Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So close

"Close your eyes." Daniel said. I giggled and looked at him funny. "Are you serious?" I asked. He nodded and I stopped walking. We were under a tree by the road. It was half past midnight. Daniel suggested we walk home from our date. We went to a pub not too far from where I lived. Dan wanted to teach me to play pool. It was fun. I loved his spontaneity. I could hardly predict him and it was so much fun. I closed my eyes in the already dark road.

 The breeze was cold. It blew through my hair and then I felt his lips against mine. It almost felt like the first time we kissed. I felt like a feather. Then I heard a dog bark. I pulled away immediately. It was a stray dog. He was barking at something on the other side of the empty road. When he saw us he wagged his tail. "Aww Dan, look. He likes us." I said. He looked so skinny. "Ahh he should leave us alone." Daniel said. I giggled. Then I remembered I had a kebab in my bag. I planned to eat it with jollof the next day but I just decided to give it to the dog. I took the stick out and put it on the floor. "Oh Elinam what are you doing?" Dan asked. He didn't like animals like I did. I rushed off to Daniel who was walking on without me. I saw the dog race to the food.

"Do you really have to leave on Tuesday?" I asked, leaning on him as we walked on. "Yes oh. My boss wasn't even ok with me coming to Accra this week. I told him my very close relative was getting married." Dan said, turning around to see the dog eat the kebab. He worked in Takoradi on one of these offshore oil Companies. He just started off so he rarely came to Accra. So when he did it was so nice having him around. "You know what? Why don't you come visit me next weekend? I will pay for you to come. You will love it. I have a little apartment now remember? Just me and you. What do you say?" He proposed. I lit up immediately. I had always wanted to visit him but didn't know how to ask him to pay for the trip. "Yes, definitely!" I answered.

 I don't know if it was the excitement or what? We just didn't notice two men come out of the bushes and attack us. They were both dark and very tall. One held a cutlass and the other a gun. "Bring your money and phones!" One demanded. I was shivering so hard I couldn't find my phone from my bag. I handed the whole bag to him. "Please take them and go." Daniel said handing them his phone and wallet. They both laughed and one punched Dan so hard he fell. "Foolish guy." One said. "Daniel!" I cried and rushed to him. "Fine girl come." The other guy said pulling me by the arm. I could see from his expression what he wanted to do. "Please. I beg you. Please!" I begged as he dragged me into the bushes. I was crying and screaming as he threw me on the ground. I tried to kick him but he was just too strong. He took off his belt and I prayed to God to save me.

 Then I heard a very loud growl. We both turned and saw it. It was the stray dog. He started barking and charging at the guy. He stood up immediately and run with the dog chasing after him. Daniel came calling my name. His lip was bleeding and his shirt had blood on it. He was holding my bag. "Eli, Eli are you ok? I was able to beat the other guy. He got scared when he heard the dog bark." He asked. He fell right next to me. "Your dog saved us." He said holding me. I smiled. "Yes he did."