Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bruno 'Tails' - Brown fur

I couldn’t believe I was here already. This was much shorter than the other journey we made last time. I couldn’t wait to see Billy oh and I was getting hungry too. The trip was really boring and this time I had no one to talk to. I slept most of the time. Maybe that’s why the journey seemed short. The skinny guy came for me again. This time I was really tired and eager to get off the plane so I didn’t give him much trouble. I walked out and the heat hit me like a Frisbee. My bones! Where were we? The sun was steaming hot and just when we touched the ground I realized it had been hot for a pretty long time. Then I saw Billy! The skinny dude released me and I run to him like crazy. I jumped right on him and he rubbed me under my ears. That feels so nice. 

It was really refreshing as we drove to where he was staying. I had my head out the window and the wind blew over my face but people were staring. That was strange. What was their problem? By the time we got to our destination I also realized almost all the people around were dark. Wow, this was going to be an interesting stay. I rushed into the house. It was cool there and when I found the kitchen, my food was waiting for me. My bones! It looked so good. I barked for joy and enjoyed my meal. 

The next morning my owner, (I call him that because calling him my master is a little demeaning, I mean I’m a dog not a slave!) woke me up pretty early. Oh puppy, he had started his jogging again. Strangely enough it was pretty cold. I liked the weather. We got out of the house and he locked up. It was pretty annoying jogging by his side because he was so slow. I’m sure his belly had a lot to do with it. As we jogged in cat pace, I looked around to get familiar with the area. Then I saw her; the most amazing bitch in the world. She had brown fur and was very furry. She was sniffing around a pile of trash. I increased my pace and stopped closed to her to catch her attention. She didn’t even turn. My owner came and passed me by. I had to move so I slowly followed him but kept my eyes on her. “Bruno, hurry up!” My owner called. Can you believe him? Then she turned, my bones! She was so hot. I stopped and turned around. Just then two other dogs came around her and they disappeared in the opposite direction. “Keep running, fur ball!” One of them barked as they run off. “Whatever, I don’t even like dirty bitches.” I barked to myself and kept jogging.

Join Bruno again as he shares his 'tails'. lol


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  2. nice one, funny how you get into a dog's head!