Saturday, January 8, 2011

24 hours as a boy (3)

“Can I have the money now?” Ziad asked. I was straightening his tie. I looked at him one more time. “Wow you actually look older. There is something about formal clothes. Don’t you trust your own cousin?” I said to him. He stretched his hand and looked at me without saying a word. This was just annoying. Young ones these days, you can’t fool them anymore. I took out some money from my purse. “I’ll give you half; after the job has been done I’ll add the other half.” I said and handed it over to him. “Fair enough.” He said with a smile. Just then Kwame arrived in his Dad’s brand new BMW. That car had money written all over it. “Remember, this car costs a fortune. We can’t have anything happen to it. 15 minutes, ok Kina?” He nagged. “Ok, ok. Sheesh.” I agreed. 

Ziad was busy adoring the car. I could swear he didn’t hear a thing either of us said. It’s like the car just blocked the whole world out. That behavior of the male gender I simply cannot relate. “Why do you guys go so crazy over cars?” I managed to ask. Kwame who was just half dazed because the car belonged to his father also asked. “Why to ladies go crazy over shoes?” I shook my head. “Shoes are a basic part of clothing which is a physiological need for human beings.” I answered proudly. “Tell that to One Luv the Kuborlor. I don’t think you NEED all 25 pairs!” He stated. I opened my mouth and closed it again. Maybe we’ll talk about this another day.

“Hi, sorry I’m late. There was so much traffic.” I said and sat down opposite Caren. “Traffic, there wasn’t any on the alternate routes. Oh you used public transport right? I heard it’s so uncomfortable. Woo, thank God I have a car, a fast one too.” Caren said in her usual, I’m better than you tone. I just blinked. “So, what did you want to discuss? I hope it won’t take long because I have a date. Sekina are you going out?” She added. Honestly this one took me my surprise. “Yes…. I am. ” I said almost stuttering.

 “The reason why I called to meet up with you is because I wanted to organize a reunion for our year group and wanted to know if you are interested in helping.” I lied. Caren was never the type who would set anything up so I knew she would say no. She looked at me for a while as if she was toning down what she wanted to say. “Oh, I would love to but it’s really busy where I work so I don’t think I’ll have the time. In terms of money too I’ve done a couple of investments so I don’t have any lose money.” She finally said. It wasn’t as vain as I thought. Maybe Caren has changed! Sych! “Oh ok I understand. It’s not about the money anyways. I’ll get somebody else. Thanks for your time.” I said with a slightly disappointed look. I had to leave before my pissed off look appeared. I said goodbye and just as I got up to leave she called me. “Sekina wait…” This girl kwraa had she seen it?! “You said you were going out right? Is it with that skinny, nerdy guy back in school?” She asked giggling. At this moment, God and the people around were the only reasons why I didn’t punch her. “No, my boyfriend is called Kwame, Kwame Darfuor.” I stated boldly. “That’s nice. Darfour, the name sounds familiar.” She said, sipping on her cocktail. “His dad owns Darf Airlines. Anyways I’ve got to go, later.” I said quickly. She almost choked on her drink. Otwia! It served her right! As I walked I heard her call ‘Dion’. This was going to be so cool. 

Kwame and I sat a short distance away and watched Ziad do this thing. He told Caren he was a minute away and he drove in nice and slowly. I had to warn him several times not to look too keen. Dion was a cool guy, you know what I mean? Caren’s eyes were not the only ones he caught immediately he got out of the car and walked to her table. I couldn’t see from where I was but I knew her pupils had dilated nicely. She loved all kinds of glam. Ziad had his earpiece on so I called him and I could hear everything. “Oh, stop walking fast. Take your time and enjoy the stares.” I instructed. He opened the glass door to the restaurant and smiled when he saw Caren wave at him crazily. “He’s your cousin oh! Stop staring at him like that.” Kwame said, nudging me. “At least he’s flesh and blood. You were staring at a car!” I shot back. Then I heard Caren’s voice. “Hi, it’s so nice to finally meet you.” She said. Little did she know... hehehe!

To be continued…