Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Like a deja vu

Imagine yourself in a calm comfortable place. With sweet music in the background and the sweet aroma of your favourite perfume. Your heart is beating just right and you can almost not feel your body. You open your eyes and see that person smiling at you. That special person, holding your hand. You know you are in the right place with the right person.
Then all of a sudden the floor opens and you fall fast and hard to a place you don't know. You land on your arm. You feel the pain immediately and cry out. You turn to look for your partner and they are standing up above looking at you alone in the hole. This person you could have sworn was an angel laughs at you and throws dust at you, then walks away. You call out to them, they are all you know but they don't come back. After crying your eyes out, you get up and try to get out of the hole. You slip a couple of times but finally get out of the hole. 
Now you can hear the music and smell the sweet aroma again. Then after some steps an amazing person comes from nowhere. They make you feel calm and right. Your new angel comes up to you, smiles and holds out their hand for yours. You look at them and smile. Your heart is home but your head just can't help but think this is a deja vu.

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