Monday, March 4, 2013

My demons

I sit alone in the corner of my room
Through the window I can see the moon
When it gets darkest they all come, one by one
I'm in a dark room waiting for my demons to come

I always get startled, never see them arrive
Then again they don't knock or ask to join me
They just come, sit with me and we talk about me
I'm in a dark room and my first demon just came

"We should be drinking our head off so we dont have to think"
My first demon said. It's all about pleasure for him
Sometimes he makes sense so I grab a bottle
I'm in a dark room drinking with my demon

  Another came making noise so I told him to hush
"Oh come on, don't worry about other people"
That's what the selfish demon said. He had a point so I didn't
I'm in a dark room having fun with my demons

My demon of lies came when I was exhausted
"You guys I have work tomorrow", I said
"Call in sick. You worked hard last week", my demon said
I'm in a dark room listening to all 3 demons

When sunlight comes my demons will be gone
My head aches from the drinking.
My neighbour comes to warn me about my night noise
I was in a dark room but now I'm not so my demons are gone

I'm at work with a headache. I couldn't call in sick
Why do I entertain my demons? They hurt me
Maybe I should get rid of them...with the Light
No more dark rooms. I'm sending my demons away for good


  1. Nice poem.We all have our demons,but unlike yours,some of ours don't only come at night or when it's dark.

  2. lol broad daylight demons eh?

  3. Please make sure U write a cheque too.. transportation is very expensive lol. Beautiful.

  4. true indeed! we all have our demons. for some of us they are psychological.