Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eli's wife 2

"There you are. I was wondering where my bride had run away to." Eli said. He was standing with his sister. "The limo is waiting. I'm sure you are tired." Sena's sister said walking to them. Sena told Eli and Afi to take the lead. She wanted to have a word with her older sister. They nodded and left. "Baby First Lady. That's what dad calls you now." Enyonam, Sena's sister said. Sena rolled her eyes. "Enyonam, I don't love him." she said, almost in tears. "Oh my goodness! Calm down. He's the president's son, what is there not to love?" Enyonam replied. Sena shook her head. Her dad and her sister had always thought alike. Sena frowned and turned to leave but Enyonam held her hand. "Give him a chance. He can make you happy." she said. Sena just shook her head and walked off. Trying hard to walk fast in her full gown.

"Do you want me to carry you inside?" Eli asked when they got to their hotel suite. Sena remained silent and walked inside. The room was beautiful. The lights had been dimmed and there were candles all over. The whole room smelled sweet like vanilla. There were rose petals at the foot of the bed. There was also a gold bowl of chocolates on the center table as well as a bottle of champagne with two glasses. 'Wow', Sena said in her head. For a few seconds she loved where she was then she snapped back into reality. 

"I'm so tired." She said. "Now that's a downer." Eli teased. Sena dropped her bag and turned to look at him. "This whole marriage is fun to you isn't it? Let me guess I should be lucky to be married to you because you are the president's son huh? Well I don't know about you but forcing two people to get married is just stupid!" Sena let out. Her fists were clenched. Sena didn't mean to raise her voice but she was tired of bottling it inside her. Eli looked at her and shook his head. "You think I like this?" he asked in a more serious tone. "Well you seem to be having a ball." Sena shot back. "What do you want me to do? Be bitter like you?! Let's face it, Sena, we are married and, no offence, but I am not excited to be with you either!" Eli said raising his voice. Sena was quiet. "A week ago I had to tell my girlfriend that I was getting married. You think that was fun for me? We are in too deep and the sooner we find a way to get over this the better." he said, sat down and poured himself some wine. "How are we going to do that?" Sena asked still standing. Eli did not have the answer to that question and Sena knew it.

That night, their wedding night, Eli slept on the couch while Sena used the bed. Just before she went to sleep she took out her phone. There was someone she had been meaning to talk to. Charles. She called him to say goodnight. After the call she slept like a baby. Eli kept waking up not because he wasn't used to sleeping on a couch but because he kept thinking about her, Tina. He had called her 15 times that day and she returned none. He missed her. 

To be continued...


  1. U berra stop dis suspense and give us everything already.

  2. Loving this. B3t Julz paa, you notified me for the first but not the sequels. Don't let it happen again, you tis?