Thursday, September 1, 2011

Justin's surprise 3

I sat upright on the chair and looked straight at him. Justin made a joke about a show on TV but I wasn’t moved. We had to talk. He noticed the distraction wasn’t working so he turned off the TV. Just when he was about to talk there was a knock at the door. It was room service. The waiter brought in the tray, put a huge dinner on the table and left immediately. Neither of us said a word to him. When he shut the door Justin got up to take a look at the food. I was starving but I really wanted to hear what he had to say. Just when he went for the glass of juice, I slapped his hand. “We talk before we eat.” I said. I giggled when he held his hand back and said sorry. “Violent girl.” He teased.
He sat down next to me and pulled my arm. “My dear Rima, remember I used to call you that?” He said smiling. “How can I forget?” I replied, softening up. “There’s a lot I have done that I shouldn’t have, a lot I haven’t done that I should have. I’m sorry for the stupid things I did Marie.” He started but I held his face, got closer to him and kissed him. “Justin, we have been through this. What you did is all in the past and I’m still here aren’t I?” I said and he smiled and held my hands tight. It felt like I was in a movie and even though my hair was in a ponytail, I could almost feel wind blowing through my hair.
Justin kissed my hand and looked straight into my eyes. “Hey, are you crying?” I asked when I saw tears form in his eyes. “Look at you, you are so amazing.” He said, fighting the tears. I was almost in tears myself. Then he said it, for the very first time ever. “Marie, I love you.” You know how they say when you look into a person’s eyes deep enough you can see their desires? Well it came true for me that night. I could see that he meant it but I could also see a bit of sorry. Maybe it was guilt but whatever it was, it was there. He sealed it off with the most passionate kiss. It was like he became an amazing kisser just that moment and I actually had butterflies. “I love you too Justin.” I said after the kiss, almost out of breath. There was no way I was going to forget that night.
We had dinner and enjoyed every bit of it. I even overate and was so full I almost couldn’t move. Justin made fun of me the whole time and wouldn’t even allow me to lie on the bed. “Oh but you said you loved me.” I teased but he wouldn’t budge. He even turned on some music and grabbed me to dance. This side of him was so much fun! I thought my surprises were over until he turned me around and put something around my neck. I rushed to the mirror to take a look at it. It was Silver with a locket that said ‘Be strong’ with a big M. “Justin this is so beautiful.” I said, touching it. It felt expensive. I turned around and hugged him. Then I paused and gave him a suspicious look. “Are you doing this so that you will get lucky tonight? Hmm?” I said. “Oh Marie, but will I?" He said. I laughed out loud and hit him with a pillow. “No you won’t, bad boy!” I yelled at him in the process.
I went to bed with the necklace on that night. I loved it. It was the best present he had given me and I didn’t want to lose it. . I held my new necklace and smiled. I realized I never asked him what the ‘be strong’ was all about. “Justin, what does the ‘be strong’ mean?” I whispered to him. “You are too sleepy now, tomorrow. Goodnight sweetheart.” He whispered back to me. It must have been the stroking of my hair or the food because I fell asleep very quickly after that. Maybe it was also my mood, happy. It seemed like morning was a second away. I opened my eyes and heard a beeping sound. There was so much light, I had to open my eyes very slowly. The first thing I saw scared me. It was a blue ceiling. That was very strange. I looked around and noticed I wasn’t in our hotel room. It looked a hospital!
To be continued...


  1. kai! you this girl, you shall not give me heart attack. love this. please hurry with the rest :)

  2. Looking forward to the reminder. Love it so far!