Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eli's wife 3

Breaking the news to their parents that they intended to postpone their honey moon was hard for both Eli and Sena. Eli lied about work he had to do and Sena blamed it on bad health. At least they had their way in this one. The couple left the hotel to their own house. The presents from the wedding filled a whole guest room. The house was big, modern and very beautiful. It had a big backyard and a nice little swimming pool. When the movers came with some of Sena's stuff she put them in another room. She wasn't planning on sharing a room with Eli. He understood. The house was easy to live in. There was a maid who did the laundry and cleaning, a cook and 24-hour security man. Eli introduced Sena to the staff. He wasn't sure how things would go with Sena in the house but he could only find out.

The very next day she went to work. She had plans to meet Charles for lunch and she did. Just before she got out of her car she noticed her wedding ring on her finger. Her heart missed a beat. She took it off immediately and put it in her pocket. Charles looked more charming to her for some reason. They ordered food from her favorite restaurant and talked. She never got tired of talking to him. He loved talking to her too. She was the most straight forward and honest person he had ever known, or was she? Sena was glad Charles didn't pay much attention to local media or else her little secret would have been out. As she listened to Charles talk and laugh she realized her life wasn't that bad after all at least that moment wasn't.

In Eli and Sena's matrimonial home, both of them lived their separate lives. They could go for days without a conversation. Each one had their own room and Sena eat in her room when Eli was sitting at the dining hall. One evening, about 10 minutes after Sena came back from work she heard a knock at her room door. It was Eli. She asked him to come in for the first time since she moved in. "There's a fundraiser we are to attend. The Charity ball. It's on Friday at 7." he said noticing the changes in the room. He dropped the invitation card on her bed and turned to leave. Sena didn't want to go. It was just an event for wealthy people to show off. Her father made it a point to always attend and his donations were always among the biggest. She knew she couldn't get out of this one.

On the day of the Charity ball, Sena wore a beautiful gown and her husband, a lovely suit. Just before they entered the hall Eli grabbed Sena's arm. "Everyone is going to ask plenty questions. Act like we are the happiest couple in the world so they don't need to ok?" Sena was caught off guard but she nodded in agreement. Eli was right. She put on a fake smile and they walked in. It was just as always, expensive suits, rich kente and evening gowns that cost a lot of money. There was a jazz band playing and a performance by a renowned highlife artist. In no time at all Sena and Eli were surrounded by people congratulating them. "We were surprised you two got married. Your fathers are so close you would think they cooked this up." The Minister of Finance said to Eli. He smiled and nodded almost unsure what to say. "Technically they did. Eli and I grew up together and just fell in love." Sena said quickly and held his hand. He nodded relieved. The man seemed convinced. Sena and Eli pretended to love each other the whole night and their parents were so pleased. When they got back home, Sena went to her room and Eli his without saying goodnight.

Eli waited for Sena to leave the next morning and drove to Tina's house. She had started talking to him again but the conversations were never the same. She was not the same. He managed to convince her to take a ride with him so he shows her something. Tina agreed and they drove to his house. "You want to show me your wife? Really, Eli?" Tina said when they got there. Eli shook his head and told her that Sena was not at home. He just wanted to show her something. She got out of the car and they walked upstairs. He showed her Sena's room. He explained to her once again the nature of their marriage. "We are just together on paper." Eli said. He took Tina to his own room and pulled open the wardrobe. Tina saw some of her clothes neatly arranged. She even saw her toothbrush in his bathroom. Tina smiled. Eli held her close and kissed her. She kissed him back. Then she felt his cold wedding ring on her face. "Eli I can't do this. You are married." She said and rushed out of the room.

To be continued...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eli's wife 2

"There you are. I was wondering where my bride had run away to." Eli said. He was standing with his sister. "The limo is waiting. I'm sure you are tired." Sena's sister said walking to them. Sena told Eli and Afi to take the lead. She wanted to have a word with her older sister. They nodded and left. "Baby First Lady. That's what dad calls you now." Enyonam, Sena's sister said. Sena rolled her eyes. "Enyonam, I don't love him." she said, almost in tears. "Oh my goodness! Calm down. He's the president's son, what is there not to love?" Enyonam replied. Sena shook her head. Her dad and her sister had always thought alike. Sena frowned and turned to leave but Enyonam held her hand. "Give him a chance. He can make you happy." she said. Sena just shook her head and walked off. Trying hard to walk fast in her full gown.

"Do you want me to carry you inside?" Eli asked when they got to their hotel suite. Sena remained silent and walked inside. The room was beautiful. The lights had been dimmed and there were candles all over. The whole room smelled sweet like vanilla. There were rose petals at the foot of the bed. There was also a gold bowl of chocolates on the center table as well as a bottle of champagne with two glasses. 'Wow', Sena said in her head. For a few seconds she loved where she was then she snapped back into reality. 

"I'm so tired." She said. "Now that's a downer." Eli teased. Sena dropped her bag and turned to look at him. "This whole marriage is fun to you isn't it? Let me guess I should be lucky to be married to you because you are the president's son huh? Well I don't know about you but forcing two people to get married is just stupid!" Sena let out. Her fists were clenched. Sena didn't mean to raise her voice but she was tired of bottling it inside her. Eli looked at her and shook his head. "You think I like this?" he asked in a more serious tone. "Well you seem to be having a ball." Sena shot back. "What do you want me to do? Be bitter like you?! Let's face it, Sena, we are married and, no offence, but I am not excited to be with you either!" Eli said raising his voice. Sena was quiet. "A week ago I had to tell my girlfriend that I was getting married. You think that was fun for me? We are in too deep and the sooner we find a way to get over this the better." he said, sat down and poured himself some wine. "How are we going to do that?" Sena asked still standing. Eli did not have the answer to that question and Sena knew it.

That night, their wedding night, Eli slept on the couch while Sena used the bed. Just before she went to sleep she took out her phone. There was someone she had been meaning to talk to. Charles. She called him to say goodnight. After the call she slept like a baby. Eli kept waking up not because he wasn't used to sleeping on a couch but because he kept thinking about her, Tina. He had called her 15 times that day and she returned none. He missed her. 

To be continued...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eli's wife

Sena sat down next to Eli. She really didn't want to sit there but she had no choice. Her parents were watching her very closely. She faked a smile when Eli's father asked if she was fine. She nodded and took a sip of her drink. She looked around and saw her sister chatting with her father. It looked like everyone except her was having a good time. "Are you ok?" Eli will ask her from time to time. She would either say yes or nod. She never imagined her wedding reception like this. It wasn't the decorations, the food or the number of guests that was different. Those were far more elegant than she imagined. It was her groom, Eli.

Sena had known Eli since they were kids. They had been family friends since she could remember. He used to be very small for his age and Sena and all the other kids made fun of him but time changed all that. He had grown up to be a tall and very good looking man. 'Akiti', that's what Sena used to call him. She never imagined marrying him, ever.

"Let's welcome the couple to have the first dance?" The MC of the reception said and the crowd started cheering. Eli took one last gulp of wine and stood up. He took Sena's hand and helped her off to the dance floor. Her full wedding gown sweeping the tiled floor. The DJ played a slow love song. "I hope I don't step on your toes." Eli whispered into Sena's ear. She looked at him sternly. She caught him smiling and she smiled too. He took her hands and put them around his neck and put his hands on her waist. They moved left and right, slowly. Sena really wished the song would end. "My feet hurt." she lied to Eli. He nodded and led her off the dance floor.

Sena glanced at the gift table. It was overflowing with gifts. So many that the book for signing names was full and the names were just written on the gifts. She glanced at a table filled with her friends. Pat was sitting there too. The person she always dreamed will be her maid of honour. She glanced at Afi, Eli's sister who was her maid of honour. For the whole ceremony they had barely spoken. The dance floor was open to everyone now. The floor was filled in no time.

After all the many fake smiles and thanking guests for coming Sena poured herself a whole glass of red wine and went to stand at the back of the tent. There was a beautiful view of the beach at night there. She sat down on a bench and began to cry. She took out her phone from a little clutch she was holding. She saw messages and a lot of missed calls. She looked for a particular one and found it. It was from Charles. She met him a few months ago and took a liking into him. He seemed different. He seemed to like her for who she was and not her money or her status in society. He wasn't intimidated by it too. The message said, ' hey I called you a couple of times today. Wanted to pass by.' Sena managed a smile.

To be continued...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your arrow killed me

We were not afraid to fight the enemy
Even though they had a much bigger army
My heart was determined to fight for victory
But some way some how your arrow killed me

We were a few steps to making history
I guess the excitement blinded me
Coz you raised your bow in my direction, I didn't see
It went deep from my back until your arrow finally killed me