Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just my luck 4

This girl was so strangely scary and sexy at the same time. She seemed a lot more scary now though. "Me, kitchen…not like…no never." I stuttered. She giggled and said. "I did it with my boss once. He is old or should I say was old." She added and giggled. "Was?" I asked moving back. My back hit the kitchen cabinet. That wasn't good. "Well I didn't check whether he was still breathing before I left." She explained! Now my heart was racing. Sexy murderer alert! "Oh stop asking me questions and kiss me. I know you want to." She said. I faked a smile. She kissed me and I pulled her away. "Did you hear that?" I think my phone is ringing." I lied. She paused for a while. "No, it’s not." She said. Yiee, what is all this? I thought to myself. "Oh I heard it. Let's go back to the room." I said. I had a plan. I would take her to my room, lock her up inside and call the Police or something because this crazy girl dierr I can't keep here around.

I took the lead to my room. She walked slowly behind me. I took a deep breath and remained calm. I held the door knob and signaled for her to enter. "After you." I said with a smile. She walked in and then I quickly locked the door. "Hey, what are you doing?!" She yelled. My heart was beating like crazy now. "I'm trying to help you by getting you to do the right thing. You need to confess to the Police." I replied. I searched my pockets and realized my phone was in the room. She kept banging the door and raining insults on me. "The land line " I said and run to the hall. "Are you mad?! Open this door before I break it down!" She yelled as I left. I called my uncle who was a Policeman and told him Agnes wanted to report an attempted rape case but was afraid. He said he would be here in no time because he was close by. When I hung up, I felt proud of myself. I walked back to my room. "Agnes I'm sorry I had to do this but it's for your own good." I said leaning next to the door. "I think you might have a condition that needs attention." I added. "I called my uncle. He will be here soon and everything would be fine ok?" I said. She didn't respond. Just then I heard the doorbell. I smiled and rushed to the door. "She is upstair..." I started but froze when I saw who it was.

Agnes was standing outside. She had bruises all over her left hand and some leaves in her hair. She was fuming and I saw a small knife that was lying on my table in her hands. My heart raced. I rushed to close the door but she was just too fast. She jumped inside and tried to stab me with the knife. I screamed and grabbed her hands. She was much stronger than I thought. I moved back and tripped on a coffee table. We both fell and the knife fell away from us. We both looked at it. She tried to crawl for it but I grabbed her leg. She kicked me with her other leg but I still wouldn't let her go. She froze and turned to face me. She sat on top of me and grabbed my neck with both hands. It happened all so fast. Breathing was beginning to be a problem. "My God, what is happening?" I heard. It sounded so far away. The pressure around my neck reduced and I thought I saw another person but it was blurry.  The next thing I remember was my uncle slapping my face. I heard some laughter in the background too. I turned around and saw my friends. Why were the boys here? This was more than embarrassing. All I could say was "Chale, it’s a long story."

The End...


  1. It ´s always interesting reading your stories and itá also a good way to practise my English. thank you and Greetings from Spain!

  2. Herh!!! Action be what?? Interesting read.. Looks like its back to #teamunlucky ..

  3. thanks Armando I'm glad you enjoy my writing :-)