Thursday, November 10, 2011

One 'two' love

I'm a girl. No two ways about it. I missed Kwame so much. I couldn't deny it. It had been seven months since we broke up and I knew thinking about him wouldn't help but was it my fault? Eh, was it my fault that they were playing his favourite song on the radio? "Forget him, if he really loved you he would have come after you." I said to myself. Well then again he did, once. I should have taken him back eh? No but what if he lied to me again? Ah but people lie all the time. Maybe I was harsh but maybe too we were just not meant to be together. Ahhhh, too much talk. I was almost at my junction now. The taxi driver stopped and I got out of the car. I pulled out my earphone. I wasn't going to keep listening to that song. 

I opened the gate and it felt like my house gave me a big hug. My niece yelled out my name and rushed to me. I felt a bit more cheerful. "Hello, you have missed me eh? When did you get here Kabuki?" I asked, lifting her up. "Just now. Auntie some boy bi is looking for you." She replied playing with my earring. "Eh, which boy is that?" I asked smiling. I put her down and she dragged me. This energetic little girl. "He is nice papa, and he gave me this." She said and brought out a piece of a key holder. My heart missed a beat. It was Kwame's.

I looked up and froze. It was him. It was really him. Wow and my niece was right. He was a nice boy papa. "Uncle Kwame I showed her the thing you gave me." Kabuki said and broke the silence. He smiled, I missed that smile. "I'm going to show it to Grandma and Grandpa." She said again and run off. There were a thousand things I wanted to ask him. "You have a very interesting niece. She actually taught me some things." He said. His voice hadn't changed; neither had his funny accent. I smiled and nodded. "So we did a lot of talking..." He started. "Who is we?" I asked. He paused. "Me and Kabuki." he replied. I giggled and signaled that he go on. "I wanted to talk to you but I want to hear you talk first. This time I don't want us to fight so we will do it in a nursery rhyme." He continued. "Huh? I said giggling. Was he serious? To be honest it sounded like fun. "We are using 'one two buckle my shoe'. Let the words represent what you feel about us. Ok? Please just give it a try." He said. I could see genuineness in his eyes. I can't explain it, I could just see it.
 "Ok, here we go." I said and recited....

One two, who are you?
Three four, what are you looking for?
Five six, what can you fix?
Seven eight, don’t you think you are late?
Nine ten, why are you here again?

Kwame took a deep breath and moved closer to me. He looked at me right in the eyes and recited his verse.

One two, a man in love with you
Three four, to keep your heart secure
Five six, us, this time with no tricks
Seven eight, yes I believe u are my soul mate
Nine ten, to love you now more than I did then

Call it cheesy, call it silly, call it whatever you like but that was the day I fell in love with Kwame. Maybe I was in love with him the whole time but I just needed that little spark of magic to put it all together. Love is in the air....


  1. I call it an inspiration to pack my bags and go get whats mine!!!

  2. U too! Hehehe! I am going to try this on an ex. Lovely though. lol

  3. @ DIDI- that's the spirit! :)

  4. @David- don't forget to smile.. :)

  5. ahhh....i feel the love...too bad no one to share it with...lovely post!

  6. this is lovely. first time here and am following because am in love with your blog. will sure be back.

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  7. @Pricy- Thanks. will check ur blog out!