Monday, January 3, 2011

24 hours as a boy (2)

“Sekina, I seriously don’t get you? It took you two days to do this? This is rubbish! I want it redone in two hours. Have you heard?!” My boss thundered. It actually took me three days but who was I to open my mouth. I took the documents from him and walked to my desk without saying a thing. My boss is a pain, a very big one (literally) too. He never complained when I gave him the updates of what I was doing and all of a sudden he’s so bored. I think he has male menopause. When I got to my desk I realized my boyfriend was online. As I did the corrections I complained to him. “Hey what happened to your boy plan?” He asked, out of the blue. “Oh, Caren isn’t minding me again ooh. I sent her a text yesterday but she hasn’t replied.” I typed to him. Just like magic my phone rang and it was her. What was I going to do or say? What about my voice? I grabbed my handkerchief and rushed to the bathroom. I covered the mouth piece with my hanky and deepened my voice as much as I could and called her back.

Me: Hello
Caren: Hi, it’s been a while. I thought you would call me.
Me: Yea I was just about to call you. How are you doing?
Caren: Oh I’m fine. Just have a lot of work to do. I can’t wait to go on vacation. I wanted to go to the Bahamas but I’m having mixed feelings. The UK is definitely out because I just can’t stand right hand drive countries. Last year I spent a week in Brazil and the year before I was in Australia… (I couldn’t believe I was using my credit for this) I went to China with my parents when I was like 13 and I loved it. Their food is so cool. I mean, you should have been there. (Wow, I didn’t know Chinese food was so rare!)
Me: Wow, you are even better than the Travel Chanel.
Caren: I know right? My dad tells me that all the time. 
Me: Hey Caren I have to go, my boss just called.
Caren: Ok me too later, bye.

I hung up the phone and went back to work. Kwame was offline so I sent him a text, “I’m done with all this boy stuff.” 

The next evening I met up with Kwame at his sister’s wedding rehearsal. “Miss Sekina or should I say Mr. Sekina, why are you giving up so soon, you can’t handle being a boy?” He teased when he saw me. It has been confirmed, our relationship has passed the stage of ‘wow, you look amazing.’ That’s just by the way, anyway. “It’s not that I can’t handle it. Caren is just the worst lab rat.” I explained. “Why is that?” He asked, pretending to be concerned. “Well she talks too much; she’s overly spontaneous and yesterday she used up my credit.” I went on. He couldn’t help himself, he laughed out so loud, people turned to stare. “My dear, that’s how 90% of girls are. So you see what we go through.” He said. I looked at him for a while. “She also made me lie a lot. I mean little lies.” I added. Kwame put his hand around my shoulder. “Sekina, guys lie for girls all the time, yes little lies.” He said boldly. I moved away from him a bit. “So you lie to me too?” I asked sternly. He just smiled and nodded. Huh, was this guy for real? “Remember last week when you called me in the middle of the night? I was dead tired and was dying for sleep but when you asked me if I was sleepy I said no. It’s normal.” He said. Awww that was so sweet. I moved closer to him. He had earned himself a kiss, I couldn’t wait to get into the car ;)

That night I decided to tell Caren the truth, I mean guys go through a lot after all. I mean they are not perfect, far from it actually but maybe that’s why we like them. So we can ‘show them the way’ (this statement should not be taken personal). Since I am a big fearo I decided to send her a text. Just when I started sending the text I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and realized I hadn’t sent the text at all. Just when I was about to, my brother walked into my room. “Don’t you know how to knock?” I asked furiously. He grabbed my lotion and started using it without saying a thing. “Hey, how do you confess something terrible to a girl?” I asked again. He stopped and looked at me with a silly smile. “Swinging that way are we? Does Kwame know?” He teased. I don’t know why my mum didn’t use birth control pills after me? I shook my head walked to my bathroom. “Oh, I’ll make sure I do it in person. Except she’s a freak she won’t really make a scene in a public place, you know?” He said. I stared at him as he walked out of my room. My goodness, he actually made sense! God bless KNUST! 

Me: Hello, Caren? This is Sekina.
Caren: Oh hiiiiii, it’s been forever. How are you?
Me: I’m good. Ermm are you free tomorrow evening? I have some stuff I wanted to discuss with you in person.
Caren: Sure, I mean I haven’t seen you in a long time. We can hook up tomorrow. Where and when?
Me: Zaren Restaurant, maybe at about 3pm, after church?
Caren: Perfect. I’ll see you then. Bye!
Me: Bye

I handed Kwame’s phone back to him. “Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you could always just let this just die off.” He said. As much as Caren was a brat, she didn’t deserve to be lied to. I mean that’s one thing I can’t stand about guys and I was doing the same thing. It wasn’t cool. I explained it to Kwame and he smiled. I felt better immediately.
That night, when I was sleeping my phone rang. My loud ‘whip my hair’ ringtone didn’t help much so I answered it immediately. 

Caren: Hi Dion, what’s up? Did I wake you up? I just got to some boring party. I don’t know why I’m here again.
Me: Umm
Caren: It’s been a while, how are you doing? Hey, I’m meeting up with this annoying old friend of mine tomorrow in your hood. I don’t mean old old, one of those Uni friends you would rather not see again. I didn’t really like her much back in school even.
Me: So, why are you meeting up with her?
Caren: You sound like a girl when you are sleepy. Hahaha. Oh she said she wanted to discuss something with me. Maybe she wants a job or a loan or something. Some people think because I work at MTN I can ‘hook them up’? It’s just absurd. I feel sad for her though. Her boyfriend used to have a thing for me but he wasn’t my type. I mean he was a typical backpack boy. Can’t stand those geeky guys and to make matters worse he was short. Can you imagine?
Me: Oh, that’s a dull guy. You are the fun kind of girl huh? Then you are in the right hands. (Hands of doom!)
Caren: Awesome! So can we meet tomorrow at Zaren Restaurant, 3:30? I don’t think I can stand more than 30 minutes with her.
Me: It’s a date. I’m off to bed ok, goodnight.
Caren: Oh so soon? The party is boring, let’s talk. I know you enjoy talking to me.
Me: I do, it’s just that I have…tennis with my boss early tomorrow morning. Sorry.
Caren: Ok, well you better dream about me!
Caren: Hahahaha ok, goodnight!
Me: Goodnight!

Oh forget honesty, the game is officially on!!!


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    <3 u, Julz

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