Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The perfect couple

They walked hand in hand all the time

She kisses his hand and he always smiled

On the Streets of Osu they caught many eyes

Of jealous girls and envious guys

When they eat out, she cleaned his lips

At every party they went, he stroked her hips

Their 'hello' hugs were long and tight

And you would never ever see them fight

Our Pastor said they were the perfect couple

Married for 12 years and still no trouble

Every one wanted to be like the Parkers

Little did they know they were excellent actors

The loud music was to hide the shouting

The deadly fights and the beating

My father's public display of affection

Was to stop my mother from her cheating addiction

So there you have it, the perfect couple

Made up of the worst combination of doubles

An abusive husband and an adulterous wife

With a young daughter who's appalled by all the deception in life