Thursday, January 24, 2013

I can't finish anything

I start writing, singing, working but I never finish anything
It's pretty frustrating but I hope its just a phase passing
Some friends said I should take a break from thinking
But will that work? Coz I really can't finish anything

You see this is not the first time this is happening
I start a project ever so beautifully but the problem is finishing
I even locked myself in the room but it wasn't helping
I'm getting upset because I can't finish anything

The hours and passing, the days are breaking
I need my inspiration back, that's all I'm saying
Maybe I'm just...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Box of talents

When my mum told me to work for my uncle in his shop during the vacation I wasn’t very happy until she mentioned that I would receive an allowance. I was saving to buy a new xbox so this wasn’t a bad idea after all. I collected games. As soon as a new game was release I had to get it. My first day at work was boring. My uncle introduced me to all the people who worked for him. There was Mrs. Owusu his supervisor, Jackie the cashier, Dela and Fiifi the porters. It’s really not the biggest of shops and besides the time people came to buy stuff in bulk to resell, Jackie was the only one who really did anything. My uncle really felt proud of his place though. He would always narrate the story of how he started off selling tins of milk and canned tomatoes on a table for his mother and how his amazing business skills was what put my mother and him through school. He never got tired of that story. After 3 days of doing practically nothing, well besides drawing comic characters and watching TV in my uncle’s office I felt bored.

My uncle was usually not around. Jackie would really not talk to me, for reasons I don’t know and Mrs. Owusu was always busy so I decided to go hang out with Dela and Fiifi. They usually sat together outside so I joined them. “Ei little boss.” They called me. I tried to explain to them that I was the boss’s nephew and that it’s his kids they should be calling that. They didn’t seem to understand. They were pretty boring so I decided to just stick to the TV but before I left I saw a girl about my age walk over to them. Fiifi stood up and went to pick some empty boxes for her. She collected them smiled and walked away. I went back to them and asked who she was. Just as I expected they teased me. They told me she would be back the next day.

The next day I waited for her. When she came I said hi. She said hello and asked for empty boxes. Dela got them for her while I asked what she was going to use them for. She seemed surprised. “I...I make gift boxes with them and sell them.” She replied. I smiled. “Do you put glitter and pink hearts all over them?” I teased. She giggled. “I don’t have glitter. I just draw.” She said collecting the boxes from Dela. My heart missed a beat. For some reason she looked cuter all of a sudden. “Let me see some of your drawings.” I said eagerly. She nodded and turned to leave. “I’ll make a box for you and bring it tomorrow. Bye.” She said and left. She was so cool. I noticed after she had passed that I didn’t ask her name. Tomorrow.

I was at work early the next day. My uncle came for a few hours and left as usual. It was Mrs. Owusu who ran the shots at the shop. She was so stern she gave me goose bumps. I brought my big notebook so I could show….the girl my own awesome drawings. She probably just drew flowers and butterflies. I sat outside with Dela and Fiifi after lunchtime. Their conversation wasn’t the most interesting but I was drawing anyway. “Cool.” I heard. I raised my head and saw her smiling. She was looking at my Spiderman drawing. “Thanks.” I said and sat up straight. I noticed a black plastic bag in her hand. She noticed I was staring and handed it over to me. “This is for you.” She said. I smiled and took it from her.

I opened the bag and saw a small black box with a drawing of Wolverine on the front and X-men written on the side. It was so awesome! “Wow!” I said. I couldn’t hide my excitement. She smiled. This was the coolest girl in the world. “Wait a minute, how do I know you didn’t trace it or let somebody else draw it?” I asked. She just sat down next to me, took my book and flipped over the page. In minutes she drew the same Spiderman I was drawing. She didn’t even go back to look at the picture. “Did you just do that from your head?” I asked after I noticed my mouth was open. “Yea, when I see something it stays in my head so I can draw it anytime.” She said. Dela brought her some boxes. “Wait! Don’t go. What’s your name?” I asked. “Samira. What about you?” she asked. “Frank.” I said. “Ok, I have to go now, bye.” She said shyly and turned to leave. I saw the box and called her back. “Samira, I didn’t give you the money for the box.” She turned around. “Oh that one is free for you.” She said and waved. I thanked her and waved back.

For the next few days Samira and I a lot of drawing together anytime she came to the shop. She even showed me how to make her boxes and how much she sold it for. She just got cooler and cooler every day. “What is this? One of your games?” My uncle asked pointing to the box Samira had made for me. “No, it’s just a gift box. A friend of mine made it for me. She comes here every day to collect old boxes.” I explained smiling. My uncle nodded. “What does she do with them?” He asked again picking it up and examining it. “She sells them.” I added. My uncle turned to look at me sharply. “For how much?” He asked again. “2 Cedis a box. Why?” I asked. My uncle put him hand on his hip. “Ei so this girl is making money. One empty box can make at least 3 of these. I’m going to start charging her.” He said and called Dela. He told him to start charging Samira 2 Cedi per box. I was speechless. “Uncle, but you don’t use the boxes. You always throw them away.” I shot out. “But now I can make money from them.” He replied and picked his keys to leave we went outside and counted the boxes. “When I come back I should have 8 cedis ok?” He said to Dela and left.

Samira was shocked by the new rules. She didn’t have any money to buy the boxes. “How about the money you get from selling the boxes?” I asked. She looked down. “I won’t be able to buy a ticket.” She explained. She was almost in tears. Her father had remarried. She lived with him and her step mother. Her church had an annual youth camp at Tamale, where her mother was and she was trying to make money to go so she can visit her. I felt sad instantly. I had both of my parents with me. She needed 60 Cedis for the trip and she just has 24. I decided to help her.

The next day I asked my uncle if I could get my allowance a bit early. He didn’t hesitate at all. I bought 10 boxes and enough water colour to make many boxes. We worked on the drawings together and finished 25 boxes. I took 20 to my mum’s bank and they bought everyone. My mum was so excited when I told her the idea so even though I sold 15 she bought the rest. Samira sold 3 but we had more than enough money for the trip. She was so excited. She could totally afford it now with lots of change.

My vacation ended when at the same time Samira travelled. It was the best vacation ever. I knew I was going back to school to envy my friends whose parents bought them new games but I didn’t care. So when my mum surprised me with an Xbox on my birthday I didn’t know what to say. She told me about how proud she was of me for helping Samira out. I couldn’t believe giving could ever let me get what I wanted.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Waiting to run 4

"I swear I have never seen that man before today. I don't know him. He has never been to the restaurant before. Well, I don't know maybe he has but never during my shift you know? This is insane. I mean this is not even close to possible." I said to my mum uneasy. She nodded. "Don't worry, Mawue. This will all be sorted out." she said after I told her what happened. My hands had started shaking again. "The Police suspect she is the girlfriend of the suicide bomber." the news reader said and my mum turned to look at the TV. Just then there was a knock at the door. My heart missed a beat. Was the Police here to arrest me? Before my mother and I could say anything the door knob turned and Kafui stormed in. She rushed to me and hugged me. "What is going on?" she asked. I was so relieved. I told her the whole story almost twice because she kept asking me to go back like it was a riddle.

The TV was still on but my mum had muted it so we didn't hear what they were saying. "Mawue, maybe you should leave town." Kafui said. "What?! Are you mad? The Police will think I am running away. Mum has called her boss. He knows a lawyer. If he comes he will know what to do." I replied attempting to drink some water. My phone had been ringing non-stop with text messages from my friends. I got angry and turned it off. I was sick and tired of telling the story. I glanced at the TV and saw my picture still there but the caption had changed. It now read, "If you know this lady please call the following numbers..." I put my head on the table. "I'm dead." I whispered.

The death count had risen from 3 to 7. My mum was busy calling her boss to get the location of the lawyer. She was fed up of waiting. Then there was a knock at the door. "Thank God!" my mum said and walked to the door. "You are late, please come in. Where have you been?" She said and dragged the man in before he could say a thing. My mum can get a bit like that sometimes. I don't know if I was happy or sad to see him. "Lawyer I know it looks bad but I am innocent." I blurted out immediately I saw him. "It's a mix up. She doesn't even know the guy." Kafui threw in for me. "You people, let the man talk. Forgive our lack of manners. Please sit down." My mum offered. He sat down and put his briefcase down. "I just need to know the whole story." He said. He looked at the TV. "Could you turn up the volume?" He asked. Was he now noticing how serious this was? My mum grabbed the remote and did as he said. "So, Max how long do you think it will take to find the suspected accomplice?" The reader asked. "The Police have narrowed down her area but if she has fled they would have to track her trail so it's hard to tell..." the reporter replied.

"Lawyer, should I tell you what happened now?” I asked, feeling more pressure than before. "You know what? We need to buy some time. Go get a hoody or hat and let me take you to my chambers. We can do that there." He said finally and picked up his briefcase. I rushed to my room and grabbed both a hoody and hat. I put both on. My mum was about to lock up when her phone rang. It was her boss. "Sir, thanks a lot. The lawyer is here." she said smiling. She held the phone and silently turned to look at us. She looked scared and confused all put together. The next thing I knew the man had me in his left hand with a gun pointed at my head. Kafui screamed and he shot her. My mother dropped the phone and caught her as she fell. Just then there was a bang at the door. "Mawuena Kudjo, open the door this is the Police!" they yelled. The man dragged me to the back of the house. My mother was crying. I was in too much shock to cry. He kicked the back door open at the same time the front door was broken down by the Police. We rushed to his black car and he flew me in. He sat down and before he could even close the door the car sped off.

To be continued...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Waiting to run 3

I fidgeted when I tried to unlock the door with my keys. The keys fell down twice. When the door finally opened I rushed inside and shut the door behind me. I stood with my back against the door for 10 minutes, trying to calm myself down. My phone rang and I jumped. It was my mother. I stared at it for a while and answered it. She was talking so much. "Yes I'm fine. I'm at home. Yes." I said, locking the door behind me. My hands were still unstable. I went to my room and sat on my bed. I paused for a while and turned on the tv. I changed my mind and turned it off. I didn't want to think about what had happened. I closed my eyes and lay down. Maybe all this was just a dream.

"Are you ok?! Wear something and let’s go to the hospital for a check-up." I heard my mum say. I opened my eyes and saw her standing in front of me. "Mum I'm fine. I wasn't in the building when the bomb went off." I said. She sat on the bed. She was calm now. "Thank God." she said and managed a smile. Being an only child makes her worry so much. "When I was leaving work, I saw on the TV that they were getting a lead as to who it was." my mum added. She grabbed my remote and turned on the TV. I don't know why but I didn't want to find out any more about the incident. I got up and walked to the kitchen. "What happened to Max, Stella and all the people who were working in the restaurant? Did the bomb go that far? I wondered. I noticed I was standing in front of an open fridge for a while now. I wasn't hungry. I closed the fridge and sat down.

"Mawue, it's Kafui, she wants to talk to you." My mum said holding her phone out to me. I collected the phone and she took out some noodles and frozen stew. She was clearly going to make me eat. "Yo Kaf, sup?" I asked, ever so calmly. "My goodness Mawue, I thought you were hurt. It's all over the news that..." she started but I cut in. "I know, I know. I just want to forget about this." I said. She paused all of a sudden. She was just silent. "Hello, Kaf, Kafui." I called. "Shit turn on your TV." she finally said. "Ah, were you listening to me? I said I don't want to get into ..." I complained but this time it was Kafui who cut me short. "Turn on the damn TV la!" She thundered. I was just going to complain when I heard the sound of a broken plate from the hall. I rushed to see if my mum was ok. I saw her standing stiff facing the TV. "Mum are you ok?" I asked worried. I turned to see what startled her. Then there it was, a picture of the man with the bomb and a picture of me. "It seems the bomber's accomplice managed to escape." The news reader said.

To be continued...