Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alice 7

I got out of the car and took a deep breath. I walked to the house and knocked on the door. The door opened and I saw Alice smiling at me. “Teacher!” She yelled and hugged me. I smiled back at her and looked around. I noticed a lot of things were wrapped in newspaper and there were two suitcases close to the door. “Al, where are you?” Her Auntie called. She rushed to the door and when she realized it was me she calmed down. “What have I told you about answering the door? Go to your room!” She ordered sternly. Alice looked down and run off. “Hi, I’m sorry to come here unannounced but…” I started but she gave me a hard stare, then she looked around and signaled that I come in. I walked inside and she led me to the kitchen. I sat down on one of the dining chairs. I honestly didn’t think she was going to offer me a meal. “Who sent you?” She asked. She noticed my confused face and added. “What do you want?” “I know you are leaving because of what I said but you shouldn’t. What I saw wasn’t real. It was a product of stress.” I explained and smiled but she didn’t smile back. That was when I realized something was terribly wrong. 

She clearly didn’t want me there so I was just about to leave when I heard a knock at the door. Alice rushed down the stairs but when she saw her Auntie head for the door she froze. She turned around to run back and saw me. Then she sneaked to me. “Teacher, am I coming to school tomorrow?” She whispered to me. “Maybe if you are a very good girl you will.” I whispered back for no good reason. She giggled. Then I got up. “I have to…” I started but my sentence was cut short by the sound of someone fall to the ground.
I turned to the door sharply and from the reflection on a flower vase I saw Alice’s Auntie on the floor with a bullet right through her head! This didn’t seem real at all. There was a man in a black t-shirt with a gun; a silencer. He stepped over her and looked around. I grabbed Alice who clearly didn’t know what had happened. “Where is the back door?” I whispered. “It’s that way!” Alice said aloud with a wide smile. I turned to look at the vase and noticed the man was coming our way with his gun well aimed. I dragged her along as we rushed to the back door. The man was clearly faster than us and fired. The sound of shattering glass passed through my ears like it was right next to me. His aim was almost perfect. The bullet just missed me by seconds. I hit the door open breaking the trap door in the process and we both fell onto the backyard lawn. I got up as fast as I could and pulled Alice up. The man fired again and this time I wasn’t so lucky. The bullet brushed over my shoulder oozing blood all over. “Ahh!” I called out it pain. “Teacher!” Alice cried. She raised her hands and I carried her. Then I heard voices from the neighbours. I didn’t stop moving though. I knew if I slowed down any further we would die. I could see my car from where we were. When we got to the road I looked back and the man was gone. I paused for a second confused until I felt Alice’s hands around my shoulders and rushed to the car. I fidgeted with the keys but finally got the door open. I tossed Alice into the passenger seat and drove off as fast as I could. When I reached to change the gear I noticed the bullet wound on my shoulder was gone. I turned to look at Alice and she winked at me. 

“Rodney, oh I’m so glad it’s you.” I said hugging my husband tight. “Reeny what were you saying? I couldn’t make sense of a thing you were saying. Are you ok? Calm down.” He said, holding my hands together and leading me to the sofa. “Is she dead? Did the police catch the man?” I said. Rodney took a deep breath and put his hand on my shoulder. “Mr. Mills called me. He said there was no dead body in the house, no sign of forced entry and no man in a black t-shirt.” He replied. My heart missed a beat. “No it’s not possible unless he took the body when we left. Yes that’s why he stopped chasing us. Wait. The shattered glass. He shot a glass.” I said to defend myself. “There was no sign of a struggle either. You said they shot you. Where is the wound?” he asked. I pointed to my shoulder that was clean with not even a scar. “He shot me here but Alice healed it.” I said slowly. Rodney stared at me for a while and stood up. “I, I’m going to call your shrink.” He stammered. 

“Rodney I’m not crazy. I know it sounds absurd but it all happened. You can ask Alice. Let me just call her for you.” I said with tears in my eyes. “What, you brought her here?” Rodney said pacing up and down. “Are you out of your mind? You must be to steal someone’s child!” He yelled. “I didn’t steal her. The man was going to kill her too if I left her behind.” I said and stood up to him. “Oh my God, this finally makes sense. You wanted the girl so you stole her from the house and made it look like there was a man, killing people. Her Auntie is probably out there looking for her. The doctor was right you are obsessed with having a child.” He accused. He grabbed his phone. “I’m calling Mr. Dawson and taking you in for more treatment now before you get yourself into more trouble.” He said and scrolled through his numbers. “How dare you Rodney?! I’m not going anywhere!” I said and folded my arms. “Hello, yes I need an ambulance for my wife…” He started. I reached for the phone but he held me back. All of a sudden the floor started to shake. Two paintings fell to the ground. Rodney held me and turned to the door. There she was, Alice holding the door frame with her violet hair all over the place. “Alice!” I called and she fell to the ground. “Stop fighting.” She whispered repeatedly as she lay on the floor. I rushed to her and held her in my arms. “Ok, my dear. We have stopped.” I said. She opened her eyes and smiled. I turned to look at Rodney; his mouth was open and he was still on the floor in shock. 

To be continued...


  1. Wow! Keep it coming. Dats one sweet horror movie! Big ups gal!

  2. wow. like the break in scene. ur description was apt. wu y3 writer pa pa paaaa.

  3. Hmm... I doff my hat to you, my dear.