Sunday, January 9, 2011

The ZediCross love story

Several years ago, when local Ghanaian prints where only seen on the skin of mums and grand ma’s, Zedi was born. Zedi was to change the image of local fabric to young Ghanaian girls and also to show them that beautiful clothes could be made in the country, Ghana. Zedi showed the fusion of real wax prints and other foreign fabric such as demin, cotton, lycra and chiffon. After several activities including a Kiddy fashion show at Soul Clinic International School, Zedi drifted away.

Cross was born a few years before Zedi and dwelled on the fusion of cultures all over the world. Cross aimed to bridge the global gap between continents with fashion. The rare representation of shapes and colours made Cross famous but just like Zedi; its creator had a change of bearing. 

After almost five years Zedi met Cross and they fell in love. Not only did they agree on the nature of fashion in Ghana, they complimented each other. Their first offspring was a photo shoot. The union was launched on Facebook and the response was amazing. The clothes from both sides were displayed and the message of Made-In-Ghana with a universal touch was sent across as well as the creation of a fashion family. Within less than a year ZediCross took part in two fashion shows and a fair. The clothing line got more publicity when it launched a new collection called the Statement Collection. This collection showcased clothes for various personalities and personal interests with an edgy touch.  Their recent collection, Essence tells the whole world how far they have come and how far they intend to go.

ZediCross continues to grow to put Ghanaian clothes on the international fashion scene like never before. ZediCross believes in culture, family and most of all unique style. Just like every fairy tale, ZediCross lives and will continue to live happily ever after.

Zedi (Juliet Azedi Ajaab)
Cross (Yaw Twum Barimah)

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