Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer date 3

Please don’t tell me this guy has feelings for Betty. If he did it wouldn’t just be his leg that would be broken. I walked to my computer and continued my aunt’s work. She came up to me to see how far I had gotten. Then she started asking me about the reason Bet and I weren’t talking. I told her the whole story and she laughed. She felt we were being very childish. I hoped so too.

Just like magic Betty and I started talking again. She needed someone to tell about the concert and I seemed to be the only one she could rub it in nicely to. I listened to her eagerly as she told me her story. As she was talking all I could think about was Darren and why he liked her. Maybe I was a little envious of her. Betty and I had been tight since I can remember. She always made stupid decisions with boys but somehow the guys keep coming. There was one time where she cheated on this guy and dumped him. He came to me and told me to talk to her and that he was sorry. Sorry for what, catching her with another guy?! I was so furious. There was something about Darren I admired and didn’t want this temptress to play around with him too. “Do you think Darren likes you?” I asked out of the blue. She dropped her slice of pizza and turned to me. “Huh, where from that one too? I hope not.” She said and turned on the TV. I nodded and asked her to tell me more. She went on with her story like nothing ever happened. That was when I knew he didn’t have a chance.

The next day Betty convinced me to go out with her and Kenny. They were going to a party and Bet’s plan was for me to meet another ‘date’. I agreed not because of Darren’s condition but because he obviously liked Bet and not me. Not that it mattered but it was a bit annoying. I didn’t regret that. There were lots of interesting people at the party. The only odd thing was the excessive drinking. I mean excessive! I could tell Bet was tipsy when she started singing out loud. “Easy with the drinking, Bet.” I whispered to her. I wanted some fresh air so I went outside. The party was at Kenny’s friend, William’s house. I stood outside alone for about 5 minutes and turned around when I started feeling cold. “Hey.” I heard from behind me. It was Darren. “Hi, I didn’t know you would be here.” I said smiling. “Yea, decided to forget about the Doctor a bit. What are you doing outside?” He said and slowly moved to me. He had his clutch. “The chaos in there was a bit much so I just came for some air.” I teased. “Oh, don’t tell me they are doing the drink drill and playing truth or dare.” He replied. I paused. “How did you know?” I asked. He smiled. “William is my pal too.” He replied. I nodded.

 We went back inside and I went to get Darren a drink. When I got back I saw him chatting with Betty. She was giggling and holding his hand. I stopped and turned around. I put the drink back on the table and walked hurriedly to the bathroom. Kenny met me halfway. “Hey, Darren is here, you seen him?” He said. I nodded and walked off rudely. I wasn’t very happy at that very moment. I spent the last 30 minutes in the bathroom. Just sitting there, doing nothing. Then Betty called me. I ignored it. When I got out of the bathroom I looked around and didn’t find a familiar face. They were all gone! This was just perfect, first they bring me here, ignore me and leave without me. I was just about to explode when I opened the door and saw them all standing outside. “Hey I was calling you.” Bet said when she noticed me. “Are we leaving? Good.” I said. I couldn’t even fake a smile. “Hey, you ok?” Darren asked. “Do I look sick? I’m fine.” I said and walked to the car park. They just followed me. Betty ran after me. “Alima, what’s the matter. Did anyone say something to you?” She asked. I stopped and turned to her. “I want to go home. That’s all.” I shot at her. The car was so quiet on the way back. The trip back didn’t take very long. When we got to our destination I gave a quick wave and smile and rushed off. Betty whispered something to the boys and they left. She rushed after me again. 

“Ali, tell me what’s going on.” She said. I stopped when we got to the door. Betty had the keys. She looked at me one more time and opened the door. I got inside without saying a word. She caught my hand and said. “I know something is wrong. What is it?” I couldn’t take it anymore. “It’s you. You are just selfish!” I blurted out. Betty opened her mouth in shock. “You kept saying all those awful things about Darren and you were flirting with him at the party. Why are you like that?” I asked. She obviously didn’t see this coming. “My goodness Alima is that why you are acting like this? You are the very one who said I don’t treat him fairly so I was doing that for you and this is what I get?” She explained. I looked down. She was right I was acting a little too strange. Then she noticed, “Oh no, Alima you have fallen for him.” She whispered.

To be continued...

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