Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer date 2

Betty went on and on about Kenny now. She’s such a hypocrite, sometimes it hurts. I told her I was going with Darren for his physiotherapy session and asked if she wanted to come along. She just yelled “boring” and went to her room. I had to take two buses to get to Darren’s hospital. It was huge and was purely for physio stuff. He was sitting in the waiting room when I got here. “Hi, this place is huge. I got lost a couple of times.” I said sitting right next to him. “I didn’t think you would come. Thanks.” He said and I smiled. The nurse walked to him and helped him into the doctor’s room. I sat down waiting. Just then my phone rang. It was Kenny. “Oi you are missing out you know? The other day was wicked." He said. “Yea Ali told me all about it.” I confessed. “I got tickets for the Coldplay concert. You wanna come?” He asked. Wow I love Coldplay! “Sure, does Kenny know about it?” I asked unable to hide my excitement. You can’t blame me. I mean how many international shows had I even been to in Ghana? “No, he’s not a fan. He said he won’t go but I mean it could be just the three of us you know?” He added.

The door flung open and Kenny walked out with the nurse. “Let me get back to you ok? Later.” I said and hung up. Kenny was smiling when he looked at me. I put my phone in my bag and got up. “All done here.” He said. I smiled back and we walked out. “How are you getting back home?” I asked when we were outside. “Just the way I came. With a cab.” He said and in seconds a black cab parked in front of us. The nurse helped him in. “You might want to use the other door. I can’t really scoot over.” He teased. I giggled and went around. The nurse waved and we were off. “Ok so that was it? You were with the Doctor for just about five minutes.” I asked with interest. “Well I did my main session before you came but really it doesn’t take that long.” He explained. “So what would you like to have for lunch?” He asked.

At dinner that night my auntie was going on and on about work and how stressful it was. “Looks like I would have to bring some work home tomorrow night. Oh dear, I haven’t even finished today’s work.” She complained. “If it’s not too complicated I can help you with it.” I offered, putting a heap of mashed potatoes in my mouth. “Oh would you really?” She asked. I nodded to confirm and she seemed so relieved. Betty didn’t say a thing. She just kept on eating and typing on her Blackberry. Don’t get me wrong Betty is not a bad person, she is just vain to the highest degree. If she had a middle name it would be VANITY! 

After dinner when Aunt Bella was showing me how to do her data entry Betty got dressed up and walked into the hall. “Ok so I’m going out with Kenny I won’t be long.” She said. We both turned to look at her in her short denim skirt and black leather jacket. “Are you going in that?” Aunt Bella asked. “Is that my jacket?” I also asked. “Yes and yes. So see you later. Looks like he is downstairs.” She said heading for the door. “Bet, wait a minute. I don’t really know this Kenny boy and you going out this late with him?” Auntie asked sharply. “Aunt Bella I’m not a child you know? Ok fine here is his number and address.” Betty said and wrote it down on a sticky note. “There, now please don’t sleep too deep.” She said and rushed out before our Aunt could say another word. “Don’t worry she will be fine.” I reassured and we went back to doing her work.

My cousin came back from wherever she went at about 4am. I stayed up to wait for her. I dozed off several times watching TV. She woke up in the afternoon and walked to the hall where I was sitting. “How was your date?” I asked, behind the computer. “It was awesome. Guess what car Kenny drives?” She asked. She poured a glass of orange juice and came to sit close to me. “I wouldn’t know.” I replied. She took a sip and put the glass down. “A Daddy Range. my dear. We went to some really nice pub and had some drinks oh and he was teaching me how to play pool. You really missed a lot.” She said. “Well you didn’t invite me to come did you?” I asked still typing. “You would have suggested bringing Mr. No legs so I…” She started but I cut her short. “Betty, what is wrong with you? Stop acting like that. We didn’t come here to make fun of people!” I shot at her. She just looked at me and quietly stood up. “Wow, I can’t tell a joke anymore.” She muttered and walked off to her room. I took off my reading glasses and rubbed my eyes. I didn’t mean to shout at her but that joke wasn’t funny at all.

Betty refused to talk to me the whole day. I didn’t feel like apologizing to her either. The next day Kenny came over to our place. He spoke to Aunt Bella and apologized for not coming inside the other day. Aunt Bella seemed to like him. He had a way with women in general so I wasn’t surprised. Betty was so proud of herself. Like she brought a huge piece of diamond home! Mtcheeew. When Kenny was leaving he whispered to me. “Ey, are you coming with us to the show? I could ask D to join us if you like.” I smiled at him. “No it’s fine. I’m not really a fan of Coldplay.” I lied. He shook his head and got up to leave. Darren hadn’t called me since we last met. I was kind of hoping he would. Then it hit me. He was probably thinking I just went to the hospital with him to make up for what happened the last time with Bet. I grabbed my phone and called him.

Me: Hi, I haven’t heard from you in a bit. Where have you been hiding?

Darren: Hi Ali. Been around. The doctor said I shouldn’t move around too much. Ma leg seems to be getting worse.

Me: Oh that is bad. You should stay put then. So do you have someone you live with to take care of you?

Darren: No not really but I’m fine. I’m not in a wheel chair or anything. How’s Bet?

Me: She’s fine. She just stepped out with Kenny.

Darren: Yea? Ayt then. Ali, I have got to go now. I’ll give you a ring in a bit.

Me: Ok sure. Bye.

Please don’t tell me this guy has feelings for Betty. If he did it wouldn’t just be his leg that would be broken. 

To be continued...


  1. i`m loving this!! please continue neck is on the lets just say i introduced your blog to some read #Gbee kids and they want me to relay the message.. :)

  2. awww that's nice. They should feel free to follow too. :)