Monday, July 16, 2012

His muse 8

Dean was pacing up and down at the hospital. Sally was sitting on a bench too. Dean tried to call Edem and the medical assistant answered the call and told him what had happened. "It's all my fault. I was too harsh." Dean said. Sally signalled for him to sit down. "It's not your fault. The driver's brakes failed and his wipers weren't working. Stop blaming yourself. Edem will be fine." She said. After about two hours of waiting the doctor calmed them down. Edem was fine. He just had a bruised knee and a few minor injuries. They rushed to see him but he was asleep.

The next day when Dean and Sally came to the hospital, Edem was awake. "I don't think its luck. I saw the van coming and I dived. I didn't even have enough time to scream 'me wu!' " Edem said. Sally laughed. "Hey I'm sorry about our talk oh. I shouldn't have said those things." Dean said looking down. "Ah its ok. You were right. If I had a girl I wouldn't want some guy chasing her like that anyways. Maybe I should consider Dela." Edem confessed. "Oh you don't think..." Sally started but stopped when Dean nudged her. "What? Say it." Edem demanded. Sally looked at Dean. "If you don't tell me I will roll off my bed and tell the nurse you are trying to kill me oh." Edem added. Sally giggled. "Dela started dating some guy yesterday." She finally let out. "Really? Amen!" Edem said. Dean and Sally looked at him, surprised. "Well I don't mean to sound rude but Dela was not really my type. And you two were just giving me pressure." Edem confessed. They all laughed.

Edem missed his next gig. "Hmm…this is bad. This gig was to bring in more money. Right now I may not see third year." He said to Dean. This was his last day in the hospital. "Once you get well we will find other shows for you to do. Don't worry. Anyways I have a test to write so will come by in the evening. Sally made Jollof. Should I bring you some?" Dean said putting his hand on his shoulder. "Oh, of course! Now I have a proper appetite oh." Edem joked. Dean left smiling. He was in such a hurry that he left his phone on Edem's bed. Edem felt it a few minutes after Dean left. He tried to get up but he did it too fast and felt a sharp pain in his knee. "Hey, should you be moving?" He heard from the door. The voice was just too good to be true. He turned around and saw Sandra. She looked worried. "What are you trying to take? Let me get it for you." She said, walking closer to him. He was too surprised to smile but he wanted to. She helped him lie down and sat on the bed. "You are lucky I have a small bum. Or else I would have pushed you off the bed." She teased. Edem laughed. "How are you doing?" She asked. "I'm getting better. The doctor says I will be discharged tomorrow." He replied still not sure if this was happening. "That's good. Do you have arrangements because I can come and pick you up." She offered. His face lit up.

 "How did you know I was here?" Edem finally asked. Sandra smiled. "I run into your friend Moses today at the snack stand and I asked about you." She explained. Just then Dean walked in. "Hey I forgot..." he started and froze when he saw Sandra. "Hi." He finally said. She responded. Edem stretched his hand and gave the phone to Dean. He noticed Edem was smiling. "We will talk later then." He said and dashed out. "So are they feeding you well here?" Sandra said to break the silence. "The food is ok. I've had worse." He answered. "Like what, cats?" She teased making cat sounds in addition. Edem laughed out loud. He really liked this girl. They spent the next two hours chatting. Sandra even had to hide a couple of times from the nurse because the visiting hours were over.

"The doctor said to take things easy alright?" Sally said as Moses and Dean helped Edem onto his own bed. His roommate watched and occasionally made fun of him.  Sally had prepared some food to last Edem a few days. She put it in the fridge. "Wow this is the driest fridge I have ever seen." She said and his roommate giggled. "Anyways we have got to go. We have to leave campus before its too late to get a cab." Dean said. Sally nodded and gave Edem a little wave. "Sal, can you take the lead? I will be right behind you." He said and sat on Edem's bed. She looked at him with an eagle stare and walked out. "What's up with you and Sandra? Anyways I have good news for you." Dean whispered. Edem smiled. He sat up properly. "We are just cool oh but sometimes I think she likes me. I know it sounds stupid." He confessed. Dean shook his head. "No it doesn't. You know why? She doesn't have a boyfriend. When I met her in your room I decided to do a little investigation. That guy we saw her with is her ex boyfriend. They broke up a month or two ago. He used to be an executive on the SRC. He was sacked some months ago. I guess Sandra realized he was a liar." Dean said smiling. Edem's face lit up instantly. "Oh and you better get well soon. We have another gig." He added. Dean said nothing more and stood up to leave.

To be continued...


  1. Now u have me fidgeting like a 7 year old boy waiting for his dad to bring home his first BMX! Nice one der Julz. Pls keep dem coming.