Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eli's wife 7

Sena was reading the article the journalist wrote about Eli and his ex. She was so busy that she didn't notice Eli enter her office. She almost jumped when she saw him. "Easy, it's just me. Your secretary left her post." He said. Sena nodded. She looked down at the paper. She closed it quickly and looked up. He read her expression. "I'm sorry for invading your space but I need a favour. You don't have to hide the paper. My dad has told me about the articles. I really don't care about them." Eli said, sitting down. He sounded different. Sena was surprised. Almost speechless.

"The doctor who took care of Tina called me an hour ago..." Eli started. His eyes started to water but he fought the tears well. "He said…he said Tina was 3 months pregnant. She didn't tell me. I had no clue but he said the autopsy suggests that her death wasn't natural," he finally said. Sena's mouth opened. "You think someone killed…you think she was murdered?" she asked. Eli nodded. "I want to find who did this but I can't trust anyone. If I pursue it myself my father will be on my case. You are a lawyer. No one will suspect anything. Please Sena." he said. Sena agreed to help. He deserved to know the truth. Everyone did.

 The next few weeks Sena got a few detectives to delve into Tina's death. She and Eli even had a party at their house and attended more events together to throw their parents off. They acted very much like a real couple. Enyonam was very pleased and so were her parents. Sena was almost at peace. The only thing bothering her was Charles. He was even more persistent about them taking their relationship a step further. It used to be just a little reminder here and there but recently he had become a little more persistent. She sort of understood him but she couldn't bear the guilt now that Tina had died and Eli was a mess. Just a little longer. His love just had to endure a little longer.

   "Tina's parents didn't know about the pregnancy. It looks like she didn't want anyone to know about it, but her best friend found the tests she used in the trash. She told her not to tell anyone because she was going to abort it but I'm guessing she didn't. The doctor probably refused to do it." Detective Kwei said. Sena thought hard. He added that he didn't know who the doctor was. He added that the car was not tampered with. Sena nodded and handed him his cheque. Sena took out her little notebook with all the evidence her detectives had collected. She added what she just found out and tried to make sense of it. Then her phone rang. She smiled when she noticed it was Charles. He insisted in taking her to dinner saying she worked too late all the time. Sena couldn't resist him.

"Good morning." Eli said when Sena walked into the kitchen. They planned to discuss Tina's evidence when Sena got back from work but her little dinner with Charles turned out to be longer than she imagined. She apologized and handed him the book. "Do you know Tina's doctor? Or a doctor she used to trust? Maybe family or a friend?" she asked. She poured herself a glass of fruit juice. "I don't know about family or friend doctors...but my doctor used to help her out with some notes for work when she needed a day or two off. Doctor Richard. He's our family doctor. Whenever there's a crisis..." Eli started and looked straight at Sena. "No but if she went to him he would have told me." Eli said completely forgoing his bacon and eggs. Sena nodded. "Which hospital does he work in?" Sena asked picking up a piece of bacon from Eli's plate to quiet her noisy stomach. "He has his own little clinic at Labone." Eli answered. Sena looked up at
him instantly. "That's where she had the accident." Sena revealed.

 To be continued ...


  1. Interesting..Keep it coming!!!! :D

  2. This is the only part I have read and it already got me

  3. @Wisdomofold really u should read the rest. I guarantee you will fall in love with Episode 1 :-)