Tuesday, September 25, 2012

His muse 10.1

"I have been calling him since Friday. He won't get back to me." Dean said. Sally struggled to keep up with his pace. They were walking to their hostel from lectures. "Oh Dean relax. Edem is probably busy with studies. You know exams are coming up." She said. Dean turned to look at her. "So you are also on the other side eh?" He asked, slowing down. Sally stopped. "What? What are you talking about?" She asked innocently. Dean sighed. "Sandra his new sweetheart was acting all diva on me at the show." He said throwing his hand in the air. Sally couldn't help it. She burst out into laughter. "I'm glad one of us at least finds it funny." He said looking at her. "I'm sorry. It's just that, you looked gay when you did the whole diva thing." She managed to say. Dean giggled and tickled her. She laughed even louder. "Are you jealous of your friend because he has a new girlfriend?" She teased. "No, not at all. It’s just that since they started dating its like she controls him. Can you imagine he blew almost 150 cedis on a date with her? He hasn't made enough money for that." Dean explained. Sally put her arm around his shoulder. "Deanie, he is in love. He has more shows ahead. You said it yourself. His future is bright. Just let him have a little fun ok?" She said. They were on Sally's floor now. She rushed off to her room and Dean went to his. Just before he got to his room he got a text from Edem. "Well its about time!" He yelled. Dean read it and his jaw dropped.

"How could you?" Sally said. Edem recognised her voice and turned around. "Sally. What's up?" He said, rather shy. "Oh don't what's up me. Dean was the one who got you into showbiz in the first place and now you tell him to back off?!" She said walking closer to him. Edem stummered for a while. "Look you don't understand. I'm not telling him to back off." He tried to explain. He felt bad. "So you feel you can handle this on your own don't you?" Sally shot at him and folded her arms. Just then Edem's phone rang. "Sally I'm sorry but I have to go." He said and walked away.

Moses pulled a chair next to Edem's bed. "Yo I heard you have a gig at the national theatre next month. Is it true?" He asked. Edem nodded. "Ah, how did you know? My name isn't on the posters." Edem asked. Modes smiled. "Your manager/girl friend said it on air today." He replied. Edem smiled. "My girl has links." He said and gave Moses a high five.

Edem walked away from the ATM machine. He had withdrawn money from his education savings. He felt bad and remembered what Dean said when they first set it up. "Make sure you don't touch this money or else you can kiss school goodbye." He hadn't heard from Dean in some months. He felt bad. Sandra got him shows that paid more but unfortunately she seemed to spend all the money on fancy restaurants, clothes and fuel for her car. He looked at his phone. It was almost midnight. He called Sandra again after a few failed attempts. This time the call went through but she didn't answer. He walked briskly to his hall. When he got to his room he couldn't sleep. He checked the time again. He picked up some handout notes he was reading and opened it. He closed it after five minutes and sent Sandra a text. He was worried.

To be continued... :) 


  1. hmm no chale,he is on the edge :( ..heres a theme song.. "Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers And the lakes that you're used to..

    1. lmao...the very brown DIDI!!!

    2. Sssshhh!! you the only 1 that knows this. lol

    3. Oops, i just made it Public.

  2. ok u seriously need to reduce the time interval between chapters. hurry with the next one. thunbs up