Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eli's wife 5

Enyonam paced in her office. She wasn't happy with what the journalist wrote about Eli in the papers. She noticed her phone was ringing and answered it immediately. It was her father. He wanted to know if she had spoken with her little sister. "Dad I don't think Sena can do this. She doesn't even think the article is a threat." She said rubbing her eyes. Her father could sense her worry. He told her the president had an idea. Enyonam sat up immediately. "Is he going to pay the journalist off?" She asked curiously. "No, that is too risky. We don't want to add blackmail to this. He didn't give me details but he trusts his plan. I leave for a meeting with German investors. I will call you after." her father answered and hang up. A minute later, Enyonam's personal assistant came into her office. "I found the information about the journalist you wanted." he said. Enyonam nodded and took the papers he was holding.

   Sena left work very early. She couldn't concentrate much after what Enyonam said. She realized her sister had a point and it affected her too. If she wanted to ever have lunch with Charles again she had to fix this. She called her security man to find out if Eli was home and rushed to the house.

  She met Eli in jeans and a Tshirt just sitting in the hall with his phone in his hand. It was when the phone slipped and fell that she noticed he was asleep. She put the newspaper into her bag and walked closer to him. He heard her and woke up immediately. His eyes were red with tiredness. His eyes wanted to close again because he lacked sleep. "Hi." Sena said and Eli nodded. His phone rang and he rushed to answer it. "Yes, ok. I'll be right there." He said and grabbed his car keys. "Where are you off to?" Sena asked. Eli stopped and stared at her. He was a bit surprised at concern in her voice. "I'm going to the hospital. My girl..ex girlfriend had an accident and has been admitted." He said walking past her. "I'll drive you there." Sena offered. Now Eli felt strange. "Why? I have a car you know." he said sarcastically. "You are a mess. We don't want another accident." She said taking the keys from him and putting it on the table. He knew she was right he had had very little sleep and a lot of alcohol so he agreed.

  Sena sat on a bench at the hospital while Eli went to Tina's room. She looked around and saw that the sick people around made her mood worse. Then she thought about Charles. Was there any hope for them? Should she tell him the truth? She was going to wait in the car when her phone rang. It was the president, her father in law. She wondered if she would ever be happy about that. "Hi Sir." she said. He went on for a few minutes about how Sir was too formal and suggested Daddy or his first name. Sena pretended to giggle. He asked how she was doing and next to speak with Eli. She blinked. He had never done that before, call her phone to speak with Eli. Maybe this was his way of bringing them closer.

 Sena walked to Tina's room. Eli saw her signal for him to come out. He said something to Tina and left the room. "Your dad." Sena said and handed the phone over to him. He walked a few steps to talk to him alone. It was less than 10 minutes after Eli walked out when the machine Tina was on started beeping. A nurse rushed into the room and a doctor followed. Eli tried to get inside but the nurse held him back. "Save her, please." he pleaded with tears in his eyes. Sena just stood there staring. She did not know what to do.

 To be continued...

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