for all my ravishing good looks (seriously I am) something about her stumped me.

The game started and boy was I having a good day. I couldn't miss and it was easier to catch a cat than guard me. I was putting on quite a show and trash talking anyone who stood in my way. After an hour of dominating on the court, I absentmindedly sat down close to the girl. I raised my head to coyly stare in her direction and I noticed she glanced in my direction more than once. Still full of confidence from the game I caught her eye and with a small smirk said; “You enjoy the show?"... Silence.... I do Yawa 😰.

Some of the other guys saw it…there was no going back now. I got up, walked over and said; "You know most people pay to see that" she smiled looked up and said; I’d like to see you do that with your guys in the states. I must have been that convincing, she thought I was an American baller! Of course, I was screaming in "American baller lingo" on the court a little earlier. So I said to her in pidgin; "You figure say I be Yankee boy... Chale I be Ghana boy" she laughed…hard. I was in! 💃💃💃.

So we began with the courtesies

Hi My name is Nii, what's your name ?
My name is Jacky

We spoke for about an hour, she was in form 6 at GIS. She was at Aviation because her younger brother was playing tennis. We hit it off quite nicely and spoke about everything hip then, from Destiny’s child's new album, to Cartoon Network shows. As the evening grew colder I pulled out the shirt I had picked up for my brother and gave it to her.

Do you do this often? She asked.
What? I replied
Pick up girls on basketball courts?

Smiling I said; No...not often...just about once a month 😎

She smiled back.

I wanted to ask for her number but I didn't  have a phone. We didn't even have a land line at home. What to do...

"I left my phone at home. Here's my number, flash me in like an hour "

"Alright, it's been nice talking to you Nii, here's your shirt"

"Naa girl ,common keep that. "

I lied , I gave her my big brothers number. He didn't  live with us , but he passed by after work before he went home every evening and I was supposed to have his shirt. Now I had to time this perfectly. I had to get home , avoid my brother because of his shirt  and yet somehow steal his  phone, get her number , tell her not to call on his number again and find some other number to give her.

I pretty much pulled it off. I told my brother I'd get his shirt the next day and asked to borrow his phone. She called and I told her that I was giving the phone away to a relative in the village and would be getting a new one in a few days time. I told her till then I would call her with different numbers.

Lots of lies told but hey what choice did I have, she was and IS( international school) girl , I practically went to cyto after dashing her a Perry Elis shirt and posing Yankee baller, how could I not have a phone.

I didn't have much money, I  used most of my money to buy my brother his shirt back (Why he couldn't by a cheaper brand I don't know) . I had a little money left over so I bought  a SIM card. I put it in my brothers phone a few days later and texted  to tell say that was my number. She called back immediately  and we spoke forever. I knew I wouldn't be able to reciprocate, so I told her I had a new job at a construction site that  kept me busy all day  , so I would be texting more than calling.

We  met at least once a week at Aviation. Sometimes I didn't play.  Sometimes her brother  didn't come. She brought me ham sandwiches and Sunny D, I brought her Sobolo and bofloat. I talked to her about most things and so did she.

One day while we were talking she asked why I lied to her so much. I was shocked. What?? me ? Lie??? . Apparently, after we spoke the first day she mistakenly called my big brothers number and he called back . She had known for weeks about my  my deception. She hoped I would come clean but I never did.

I left her that day and never put the sim back in another phone. I was too embarrassed. I knew she'd be going to college in the States in a couple of weeks. So I stayed away from Aviation for a little over a month. She didn't know where I lived so she couldn’t show up at my doorstep . I think she got the message. Thinking back it wasn't a big deal, I should just have come clean then and there but my 17 year old pride and insecurities  wouldn't let me. Ah well , such is life. That's how that one got away.

Feranmi my 3rd guest blogger is an awesome basketball coach who loves writing. Even though he doesn't write stories very often when he does its always an interesting piece. If you are into basketball like me you will definitely love his blog. Here's the link

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Duality by Atsu Antonio Awayevoo

You make me happy, you make me sad
You make me feel high, you make me feel low
Talking with you sends my worries into hiding
As sleep also goes into hiding

I would love to chat forever but Mr Time reminds me I can never
Rules they say are meant to be broken, though if broken, we would be broken
Broken because of an unchecked growth
Growth that could nothing but affections affect
Making affability lead to indispensabilty

Secrets are shared that act like cement, cementing the relationship
Thoughts are shared that build but break also because the naughty may sometimes cause a pondering

A pondering the naughty mind comes into conflict with the Godly mind
Who does but always wins
Though the naughty might have his time of day, the Godly will win the day making the weak strong and the heart peak with songs

As is said, all have two-sides, the bad and the good
The good must however prosper and the bad must forever loss suffer
Like the provebial "YIN & YANG",  in an endless dance they are

Atsu is a friend from university. He is a hard-working quality aspiring guy who loves his faith and having some bit of fun & ambiguity. You can check out his blog for more uplifting posts 😊

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Forgive Us Father, for We Sin. Part 1 By Etoile Oye

Part 1 - Adowa
Adowa didn’t generally swear, but had to bite her tongue to keep from yelling an expletive at ‘Brother Kevin’. She was at a Youth Relationship Workshop at Yehowa Ne Mehwefo Ministries, and Kevin had gone forth to give a testimony with his fiancée. It was her first time visiting the church, and coincidentally, her first time hearing about this fiancée. Kevin, she knew very well - too well even, especially in the light of the recent fiancée discovery.
As she sat, watching the couple gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and thank God for the willpower to have an extremely chaste courtship and reserve even their first proper kiss for their wedding day; it took all of her willpower to not burst out in laughter at the absurdity of it all.

She thought back to the day she met Kevin. They were at a conference for Marketing, Advertisement and Public Relations Professionals and he had passed by her seat at a most unfortunate time and seen her doodles of peen all over her conference scratch book. He’d bent and whispered in her ears “There was I thinking you were taking notes that would enable your company overthrow mine as number one.”

You could probably have steamed chicken off the heat that rose to Adowa’s face then. Kevin Acquah of the Acquah and sons, twelve-time winners of the advertising agency of the year award had caught her in the act of naughty doodling. She wondered how she was going to face him with the proposal from her company after such an introduction. She had planned to corner him at a breakout session later in the day. How would he take her proposal seriously now?

She was so lost in thought pondering this that she did not notice when the session ended. As Kevin passed her seat to leave the room, he dropped a note and Adowa opened it to find doodles of… flowers? The ‘art’ was signed – Your gender has it easier with the drawing, but we could both use some practice. I’ll model for you if you’d return the favor? – K. She gasped audibly and jumped off her feet to go give him her mind.

She gave him a good telling off, but failed to get any satisfaction out of it since Kevin just stood there smirking the whole time. And so began a game, where he would push her buttons at every industry meeting they both attended. And she would resist and mock his overtures with all she had. It was good clean fun, she reasoned with herself. They had not so much as hugged during these encounters. And it was. Until the last day of last year’s annual conference of the Association of Marketing, Advertisement and Public Relations Professionals, that is.
Adowa was chair of the planning committee that year, and so had little time for fraternizing. It was not until the last day that she forced herself to make time and seek Kevin out. They had a few things to hash out about a previously discussed side venture.
The breakout session was busy, and it had been impossible to get Kevin alone, as he was a facilitator. Fortunately, there was a two-hour break before they reconvened for the evening sessions and so she schemed to ambush him after the session, picking a strategic location to waylay him once he made to exit the room.

As luck would have it, a representative from one of her company’s biggest clients stopped to talk shop with her as she waited and after talking shop, she found to her dismay that while the horde of colleagues seeking to consult with Kevin had miraculously disappeared within that short time, so had he.
Adowa headed to her room to regroup and re-strategize, but had scarce taken five steps when a hand grabbed hers and pulled her into one of the nearby conference rooms. She saw Kevin’s face before the directive from her brain to scream reached her vocal cords, rendering his ensuing “Shhh” unnecessary.

When he had closed the door, Kevin slowly backed Adowa into the wall. While Adowa had been an avid volunteer in the Consent is Sexy campaign in her college days, the words took on new meaning for her as Kevin moved towards her a millimeter at a time. There was something incredibly sexy about how soft his hands were on her arms, how little pressure was in his touch, and the knowledge that the only thing keeping her in his arms was her own desire to be there… well, and the magnets in his heated gaze.

Any remaining reservation she may have had disappeared when his lips finally reached hers. Adowa had a soft spot for soft lips, and Kevin’s were incredibly so. They stood there for the longest time, having lazy Saturday morning sex with just their lips. He pulled away and looked at her with a question in his eyes, but they were both jarred out of the sensual haze, by the simultaneous rings of their phones.

To be continued...

Etoile Oye is a very illustrative writer. She doesn't slack with the descriptions when she writes and it makes her pieces extremely visual. Gosh I love that! She has blog with really interesting pieces like this and more. Check them out here

Sunday, November 6, 2016

November Surprise!

 This month I've decided to do something new. I'm having a few blog posts from some really cool bloggers I know! I will be putting up their awesome work and a little information about them as well. It's going to be really exciting as you dive into their creative minds through their articles, poems and stories.

I may drop a story or two myself within the month, who knows but I'm also taking this opportunity to work on a few things on the blog to make it super cool! Watch this space 😊. If you know any bloggers who will like to be featured this month drop me a comment and let's set the ball rolling.

Have a splendid November!!!