Sunday, August 5, 2012

His muse 9

Edem's recovery weeks were among the best in his life. Sandra drove him to class as often as she could and made sure he was eating well. He was much happier now that he knew she wasn't seeing anyone. One night he decided to make his move. They were in his room. She had brought him lunch. His roommates were all gone for lectures. "Sandra, what happened with you last boyfriend?" He asked. She seemed startled. She took in a deep breath. "He was cheating on me." She said, looking away. Edem felt sad. "Sorry I brought it up." He confessed. "It's ok. She assured. I'm sure you just asked to know my status right?" Edem froze. He let out a fake cough and she giggled. "It's ok. I'm very single. So you might as well..." she said. He sat up properly. "I might as well do what?" He enquired. She smiled and leaned forward. She put her hand on his cheek and gently kissed him. Edem's heart was pounding. "You might as well ask." She whispered. "Sandra will you..." he started but she cut himm short by kissing him again. "Yes I will be your girlfriend." She smiled. Edem was lost in space.

Edem's performance for the next gig was much more exciting. The crowd was laughing so hard he even had to take extra time. When he was done and was leaving the stage the crowd was chanting his name. He winked at Sandra in the front row as he walked off the stage. Dating Sandra made him even more popular. At a point he wasn't sure what people remembered him most for. Thanks to Dean's bargaining power, he had been able to make enough money for his 3rd semester fees with just two gigs. He was living his dream.

One night, before a show on campus Sandra drove him to the venue. "So Dean said they would pay me 250 cedis. It's not much but its better than nothing." Edem said, opening the door to get out of the car. "You didn't speak to the guys yourself?" Sandra asked. Edem shook his head. "You shouldn't let Dean handle these things." She said as they walked from the parking lot to the entrance. Edem turned to look at her. "Dean is my manager. He got me into comedy in the first place." He said. Sandra smiled and took his hand. "So do you pay him?" She asked. "No, he is just doing me a favour oh. I can't do these things myself." He replied. Sandra moved closer to him and put her head on his shoulder. "Of course you can. I believe in you." She said. They had gotten to the venue. Sandra straightened his collor, kissed him on the cheek and walked in. Edem went backstage to prepare for his performance.

"Yo. Sorry I'm late. Looking good." Dean said joining him backstage. He had just finished his performance and the crowd loved him. "Oh it's cool. I wanted to speak to the organizer to ask when I get paid." Edem said. "No need for that. I just spoke to him. He says your money will be ready right after the show." Dean replied. Edem looked at him for a moment. "So 250 right?" He asked. Dean nodded and turned around. "Sally wasn't allowed backstage. She was so angry. You can't imagine the look on her face." Dean said giggling. Edem didn't even smile. "Are you trying to change the subject?" He asked still staring at Dean. "What? No. I told you last time. The guy said because it was a charity thing they couldn't pay much." He explained. 

Before Edem could say a word he heard Sandra call him. She walked over to him and hugged him. "You were amazing. Wasn't he amazing?" She asked looking at Dean. "Definitely." Dean replied. He looked at her funny. "You had a pass to come backstage?" He asked. She smiled. "Of course, I did. I know the guys organising the event." She said, pulling her hair back. "So Ed can we go now?" She said. Edem paused. "The show isn't over yet. I get paid after." He said pointing. "Oh come on. You can pick the money up later." She said and whispered something into Edem's ear. Edem smiled broadly and turned to leave with her. "Ah Edem you are going? So should I collect the money for you?" Dean asked. Edem opened his mouth but Sandra was faster. "Dean its ok. We will come back for it. No worries." She said and they left.    

To be continued...for the last time


  1. Wow! Doing what u do best abi! I love the sudden twist. pls release da next one soon. U rock!

  2. Can we 'has' the season finale already ma'am?? New new things are guan,mi love it nor... ;-)