Thursday, May 5, 2011

A wife, a mother, a woman

"Mum look. Is it ok?" Kofi asked his mother, holding up a clay mould. "Wow, Kofi your father will love this!" She responded. Kofi smiled and run off to his cousins. "What was that?" Her sister asked taking a pot of soup off the fire. "I have no idea oh. So far as it keeps him happy, he can make as many as he wants." She answered and they both burst out laughing. The two women were cooking a meal for their parents. It was their fathers birthday and they decided to take the burden off their mother to prepare dinner. "Wow, it should be my birthday everyday." Mr. Obeng said walking into the kitchen. "Adjoa, when is Henry coming again? It's been how long 2 years?" He asked. "Yes ohh, two years. They arrive in two weeks." Adjoa replied. "Daa you should see the present Kofi made for him. It's priceless." Akua teased.

After the huge meal, the family sat in the backyard enjoying the breeze. The children where in the room watching cartoons with the nanny. "Since your mother is here I can't keep talking about how nice the meal was or else she will starve me when you leave." Mr. Obeng teased. "Oh Daa." Akua said and they all giggled. "It's good you know your wife well." Mrs. Obeng responded and they all laughed. The stars were bright and the full moon lit up the sky. "Henry and I will be moving to Accra when he comes back."  Adjoa said. "Oh that's good. What's the reason though?" Mrs. Obeng asked. "He wanted to tell you himself but it looks like my passion for kokonsa has caught up with me. He is getting promoted." She blurt out with a smile. Akua and Mrs. Obeng clapped in joy. "That is amazing. After just two years on the field? Congratulations." Mr. Obeng said with a smile. "Yes oh. His superiors were so impressed with him. He is moving to ... position just next month. I'm so excited!" Adjoa went on. "Aww I'm happy for you. Now Kofi can see his father more." Akua said.

"Mrs. Dodoo, I'm sorry but I would be a little late for our meeting. Yes, ok, thank you for understanding." Adjoa said and hang up the phone. She was dropping Kofi off at school. Her neighbours who usually took him to school along with their daughter couldn't do it. Apparently their daughter was a little under the weather. "I will come for you at 5 o'clock ok? Don't go home with anyone else. Just wait for me alright?" She ordered and Kofi got out of the car. As he rushed off she turned and saw his lunch money on the backseat. "Kofi, you left your money!" She yelled. He turned around and started running back to the car. Then her phone rang. "Hello, is this Mrs. Henry Dartey?" a male voice asked. "Yes it is." She replied. Kofi was infront of the car now. She stretched for the money. "I'm calling from the Ghana Armed Forces. I am calling to inform you that you husband...passed away yesterday. He was indeed a great man and his death is deeply felt by all of us..." He went on. Adjoa dropped the money immediately. Kofi picked it up and looked at her. She looked at him fighting the tears. "Mum are you ok?" Her son asked her. She managed and smile and nodded so he turned around and left. She waited till he entered the school and put the phone on the passenger seat. The officer was still talking. Then she put her head down on the steering wheel and started crying.

"Thanks for the ice cream mum." Kofi said smiling from ear to ear. "Anything for my darling. Come here." She said. He rushed and sat right next to her. "Do you remember the really cool place I told you about?" She asked. "Which cool ...oh yes Heaven?" Kofi responded. "Yes Heaven. It's a big beautiful place with lots of nice people and plenty ice cream and chocolate. Remember the Angels too?" She added. Kofi nodded and smiled wider. "Daddy is gone there. He is having so much fun with Jesus and the angels." She explained. "Wow, that's so cool but they say if some one goes to Heaven you will never see them again." He said looking at his mother. "You won't see him here but you will see him when you go there." She added. Kofi turned to look at the clay molds he made for his father. "Then I can give him his presents when I get there." He said and smiled to himself. "Let's go tomorrow mum!" He screamed. "No my darling we can't go ourselves. God has to invite us or else we will get lost. So when God wants us to go I'll tell you ok?" She replied, a bit startled. "But for now, your father can see you so you have to be a good boy so that he will be happy with you." She added. He looked up into the sky and waved. "Bye bye daddy." He said and Adjoa smiled.

This story is dedicated to all wives, mothers and women :) Happy mothers day and to all kids who have lost a parent.


  1. Saw a lot of my mum in there.
    Had a good time with her, btw, on the day.

  2. wow!!! how did i miss this????? its soo deep. wow.