Monday, January 24, 2011

24 hours as a boy (5)

I looked at Kwame and a hundred things run through my mind. I couldn’t believe this little act of curiosity was going to haunt me like this. I thought about what could have happened. Did Caren meet Ziad somewhere and had him beat up? No, if that was the case Kwame would have mentioned Ziad’s name instead. I was forcing myself not to think about Caren having an accident or something. Like I would be in deep trouble and my conscience would eat me up till I die! “What happened to her? Oh Kwame it’s all my fault. I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking. You were right, I turned out to be a very bad person. I was so stupid. I’ve been having nightmares even. Oh this is so bad.” I went on and on. Kwame put my head on his shoulder. “It’s ok, I know you didn’t do this on purpose.” He said. 

“Listen, I don’t want you to blame yourself. It could have happened even if you didn’t trick her.” He added. “What happened?” I asked, afraid of the answer. Kwame looked away and said. “She has been arrested. She got drunk and drove into a traffic light. She didn’t really get hurt though.” He said. My jaw dropped. I had mixed feelings, I was happy she wasn’t hurt but this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t pull this silly prank off. “Oh no, but she will be released soon right? I mean her dad is really rich. He’ll just buy a new one right?” I asked to make myself feel better. Kwame smiled and nodded. “Sekina, this prank…” He started but I knew what he was going to say and decided to end it for him. “Yes, I know and I regret every second of it. I don’t want to be a boy again. I mean I was created a girl and that’s enough. I have to tell her the truth too. I think I should wait till she cools off or else she will tear me apart.” I said almost in tears. Kwame looked at me sternly. “What do you mean? The guilt is eating you up. Don’t you want to be free? How harmful can a slim girl like that be?” He advised. “Are you kidding me? Haven’t you ever heard of slim macho? It’s not as easy as it seems oh.” I shot back. “It’s too late now.” Kwame said and looked away.

I sat up straight and looked at him. “What is too late?” I asked eagerly. He still wasn’t looking in my direction. “I managed to get Caren to come here so you can make your confession. I’ll be sitting right here so if she does something crazy I’ll save you.” He finally answered. Just then my jaw dropped again. This time my mouth stayed open a bit longer. I noticed it and closed my mouth slowly. He wasn’t joking. My heart was racing! “You know what, since you are so supportive I think you should tell her for me. I mean it’s the same thing abi?” I said in a very low tone and got up to leave. Kwame got up and grabbed me by the arm. “Oh no, you are not leaving me with the crazy girl.” He said. We struggled for a minute but he managed to get me to sit down. I tapped my fingers on the table nervously. “Kwame you are right. I should take responsibility and that’s what I’m gonna do.” I said, attempting to calm myself down. “Excuse me, I’m going to the washroom.” I said and got up. Kwame looked at me with an Eagle’s eye as I walked briskly to the washroom. When I got inside, I looked at myself in the mirror and got a plan instantly. My brain works like that oh.

As the waiter stood in front of Kwame, I walked as fast as possible to the exit. Just when I opened the door he turned and saw me but I wasn’t giving up now. I was already outside. I had to grab a taxi as fast as possible but I wasn’t that fortunate. “Sekina, did you just get here and where is the guy who called me? I hope this will be quick!” Caren said from behind me. I turned around with my shoulders dropping very low. I was so close. I smiled sheepishly and nodded as we both walked into the bar. 

“Hi Caren, I’m Kwame. I’m just here to make sure nobody gets hurt. Sekina has a confession to make.” Kwame said when we were all seated. “Oh if it’s about the guy who gave you a ride it’s cool. I did some digging and found out he’s a fraud. He claimed he worked at Bank of Ghana and all but it’s a lie. Oh, fell for his tricks didn’t you? Oh poor thing, you thought you had a rich boy eh? So who are you? Her police? Hahaha, Sekina your boyfriend doesn’t trust you much eh? Well it kind of makes sense, I mean you run off with a 419 guy just because he had a BMW. One of the cheapest of them too, oh well.” Caren blurt out. I honestly didn’t know what to say but Kwame had an even bedazzled look on his face, reminded me of the game. “What?” He asked. Caren turned to look at him. “Kwesi right? You called me, don’t waste my time. What is it? I have to send a check to the Police station, those silly people thought they could lock me up. Being here is equally as dreadful. So?” She added. Kwame was fuming now. For some strange reason, this was pretty entertaining. 

“You know what Kina, I’ll do this for you. CATHARINE right? The Dion you were all over about was fake…” Kwame started but she cut in, rolling her eyes. “Duh, I said that already? Weren’t you paying attention?” I was so close to letting out a giggle. 10 points to Caren! “We paid him to trick you. It was a prank and you fell for it!” Kwame said losing his temper. I put my arm on his shoulder to cool him off but it didn’t seem to work. There was absolute silence for a while. I was scared of what was going to happen. Now I might be the one to make sure nobody got hurt. I was looking at Caren carefully and she looked at Kwame. I’m sure if we were in the anime Naruto, there would have been a huge sweat drop on my head. You won’t believe what happened next. 

Caren burst out into uncontrollable laughter. She held her sides and all and even hit the table a few times. Our table was just so entertaining. I’m sure the people around wished we were there every day. Caren was laughing, I had the most surprised look on my face and Kwame was fuming. I felt like disappearing that very second. “Oh is that so? Ok well you had me there. Here I was thinking some guy wanted to steal my money, rather he ripped you two off. Sad, I would like to ask why you two did what you did but I honestly don’t think it would be worth my while so enjoy your Policing.” Caren said getting up after she finally caught her breathe. “Oh, and the next time you guys plan a silly prank like this on me? You will be the ones paying a check to the Police. IF you can even afford it.” She added and walked away. Kwame was about to speak but I covered his mouth with my hand. “Shhh, just let her go.” I whispered to him. As she left I could hear her mutter the word ‘losers’. Oh chale, had it gotten to that level?

I must say, I never thought things would turn out this way. I guess life is like that but one thing is for sure. Boys are boys and girls are girls! Even though my brilliant idea turned sour along the line, hey no one got hurt (I had to restore Kwame after the shock though) and honestly the lesson I learnt was amazing….most times people are the way they are due to circumstances oh and also crazy girls bring out the worst in any boy :)


  1. neva tot it will end dis way either! yet still a wondaful piece.thumbs up.