Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alice 8

The way Alice ate peacefully it was hard to talk to her but I knew this was the best time. “Alice, why were you and your auntie leaving?” I asked. She kept eating her rice and pushing away the vegetables like any normal child. Then she stopped, held the glass of water and said, “Auntie told me we were going to Disneyland. Is she coming here to pick me up?” I didn’t know what to say. She was smiling so happily.

Just when I opened my mouth to talk, she went on, “Teacher, you can also come with us.” I smiled back and nodded. “Ermm, Alice, what you did today and at the school. Who taught you how to do that?” I mastered courage to ask. “Nobody taught me. I learnt it myself. Auntie says I should not do it again. Don’t tell her ok?” She said and giggled. This was very hard for me.

Rodney rushed down the stairs talking on the phone. “Good news Reeny.” He said with a smile. I stood up and walked to him. “Agent Mills called me. They have found someone who knows Alice. Apparently her auntie’s husband was to come and pick them up to Namibia.” He explained. I was relieved. I hadn’t been in so long. Rodney turned to look at Alice who had almost finished all her food. “He wants her in Police custody until he picks her up tomorrow. I’ll drive.” He said. “So soon, I mean can’t she spend the night here. She’s scared.” I replied. “No, Doreen. She is not our child so we can’t keep her here.” He answered. “I’m not saying that. It’s just that she has been through a lot.” I added. Rodney put his hand on his forehead. “Come on, look at her. Does she look scared to you? If what you said is right there are armed men looking for her right now. You think this place is safe?!” Rodney said raising his temper. He was right, I knew it but I just didn’t want to let Alice go.

We got to the Police station with Alice in the backseat. We saw Agent Mills at the parking lot. He was taking some stuff out of his car. “Hi Doreen it’s been a while. You look nice.” He said. I smiled nodded. “Ah, that is the little girl right? Her Auntie’s husband is in there.” He said. I opened the door and got out of the car. “Have you found the body of her Auntie yet?” I whispered to him. He looked at me confused. “I don’t think she is dead. Nothing suggests that. There is not even a sign of a blood wound. Rodney got out of the car too. He came and dragged me away. “Doreen, don’t make a scene. I didn’t tell him you were there. Nobody will believe your story ok?” he whispered, holding my face. I nodded and we went back to Agent Mills. “Is everything ok?” He asked. I opened my mouth but just like always Rodney covered me. “No, Doreen is just worried because the girl was in her school. You know how my wife worries.” He said and giggled. Agent Mills seemed convinced because his expression changed immediately and he smiled at me. Naturally I smiled back. Then from nowhere we heard the scream of a little girl. We all turned around and noticed Alice was gone!

We all rushed to the sound of her voice. It came from the other side of the car park. Agent Mills took the lead with his gun in hand. We heard sounds from behind one of the Police patrol cars. We rushed there and saw Alice at the back of the open car playing with the Police dogs. She was laughing and the dog was wagging its tail. Agent Mills put his gun back. I smiled as we watched her. “How did she do that?” Agent Mr. Mills asked, still staring at her. Rodney and I were not really surprised. I mean, we had seen her in real ‘action’ before. I held Alice's hand firmly as we walked into the Police Station. She waved at the dogs as we left and they made a friendly howl.

To be continued...


  1. I don't know why I'm beginning to feel this is all in someone's head... Please hurry with the rest. good job :)

  2. when does professor X come in???? i want more mutants!!!! :D