Sunday, July 31, 2011

No stress no drama

  • ·         Problems are like tunnels. They are dark, long and scary but they will eventually end. If u stop fighting it will just take a longer time. Just keep going.
  • ·         Can you love everybody you know equally? No, so understand that some people will love you less. No hard feelings.
  • ·         God loves you. Honestly if he didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this. It’s kind of hard to absorb sometimes because he is the maker of everything? Yea well if you made something as complex and cool as you, you would love it too wouldn’t you?
  • ·         Anger is like a parasite. You know, like the annoying malaria parasite that goes into your system and makes your white blood cells weak? In this case white blood cells= happiness. Don’t let anger steal your joy.
  • ·         Things will not always go your way so make back up plans all the time if you can’t take disappointments. One time all 3 back up plans failed but the 4th didn’t. It was to buy myself a drink if all 3 failed and I did J
  • ·         Hard times are sometimes good for you. They make you strong. I mean think about it, if you have been chased by a hungry lion before, that local dog is nothing! Bingo clearly didn’t know you could run that fast.
  • ·         The more you give the more you get. You may be rolling your eyes but chale it’s true. Just don’t expect it to come the way you gave it. I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that. When you put a seed in the ground what do you get? It starts as a plant, a tree and in no time you have a 100 fruits.
  • ·         No matter what you do (I hope it’s nothing bad) believe in yourself. A lot of people do not think they are worth much but if they could see the big picture they would be blown away. You don’t have to be on TV or in magazines to be the best. It’s all about you.


  1. Word Julz..This is deep & so on Point. :)

  2. Truth...i saw some as tweets but when they are all put together it is wonderful

  3. iv learnt dat tns wld nt alwys b in ma favour bt no mata wht i shd strive hrd n dt GOD LOVES ME!!! 'i like'

  4. @Malota- thanks @Carol- yup

  5. i just love the picture for this post :)