Thursday, November 7, 2013

Eli's wife 11

Eli hadn't said a single word to Sena since they met Charles. Guilt was eating her up but she just didn't know what to say. "Sena you are such a fool!" she said to herself. She gathered some courage and went to Eli's room. She wrote all she wanted to say on a piece of paper. She was going to give it to him. It was funny how she never cared about what he would think if he found out about Charles until the night before. Maybe it wasn't a rebound after all. Maybe it was, but it felt so right she wanted more. Her mind was racing and so was her heart when she knocked on his door. There was no response so she slipped her note under his door.  

 Sena called her detectives over to her office and assigned duties for all of them. She offerred them twice as much as she usually paid them to give her results quickly. She cancelled her schedule for the day and did a lot of digging. She read all material she could get on Charles. He used Dean Thompson as his alias for his articles. He had written other stories of the President in the past. Sena wasn't surprised. She was determined to find a way to clear Eli's name. For the first time in a long time she would be a good wife. Sena imagined how furious her father would be when Enyonam told him about her relationship with Charles. She muted her phone. She had to find a solution to all of this. 

Sena opened her eyes slowly when she heard her name. It was Eli. She sat up properly and looked at her clock on the wall. It was 10pm. She had fallen asleep while reading. Eli sat in front of her. He told her his father had pulled some strings and had the talk show Charles was going to be on postponed. He added that his father seemed rather calm about the matter. Sena picked up an envelope that was on her desk and read the contents. It was from one of her detectives. "Ei this is odd. It looks like Tina knew Charles." Sena said. She looked up at Eli. He didn't look surprised. "Yea it's a long story." He replied. Sena packed up her things and Eli told her what his father told him when they got home.

 When the couple got home they went to the kitchen and Eli told Sena what his father said. His father felt suspicious of Tina for a while. He suspected she was contacted by Charles to get dirt on him. He suspects she decided to bail out when she got pregnant. "I guess when Tina stopped cooperating, his next target was you." Eli said. Sena looked away. She was still hurt. "I'm sorry for what he did to you. There's going to be a guest speaker who has all the info on Charles' dark deeds. He'll make him look like a fool for messing with us, with you." Eli said. He leaned in and kissed her.

 To be continued...