Thursday, September 27, 2012

His Muse 10.2 (finale)

The next morning Edem skipped his class and went over to Sandra's hostel. He got there as early as he could. He knocked on the door and her roommate let him in. He noticed Sandra's bed was empty. "Adjoa, where is Sandra?" He asked concerned. Adjoa just shook her head. "I don't know. I slept early last night." She replied rubbing her eyes. Edem took out his phone. He was going to call Dean but he realized that was a bad idea. For a minute he felt out of place. Then the door opened and Sandra entered the room. She looked sleep deprived. Her hair was a bit messy. "Edem!" She said startled. Her roommate saw the situation and left them alone. "I have been calling you since last night." He said looking at her closely. Her hair was messy. Her clothes looked crumpled.

 "Where were you?" He asked. She fumbled. Edem shook his head. What he was thinking was probably right. "So you were sleeping with someone eh?!" He thundered. Before she could say another word he added, "I'm ashamed of you Sandra." She threw her bag down and rolled her eyes. "Look Edem, I really don't know what you want from me. You have the coolest clothes, dine at the best restaurants and I am even planning on getting you into a cool hostel like mine and you are here yelling at me. Who cares about that guy I was with? Aren't you the one everyone calls my boyfriend?" She finally said. Edem froze. "What?! All those things are done with my own money..." he started. "Oh boy please. You wouldn't have gotten that money if it wasn't for me!" She yelled. Edem stared at her. He realized what was happening. He always saw it, he was just blinded by the long hair, smiles and curves but now he could see clearly. He headed for the door but Sandra rushed for his hand. "Ed, look I'm sorry. I didn't even sleep with anyone. I just met with a producer of a TV show about you and we went to a party..." she explained. He didn't say a thing. He just broke free from her grip and walked out.  

Unfortunately, Sandra did not allow him to perform at the show. She gave the spot to someone else. Edem had run out of money. He didn't have enough money to get him through the next year. He went to see a few people who were organizing shows if they needed a comedian for as little as 50 cedis a show. He was desperate. One night on his way back he saw Sandra. He was about to approach her and put his anger on her when someone called him from behind. He turned around and saw Dean and Sally. "Yo, what's up?" Dean asked. Edem felt terrible and happy at the same time. He rushed to them. "I'm so sorry, Dean. I don't know what..." he started to appologize but Dean stopped him. "Don't worry its alright. I knew you would come back to your senses." he said. Sally smiled. "So we are cool?" Edem asked, looking at both of them. "Yup." they both said. Edem smiled. "Look here we have money to make. And you are not going to be begging for gigs again ok?" Dean said. Edem nodded eagerly as they walked away. "Dean you were right. My talent comes from within me and not from anyone else. Especially not gold digging girlfriends." Edem said and Dean smiled. "Amen!" Sally yelled and they all laughed, just like always.

True friends understand you, even when you have nothing to offer them.

The End  


  1. Again! DiDi don`t go chasing waterfalls!! time to go look for my rivers :P "Real won`t do you wrong,real friends dont change" ---> Nas And Damian.Marley-Friends..

    Cool,Loonnnng But worth the Wait. Weldone Julz. **standing Ovation**