Friday, March 22, 2013

Waiting to run 5

I turned to look at the man I thought was my lawyer. He was still holding his gun and looking behind at the Police. Surely lawyers didn't do things this way. I was shaking so much talking audibly was a problem. 'What is…what…what is going on?" I managed to say. He didn't say a word. He just took out his phone and made a call. "Yes I have her but we are being followed by the Police, shit!" He said and the car turned too sharply to the left my head almost hit the window. A new Police car had come from in front of us and the driver of our car had to turn.

"The Police are getting closer. Yes, plan B, alright." He said and hung up. "David, code 7." The man said and the driver nodded. He then turned to me. I felt like screaming, "Wait a minute, what the hell is code 7?!" but my voice was lost. He turned to me and raised his gun. Was this it? After surviving a bomb blast, was this the end of my road. I started crying and closed my eyes. I heard a loud sound. The car hit a tree. The force of the impact threw me and the man with the gun forward. I slammed into the seat in front of me. I could feel pain all over my body. The Police sirens got louder. There was shattered glass all over. I tried to turn to the door but all of a sudden my vision was blurring. I fought to keep my eyes open but I failed and everything went black.  

"The boss is giving us pressure. What do you suggest we do?" I heard a man say. "Look, they said we should wait for the man. Let's just wait." another said. I gradually opened my eyes. My body still ached but it was a bit better now. I saw the men. They were standing on each side of me. I was on a bed. Looking around I could tell it was a hospital. "Ahh, see she is even awake." the tall one said. "Just so you know there are Police officers all over the place. Just in case you get ideas." he added. I was going to talk when the short one cut in. "Look we have orders. Let's check if the detective is in." He said signalling for them to leave. The other contemplated for a while and they finally left. There were bandages all over me. Then the memories came to me again. Especially the one where my cousin got shot. The sad memories put me to sleep again.  

I woke up instantly the second time. I had a nightmare. I saw a doctor signing some forms and another man standing next to him. The man was sitting on a chair next to me. "Here you go. But proceed with extreme care." The doctor said handing over to him what looked like my folder. "Sure." the man said and put a tape recorder on the table. I had an idea what was happening. He waited for the doctor to leave and turned to me. "My name is Detective Forson. I have a number of questions to ask you." He started.

To be continued...