Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just my luck 2

I opened the gate for her to park inside and we got into the house. She smiled as she looked around. “Nice place, show me around.” She said, holding out her hand to me. I took her arm immediately and showed her around the house. “Wow, so you are the boss now huh?” She asked. I nodded, feeling really good. And just like magic, the tour ended in my room. I was so glad I had cleaned it the day before. “Wow, cool laptop.”She said opening my lap top. I had the widest smile on my face and said “thank you”. “Oh can we watch a movie?”She asked. I nodded. All of a sudden I had some strange confidence. “I have some microwave pop corn. Let me just go and fix some.”I said and walked out.

I went to the kitchen to fix the snack. When I put the corn into the microwave, I noticed Max was calling. I smiled and took the call. “Chale we are sorry oh. Kwasi wey e delay we. What dey go on?”He asked. “Oh e choose. I dey house. I get guest.”I replied, eager to tell him more. “Why, some your relative come around anaa?”Max asked again. Now I was really smiling. “Naa, I just dey chill plus some chick for here. Chale I for go. She dey wedge me.”I said. I heard him ask for more info just before I hung up. I took the popcorn and walked back to my room. Agnes had taken off her shoes and was lying on my bed with the laptop in front of her. This was a lot to take in. I lay down next to her and we watched the movie. Every time her arm or leg touched me, I felt a little tingle.

Out of nowhere Agnes put her head on my shoulder as we both sat up with our backs to the wall on my bed. It felt so good. She was so comfortable. For a few minutes I was completely distracted. Then she went a step further and put her arm around my waist. I almost jumped. She was just so sexy eh? I tried to remain calm. Maybe she was just trying to make herself comfortable.  “Are you comfortable?”I asked without thinking.  She smiled and said yes. After a few minutes she fidgeted  Without any warning she stopped the movie and said, “This movie is boring.” Then she held my chin and kissed me.

The kiss went on for very long. Then she instantly pulled away. “You are OK with this right?”She asked. Was she kidding me? “Yes, yes.”I replied and kissed her back. It felt amazing. To my surprise she unbuttoned my shirt and her dress as well. Clearly she was looking for some action! My eyes opened as she unbuttoned her dress. It was time to ‘realify’ my fantasy. My jaw almost dropped when I saw a huge wound on her shoulder. The plaster that was covering it was coming off. It looked fresh. “Agnes, what happened to your shoulder?”I asked, concerned. She looked down at the wound, fixed the plaster and started smiling. “It’s a long story papa. Do you want to hear it?”She asked. Honestly, I didn't but I wasn't in the position to sound rude. “Yea, why not?”I replied. She sat up straight. “I had a lot of work to do today, ok? So i stayed a little late to finish it.”She started. “Uh huh.” I said reluctantly. 

To be continued...