Monday, January 31, 2011

February Frenzy!

A lot of people see the second month of the year in a very special way. Don't get me wrong, February is a bit on the peculiar side having the least number of days and all. Some say it's the month of love (like other months shouldn't be the same) others call it the leap year determiner (that is just factual and boring) but for me it's going to be my vibrant writing.

I have decided to diversify the way I write. Writing is something I love to do and I think I have always wanted to write all kinds of pieces. I'm not gonna tell what I intend to write on purely because I have no clue myself but I can only say that each story will have a unique theme and twist to it.

I hope you enjoy what I'd be posting. If you don't want to miss any of the action, you can follow my blog. The follow button is on the right. You will receive a notification, the minute I make a post :) I declare my February Frenzy duly launched. hehehe

ps...I hope u like my new look :)


  1. YOOO ya te! And was abt time u got da new look. Was expecting somethg a little more bright and vibrant, hey but it ok...

  2. Mr hard-to-please....i hear. lol