Sunday, May 15, 2011


I played ‘Need for Speed’ for like maybe an hour
Lifted some weights and took a long cold shower
I played music and searched for ways but couldn’t find
A single way to get Afua completely out of my mind

I remembered the way she drove when I played ‘Need for Speed’
In the shower I could almost hear her yelling “Kwame I’m taking the lead!”
I loved the music she loved so my favourites where her’s too
I never did, but now I know that I should have told her ‘I love you’

I can’t believe the girl that used to have my back 24/7 is gone.
It’s all my fault, I accept that, I shouldn’t have done her wrong.
Now she’s with another man, I hope he makes her feel like a princess
Because God if you give me Afua back, I promise I’ll make her feel like a goddess


  1. me likey likey :-)

  2. @Afua - he really misses u oh. lol

  3. oh chale i know...was waiting for him to say the 3 magic words.lmao