Monday, December 21, 2015

Zaky 7

When I opened my eyes I was just in bed. The room was pretty dark. It took a while but I finally remembered I was at Zaky's place. "Hey, do you have a headache?" Zaky asked walking into the room. He was in a pair shorts and a black tshirt. He looked so good in casual clothes too? Why? He sat next to me and kissed my forehead. I shook my head and asked him what happened. "You had too much wine." He explained. "But it was low in alcohol." I replied confused. Zaky laughed and said he lied but didn't think half a glass would knock me out. I wanted to ask him if the kiss was real or a dream but I felt the kiss on the forehead was a sign that it did. "If you are not feeling too good I could drive you home." He offered. I smiled.

 After drinking some water and washing my face I felt fine. I noticed my father had called me several times. I said goodnight to Zaky and drove off. I ended our kiss prematurely thanks to the drink he gave me. When I told Dede what happened she said I shouldn't worry about because we had crossed the friend zone.

The next day Zaky came to my office before lunch. I usually met him in the lobby but for the first time he came to see me. I smiled when he walked. Everyone in the office turned around to look at him when he walked to me desk. They were probably more surprised when he stopped and we spoke. "What are you doing here?" I asked. He leaned over my desk, looking around. "I wanted to see your side. You see me everyday in my office so it's only fair I come see yours  too." He replied. We hadn't spoken about the kiss at all but somehow I felt closer to him. "You should explain how this whole CCTV camera thing works over lunch." He said staring at the large monitors showing the different offices. He held my hand and helped me to get up. Zaky was such a gentleman.

After work we went to watch a movie. I wasn't sure if that was our first or second date. After the movie the questions about my work continued. I found it a bit strange how all of a sudden he was interested in what I did. I didn't think working in the surveillance office was the slightest bit interesting. So I asked him why. "I guess when I like someone I like to get to know them more." Zaky shrugged. My heart raced. He just said he liked me and very effortlessly too. I wanted to shout "I like you too" but I just froze. 

When our date was over Zaky made me drop him off at a restaurant close to the head office. He said he had to speak with a friend there. When we got there he stopped before he opened the door. He turned to me and took off my glasses then he learned over and kissed me. It was short but very passionate. The kind of kiss that made you wonder why you were allowing him to stop. "I'll see you tomorrow morning." He said putting my glasses back on my face. He opened the door and walked out while I stared at him. I just stared. Immediately I tried to join the main road to head home I saw a familiar face. It was Kafui. She noticed me too and walked to me car. "Your friend said you wanted to know the truth about Zaky." She said when she got to the car. I wasn't sure what to say.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Zaky 6

Zaky and I got pretty close the next couple of days. I picked him up for work and dropped him off everyday. I never mentioned anything about what kafui said to me. I guess having him around me slowly made me forget about that night. First it was just going to and from work together, then it moved to having lunch as well. After a week I was almost certain he liked me. 

One day on our usual trip home from work he had a call that changed his mood. He stammered when he replied and I could tell he was carefully selecting his words so I wouldn't get when he was saying. The call was very short and after he kept texting like crazy. "Hey so Friday you move back to the head office right?" I asked trying to get his mind off the call. "Uh huh." He said still typing. When we got to his apartment I parked and looked at his absent-minded face. "Ei, we are here eh?" He asked. I giggled and nodded. "Come upstairs I want to show you something." He said opening the door.
Zaky seemed to come back to his normal self when we were in his apartment. This was my second time there. He brought two glasses of wine and gave me one. I tried to say no but he would have none of that so I just took a sip and put it on the table. "Oh seriously? At least drink half. The alcohol content is very low." Zaky said smiling. I nodded and downed a little more than half. He turned some music on and started dancing. I laughed. I asked what we were celebrating but he just grabbed my hand and started dancing with me. Just as I imagined he was a good dancer. 

"I don't know how to dance!" I shouted over the loud music. "I'll teach you." He replied. He put both my hands around his neck and put his hands on my waist. His palms fit gently on my waist and it felt like as we swayed from left to right our bodies got closer inch by inch. When a very slow song started playing we were so close I could feel his breath on my forehead. 

Zaky moved me a bit further away, held me chin and kissed me. He stared at me to see my reaction. I guess I was very inviting because without saying anything he kissed me again. It felt nicer than I imagined it to be. I didn't think we would be at this stage at least until a couple of weeks but I guess that wasn't his style and I didn't mind at all. Then gradually I got completely light headed and blacked out. 

To be continued...