Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just my luck

“Ah, where you guys dey?”I said furiously. I listened to his lousy excuse and hung up. The boys where always like that. Anytime we were to hang out they would either come late or go somewhere without me. It was just annoying. I ordered another drink and played with my phone. Thank goodness for Angry Birds. To think I closed early from work too. I turned to my right and saw a really hot lady sitting by herself. She looked so worn out. I could hear her order the same drink as me. The waiter came back and said it had run out. Just then my waiter brought mine.  “Is this the last bottle?”I asked, just before he opened it. He nodded and I signalled for him to give it to the lady. Who know she might just smile at me or say thank you. I noticed she was surprised when the waiter gave her the drink and said it was from me. She looked at me and I waved. She turned and said something to the waiter. He took the drink and brought it back to me. Yawa oh. She didn’t even wave back!

He put the drink on my table and walked away. Now this was embarrasing. The lady got up. Oh this was bad. Now i was making her leave? What a bad day! She looked so good too. Even though she was wearing a black corporate knee length dress, it was tight enough to see all her sexy curves. She had opened two buttons too to show just enough cleavage. Now I was more than shy. To my surprise she walked to my table and sat on the chair opposite mine. I froze. This was not planned. “Hi, the waiter told me what you did. That’s nice of you, thanks. I told him to bring two glasses so we share the drink. It’s only fair.”She said. Gosh I was mezmerized. Not only was she thoughtful but her voice was just as sexy as I imagined it. At this moment I had totally forgotten about my boys.

The waiter brought the glasses and we really shared the drink. She told me her name, Agnes and how she hated being called Aggie. She worked at a bank. I asked if she liked her job and she said she didnt really mind because it came with a lot of tips. Of cause, who wouldn’t tip her. She was gorgeous! Talking to her was so much fun minus the times she occassionally looked around and zoned out small. She ordered two more drinks for herself. Yup, she was a drinker. I honestly could not believe my luck when she said, “do you want to go somewhere else?” I nodded like some child. I paid the bill as fast as I could and we walked out. Hot girl walking by my side? Where were my boys to see this.

I tried to stop a taxi when we were by the road but she stopped me. “Oh we don’t need a taxi, I have a car.” She said and pulled another sexy stunt. Agnes took out the car keys from her big bag, unlocked the car with the keyholder then walked over and opened the door for me. I rushed to sit before she changed her mind, then she leaned over giving enough view to last a lifetime and said, “Don’t forget your seatbelt.”She closed the door and got into the passenger seat. That, my dear friends, was fun! “So where should we go?”She asked as we drove off. I honestly did not care where we went. Team Agnes all the way! Oh did I add the car was 2011 Hyundai Accent? But she seemed a little clumpsy with it though.

My guess, it was her parent’s car. Rich folk. Somewhere in the conversation she asked where I lived. I knew this was my chance and clearly an invitation. I answered and quickly added that my parents were out of town so I was home alone. Her eyes seemed to light up. “When do they come back?”She asked and I proudly replied, “In a month.” She smiled. Then it came. The long awaited plan. “Oh cool, then lets go to your place. We can figure out some place to go over there.”She said and took the next u-turn. She wasn’t very used to the roads so I had to really give her the directions and boy I couldn’t wait to get home.

To be continued...


  1. Ah!!! my comment didn`t show? Blogger paaa?!! erm please continue coz in my head,this girl is coming my house :D uhuh! Mi Casa!!

  2. i like this. please continue... and don't be making us wait like that lol