Monday, August 8, 2011

Justin's surprise

“Where are you?” Justin asked. I dropped my bag on my bed and turned the other ear. “I just got into my room. My second lecture was cancelled. My weekend just got started, chale.” I replied. He was quiet for a while. “Hey I have to get something to eat. Can I call you back later?” I said and hung up the phone. The fridge was so dry. I looked inside my bag and grabbed my purse. I rushed downstairs to the hostel’s provision store to buy something to eat. “Marie, are you going for the Faculty Week Fair?” Abena asked on my way back to my room. She was a close friend to my roommate. “I don’t know oh. I’m kind of broke and I don’t want to be tempted.” I replied with a wink. “Oh you should come. I heard the prices won’t be too high. My cousin is going to be there.” She added. I leaned against the stairs and smiled broadly. “Oh the designer? That’s so cool. I still remember that blue tank top we saw at her shop.” I confessed. Abena laughed out loud and I even joined her. After our little chitchat I rushed to my room. I turned on my laptop to watch a movie and changed into my favourite black shorts and a grey t-shirt. I decided to ask my brother to send me some money. Just when I picked up my phone to send him a text my boyfriend called. “Oh Justin I said I would call you right back eh? Sorry oh.” I apologized but he cut me short. “Oh it’s fine. There is a package for you at your door. Have you got it yet?” He said. My heart skipped a beat. Who doesn’t like packages. “No it hasn’t what is it? Tell me, tell me and who is bringing it?” I said immediately getting off my bed and dropping my pillow in the process. Then like magic I heard a knock at the door. I rushed to the door and opened it. “Justin!” I screamed and hugged him tight.

“You sneaky boy. You didn’t tell me you were coming!” I said when he was inside. “Then I would have spoilt the surprise.” He said with a smile. “But you never ever surprise me.” I said. “Maybe I have changed.” He said and sat right next to me. It was nice having him around, really nice.” Just before I could ask him his main purpose of stay and duration, he said he had to take a call and rushed out of the room. Minutes later Eyram came into the room. Eyram was my roommate. She called Justin her Checkmate because they both liked Chess. How lame is that? The two of them got along very well. Eyram was also reading Civil Engineering, the same thing Justin studied in Uni. “Guess who is here?” I asked her. She threw her books on the desk and shook her head. “Justin!” I yelled. “My Checkmate? Ei what a surprise. Where is he?” She said smiling. “He just stepped out to take a call.” I replied. Then Abena came in the room without knocking, as usual. She grabbed Eyram and dragged her away giggling. I’m sure it was for their usual kokonsa.  

After about a whole two hours of talking about things that don’t really matter I remembered. “So are you here for work and how long are you staying?” I finally asked. “Oh can’t I come to visit my girl? Eh? Can I spend the weekend here?” He asked and kissed my cheek. I smiled and nodded. Eii my boyfriend had really changed. “Justin there is nothing in the fridge oh. Tomorrow I will go get some stuff to cook some food but for tonight dierr we have to hustle.” I said with a giggle. “Oh yes. What’s the time?” Justin said and looked at his phone. I looked at him quietly. “Marie, forget about that. Pack some clothes, we are going to lodge somewhere interesting.” He said. I looked at him, even more confused now. “I’m lodging at a hotel in town. I’m pretty sure it would be boring there alone you know.” He added after reading my expression. Is this guy for real?

Apparently he was, because I had my stuff packed up for a weekend and we left my hostel. Justin was in such a hurry. I was equally as excited. I rushed to Abena’s room to tell Eyram that I was leaving but she was in the bathroom. “Eyram, Justin and I are going out. I will call you when we get back ok?” I said aloud so she would hear. “Ei you won’t waste any time eh? Ok, but make sure you take your key. I don’t want you waking me up in the middle of the night.” She responded. I smiled. “Don’t worry, I don’t think we will come back tonight.” I said and rushed out before Abena put her kokonsa mouth in my business. This was so insanely romantic and it wasn’t even my birthday!! “Destination: the Grand Mirage Hotel.” Justin whispered in my ears. Was he kidding? That place was massive. I literally pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming; literally.

To be continued...


  1. awwwwwwwwwww i wnt mre...comnts prospondd....cnt wa8...i lv dis!!! kudos

  2. thanks Csrol. more to come soon :)

  3. I'm laughing so hard @ "This was so insanely romantic and it wasn’t even my birthday!!".
    Poor Justin. His rep doesn't seem to be much on the good side.
    Looking fwd to reading how that weekend goes.

  4. Akwala bone! Lol. I have a feeling you will deliver your usual twists though. Waiting...

  5. lol Miss Oye kwraa why. ma y3 d3n?

  6. ah! y3nko hotel...then off you go. Are u expecting some